Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who's knocking

I work lots of nights and some times my sleep schedule can be really messed up. I'd briefly met a friend of my roommate's in the early evening before they went out for dinner. I went to the kitchen to get something to drink where only boxers and a t-shirt. It was pretty dark so I didn't get a good look at his friend. Anyway, I went to sleep for awhile in the late evening, then woke up well after midnight. I went out to the kitchen to get another drink. My roommate was customarily passed out at his computer. When I went out later to get a second drink, he'd already gone to bed.

In the mean time, I was now looking at a video. It was supposed to have Turk Melrose and it was supposed to be bareback, and it was! So I move past the preliminaries to see him push back onto Winter Vance's bare cock with Winter sitting on a locker room bench.

They mostly fuck with Winter standing and with Turk bent over a small table part of the time.

Turk then stands nearly straight up and cums with Vance's cock inside him. Vance then shoots on Turk's back. About the time I'm going to see if he pushes back inside, there's a light knock at my door. WTF! I'm thinking what does my roommate want now, though usually once he passes out I usually don't see him until some time in the morning.

I've just got boxers on which are now heavily tented. I open the door. There's a guy there I don't recognize. I didn't think my roommate had anyone over still. It turns out it was his friend from earlier, but I didn't know that then. He asked if he could borrow a towel to take a shower. I get a towel from the closet and hand it to him. Just before I close the door, he asks while apparently having noticed my tented shorts, "Need any help with that?". I lower my boxers and he starts sucking my cock. He then says, "Let me take a shower and I'll be right back." He goes to take a shower, but I wouldn't say he came right back. It was several minutes, probably more than 10, but nothing like a half hour. A this point I'm not sure who he is, top or bottom, etc. If he's with my roommate, I'm guessing he's at least versatile and probably likes it bare. In the mean time, I'm looking around for lube. It turns out I still have a small tube of Eros.

He finally makes it back from the shower. I think he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I was still wearing my boxers. He resumes sucking me, but not for long. We both strip down. I lube up my cock, then finger some onto his hole. He notes the lube approvingly, apparently not caring for the lube my roommate has. No mention of status or condoms. He's partially bent over against the door as I enter him from behind. It feels so good. I also had shot in at least two weeks, so it was going to be so hard not to cum very quickly. He then shifts over and bends over a futon as I continue to fuck him. I tell him I haven't shot in something like two weeks and am so close. He says go ahead and breed me. I keep thrusting into him as he periodically tightens his trimmed hole around my cock. About a minute later I start to unload. As he feels the cum enter him, he tightens his hole around my cock and I shoot even more as I unleash a two week load. I keep pumping him so that his insides are well coated, then eventually pull out.

We then talked for awhile. It turns out he was the friend who had dinner with my roommate. They come back from dinner, had gone to the jacuzzi, then then he'd gone to bed for awhile. He said he was kind of irritated when someone my roommate had brought back to the apartment started fingering his ass while he was trying to sleep. He was tired and wasn't interested. It turns out that other person was someone else from the apartment building and nothing was going to happen anyway.

Apparently after my roommate had gone to bed, his friend had had enough sleep and apparently heard me. I'm not sure how, because I'm usually quiet and the volume on the video I was playing wasn't very loud, though I didn't have have it totally turned down as the bedroom door was shut and my roommate was presumably in bed and asleep or passed out. In any event, it was apparently loud enough to be heard by his friend and for his friend to be interested. He mentioned that he wasn't sure how to deal with the awkwardness of getting in my room, hence the scene that transpired which seemed a little like a script from a low-budget porn flick.

He also asked about 430 boy and I told him the story. I also told him about my pet peeve of hookups that host, but won't give out an address. I just won't go anywhere any more until I have an address, and an apartment number if appropriate. He added that he also requires a phone number and won't go until he's reached them on that phone.

Meanwhile, after talking for awhile, he bends over and leans up against the door. So I lube up and push back in. I fuck him for something like 10 or 15 minutes. I keep getting close, but I'm kind of dehydrated and his occasional squeezing of his ass around my cock seems to keep coming at times that don't get me closer to cumming. Eventually I have to stop. I'm starting to get a little sore and am not getting any closer to cumming. At least he'd gotten a big load earlier.

He asked me if I was on meds. I said no, then qualified it with I was negative the last time I was tested. He said he was on meds, then indicated that apparently status wasn't an issue because neither of us discussed it earlier. If he wanted to use condoms, that would have been an issue. Since he's a flight attendant and knows my roommate, perhaps he'll be back some day. Then I can give him another load or two, though probably not a two week load. I think that's an all time record.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tied up and fucked

Sometimes you start messaging and it ends up in places you'd never expect. Here's one on bbrt from November from a poz boy in central Texas:

sdsk8rboi: hey j….., how's that hole of yours?

txcumslut: i'm hard as a fuckin rock, and want a big dick in it bad.

sdsk8rboi: want some tongue first or just push in with precum for lube?

txcumslut: would love it either way. i love wild kinky sex. i love your underarms too.

sdsk8rboi: wanna be blindfolded?

txcumslut: mmmmm fuck yeah, i would love that. then get me rape fucked, gang banged by mystery cocks.

sdsk8rboi: in a sling?

txcumslut: sure, u have one?

sdsk8rboi: no, ;(

txcumslut: what is the most outrageous sex stuff you have done?

sdsk8rboi: gang bang with multiple tops where i was one of the tops. so hot breeding a hole with cum already dripping out.

txcumslut: yummmmmy, love that.

sdsk8rboi: have u done that, gang bang, taking lots of loads?

txcumslut: yes and totally fuckin love it!!!! love lots of cum and lots of cocks and taking it rough and wild. wildest one was where i was tied up and fucked with and blindfolded and then the guys brought in this freshman chick, tiny like 98 lbs and she was blindfolded too, and sat her cunt on my cock. i had never fucked a girl before.

sdsk8rboi: done that blindfolded and restrained?

txcumslut: she screamed (his cock is huge, long and thick). and the really got off seeing my huge cock rip her.

sdsk8rboi: yeah, i bet, haha. did u shoot in her or just fuck her?

txcumslut: i did shoot deep in her cunt, they told me to.

sdsk8rboi: did they have u fuck anyone else then?

txcumslut: not that time, just her, first her pussy, then her ass. they had to hold her down for that.

sdsk8rboi: wow, then what did they do to you after that?

txcumslut: fucked my ass, and fucked my ass while i fucked her ass at the same time. she passed out. they really got turned on seeing my 9.5 in cock tear into her. that turned me on, not her, but them too. they shot cum everywhere.

sdsk8rboi: were they breeding you while you were fucking her?

txcumslut: yes. it totally freaked her out.

sdsk8rboi: how many loads did u take just while u were fucking her?

txcumslut: 8. and i came in here cunt and then her asshole.

sdsk8rboi: was it dripping out of her when u were done? did u shoot more since u were getting fucked at the time?

txcumslut: it was dripping out of her not only after also but also during because my cock is so big and she was so tight. shot HUGE loads.

sdsk8rboi: nice, big loads, mmm. did u get bred with any poz loads while u were fucking her?

txcumslut: yes, and they were hot as fuck.

sdsk8rboi: yummy. did any of the guys fucking u fuck each other or just u?

txcumslut: just me. and 2 of them fucked her too after i opened her up

sdsk8rboi: mmm, hot poz boys that like to breed. 8 loads while u were fucking her, or more than that total?

txcumslut: 12 total. 8 while fucking her cunt or ass. i heard later that one of the guys saw her and she looked preg.

sdsk8rboi: did u get fucked by more than one cock at a time or too tight for that?

txcumslut: i have before, but not that night.

sdsk8rboi: ever had both shoot in u at the same time?

txcumslut: no, but would love that.

sdsk8rboi: what's the most loads you've taken at one time?

txcumslut: 23

sdsk8rboi: where was that? how long? did u breed anyone then too?

txcumslut: Splash Day on the lake in a boat overnight. i did.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

No one uses condoms during sex any more

Here's a facebook wall post from one twink model to another in June:

Second charged load

After getting a pair of loads on a Wednesday night, I get another message from the same top early on a Saturday evening. I was still a little sore and had to work later that evening, so here's the exchange that followed:

sdsk8rboi: that'd be hot to take more loads from you. i'm still a little sore from wed evening. maybe tomorrow evening?

uncuttop: Just one load, I be easy this time.

sdsk8rboi: tomorrow evening would be better for me. i don't want to be in pain when you're fucking a hot load into me.

uncuttop: how bout a quick load, then you could fuck me.

sdsk8rboi: okay, but it's gotta be quick because i work tonight. when could u be here?

uncuttop: I am three blocks away right now.

I was still sore, but the idea of getting another load from him and putting one in him was one I couldn't resist. It turns out the reason he was so close is that he'd been at a pool party. He took him about 10 minutes to arrive and we didn't waste any time once he got here. We stripped down and I sucked him get another taste of precum from his uncut cock. We lubed up and he slid into me from behind with me on my stomach. There was some pain, but it also felt good to have his cock inside me again. It only took a few minutes before I felt his warm load start to fill my hole. When he pulled out, a little cum dribbled out of my hole. Nice, a load so big some of it was spilling out of my hole.

Now it was his turn. With him on his stomach, I put my tongue in his smooth hole. I then lubed up and pushed inside. Nice and smooth and tight. It only took me a few minutes before I was unloading in his hole. That worked out well. I took a charged load, gave him a load, and all in under 15 mintues. That got me to work on time with a load to hold all night.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bred twice by uncut cock in 45 minutes

Sorry I haven't posted much recently. It's been very busy at work the past few months with little time to do much more than work and work out. It should get better in the fall. I'll try to catch up a bit as I go. But there was this one hook up from two nights ago that just couldn't wait.

One not-so-new feature I like with a4a is more pics. The much newer addition I really like is the profile tracker, but with an option for you to conceal a recent profile view. I'm online in the early evening and check to see who's looked at my profile. I see one hit with a main profile of an uncut cock that would be perfect for my hole. From the profile it says "anything goes", vers/top, and from the profile name, another clear indication that he likes to fuck bare. There's no mention of status. After he sees I've checked out his profile, he sends me a message. We exchange a series of messages. He does fuck bare, is mainly looking to top, and would like to hook up.

One thing that I'd don't like about the latest version of a4a is the sending of messages is a little flaky. I thought I'd sent him another reply, but it didn't get sent. I hadn't heard anything back from him, so I do some stuff around the apartment, get ready to go to Flicks for cocktails, and start my first cocktail of the evening. I then get a pair of messages from him. Considering how flaky some people are on a4a I hadn't thought anything of not getting a response to my last message. But when I got the pair of new messages, that's when I realized my last message hadn't been sent. I apologized. He couldn't host and usually I can't host either, but with my roommate out of town I was finally free to host.

We made arrangements and he headed over. About three hours after the first messages of the evening, he arrived. More often, unless the pics aren't recent (usually a big red flag), I've found my hookups have looked better in person than in their pics. No exception here, not that the pics were bad because they weren't.

I lead him in into the bedroom and he slips out of his shirt. His pits are a little moist, nice, and his chest a little furry. I'm wearing boxers and a wife beater. We kiss, with lots of tongue and my boxers are already tenting. I slip out of my boxers and help him out of his jeans, then his boxers. Quickly, my mouth is on that uncut cock of his. He's liking that and so am I. I then move to the bed, on my stomach, to give him easy access to my hole. He dives right in with lots of tongue too. All that does is have my hole wanting more. I lube and finger my hole, then lube his cock. I have him lay on his back as it's usually easier for me to start in that position, riding, until my very tight hole loosens up. And since I hadn't bottomed in about nine months, I wanted this to go smoothly.

Unfortunately, starting in this position didn't work for him as it was harder for him to stay hard and he was going to need to be hard to push into my tight hole. We switch positions, sort of half way between on my stomach and doggy. That works better as he's finally able to enter me. There's a little pain for the first inch or two, then little or none as he pushed in deeper. That felt so good to have his bare, uncut cock inside me. He starts slow at first, then soon much faster. Then without pulling out, he flips me onto my back, then continues fucking me while he pushes back on my legs. His favorite position is with his right side pushed back more on my left leg. Lots of small talk while he thrusts into me quickly. I tell him I want his load deep inside me and he tells me he's got a three day load for me. There's really no pain, just the best fucking my hole's every received. Nice and smooth with rapid thrusting, and he's hitting the right place too, which means it's almost impossible for me not to shoot. After about 10 or 15 minutes of the most incredible fucking, I can't hold out any longer and shoot without even touching myself. Soon after, I feel his cock begin to swell. He then starts to shoot, and shoot, and shoot. He stays inside me and keeps fucking me, though slower. It's also smoother with all his cum of unknown status inside me.

Often I might be too sore to continue, but I wasn't sore at all. And he was still hard and wanted to continue. He said his record was depositing four loads in two hours. He said he'd be able to cum again soon so we continued. I already had a three day load and I wanted another. We continued with me on my back, mostly with slow thrusting, then sometimes more deeply. The fucking was mostly balls deep, but a couple of times he pushed in even deeper which was painful. He'd slow, I'd relax, and the fucking would continue. We switched so he's on his back and I was riding. He's easily able to stay hard and kept getting close to cumming, but didn't quite get there. We switch back with me on my back again. The pace picks up and I'm so close to cumming again as he's hitting the right spot. I feel his cock swell again and soon after he starts to shoot, and shoot, and shoot again. He continues fucking me for a few more minutes, then I have him pull out. I slip my mouth around his softening cock. Tasty. In all, a three day load and a second load with 45 minutes of fucking.

When we exchanged cell phone numbers earlier, I recognized the area code. It's not local, but from a place I used to live. He's only been here for a couple of weeks and may stay somewhat longer as long as work holds out. I hope he stays long enough to breed my hole again, and again, and again. That was the first time I've been fucked by a bare uncut cock, something I'd wanted for a very long time, and I hope it's not the last.

After he leaves, I shower, then head over to Flicks somewhat later than expected and holding both loads inside. I suppose one of the advantages of being really tight is I wasn't too concerned about the cum dripping out and I wanted to keep it inside of me as long as possible. One advantage of San Diego becoming a center of American porn production, or at least of twink porn, is that you can sometimes get a very nice looking crowd. One that I recognized was Andy Kay. There were at least three or four others that also appeared to be models for the twink studios. Not bad for mid week after pride weekend.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bttm looking for hot charged up load

Here's a hot CL ad from about a month ago. I found it just before I had to get ready for work and it was gone by the time I got home. Fortunately I got a screen capture while it was up. Wonder if he got what he wanted and lots of it.

Skating, then fucking

I had a lone night off in the middle of 11 nights. I'd finally cleared out my dudesnude messages, some of them anyway, then went skating for awhile. A little cool to be totally comfy even with a hoodie and cool enough I could see my breath at times. I hadn't bothered to log out of bbrt or a4a before I went skating. I got home and had this message on a4a:
"hey man i remember u... i use to work at xxxxx would luv u to fuck me. ;)"

The pics looked familiar, but he looks better in person. I'd hadn't seen him in a few years. He was my favorite bar tender at one of my favorite bars at the time, and quite convenient too as I could walk there in about 2 minutes from where I was living then. I bought lots of cocktails from him, but we'd never done anything beyond that. I didn't even know whether he was a top/bottom/vers. He's a little taller than me and fairly thin, tats and piercings, and a little furry but not too much. Very nice combination. From his profile, he's a bottom. No safe sex only message or any mention of hiv status. The next message from him is: "im in bed naked if u waana cum by." That's got me plenty hard and leaking precum.

I find out where he's located and head over. It's about 10 minutes away, not too far. He opens the door to let me. He's naked, and looking better than his a4a pics, more like I remember except I'd never seen him without clothing. I strip down and join him in bed. He warns me his hands are cold, and they are. We're laying next to each other and I'm quickly rock hard, even before his hands are warm. I'm laying on my back and moves toward the back of the bed and starts sucking me. He does that for a couple of minutes then grabs the lube. He lubes up my cock, then his hole. He then slowly lowers himself onto my cock. He's tight. A couple of attempts until I'm part way in, then he lowers himself part way, then all the way. I wait for his hole to relax some. He then starts riding me. After a couple of minutes, we reposition without me pulling out so he's now on his back with his legs up as I continue to thrust into him. I haven't cum in a few days, so I could cum quickly. But I don't know how long he wants me to fuck him or if he wants me to cum inside. It's not long after he's on his back that he tells me he's about to cum, and he does. He shoots a nice thick load on his stomach.

At that point, he kind of pushes me out but continues to work my cock. After a couple of minutes of that, I ask him where he wants me to shoot. The answer is on his chest. I reposition myself so my ass is over his stomach. His cock is now soft, so no riding him 'til I shoot. I do finger some of his cum into my hole, then continue to stroke. He's now fingering my hole with one finger all the way in. Too bad it's not a hard, cum covered cock. Though his profile says bottom, not vers/bottom, I wonder if he'd fuck me some day. Well, with him fingering my hole, it doesn't take long for me to shoot and I unload on his chest. We clean up and talk for a few minutes. He then heads to bed and I head home. I hope it's not a few years before I see him again.