Monday, January 25, 2010

Fifteen cocks in 30 minutes

One of the guys I've topped locally was at the recent leather weekend in DC and sent me this account. It's too hot not to post.

If you’re interested, I want to give you a rundown on the leather weekend in DC. On Friday night, I cruised the halls of the host hotel (I was staying at a different hotel). This guy and I hooked up, but he was a visitor like me without a room. No problem, we ducked into a stairwell and started playing. Before long, his bare cock was riding my hole and we started attracting an audience. We switched places, and I started to fuck him. One of the onlookers got behind me and slid his cock into my hole. I love being in the middle! A few other guys fucked me and my newfound buddy as we kept switching places. After about 30 minutes, we went in different directions and I had a load in me.

I wandered the halls some more and looked into some of the open rooms. The hotel was like a 9 story bath house, with guys cruising and playing everywhere. I got fucked a few more times and got one more load. Before calling it a night, I unloaded my balls in a bottom in one of the rooms.

On Saturday, I attended a BB party in one of the guest rooms back at the host hotel. The room had 2 beds, and there were guys fucking on the beds and also standing and sucking/fucking. The room was packed. There were probably 25 guys there at any one time. I fucked some of the bottom boys who were on their hands and knees on the beds. One of them finally got up, and I took his place, with my head down and ass in the air. It wasn’t long before I felt a guy fingering my lubed hole and then sliding in his cock. After a while he pulled out and within 15 seconds another cock was in my hole. I did this for about a half hour and took I’d say about 15 cocks in that time, and I think 3 loads. Not many guys wanted to cum, at least not until later.

For the most part, I have no idea who fucked me. I kept my head down and it was anon, although one or two of the tops flipped me on my back and then I could see the guy. At one point, I heard 2 guys behind me talking about me. One asked the other “How long has he been here? How many cocks has he had? How many loads do you think he has taken tonight?” It was hot hearing them talk about me like I was a piece of meat and loved the way they considered me to be a slutty cumdump.

After taking a break and walking the halls for awhile, I went back to the BB party and got back on one of the beds. My cunt was really opened up and cummy and I took some more cocks. There was a cute bottom next to me getting fucked as well and we kissed and made out with each other while our respective asses were being used. It was really hot. I was getting tired, so when he and I were both free I got up and started fucking him. This came to the surprise of some of the tops watching as I guess they thought I was an exclusive bottom. Anyhow, the cute bottom I was fucking had a great body and a very juicy cumhole. When I was ready I blew my load up his chute.

All in all, a very fun time.

Drill in deeper

I get a message on dn from this "safe only" buff bottom from a flat midwestern state, so I try to find out what's he done or would like to do. Here's the exchange that followed:

BuffFarmBoy: love ur thick hairy bush, love smellin a dudes bush with his cock down my throat.

sdsk8rboi: thanks. and after u take my cock in your mouth, do u want it in your ass?

BuffFarmBoy: hell yes, would like to straddle you and sit ur cock and lick those hot pits of yours.

sdsk8rboi: so u wanna wrap your ass around my bare cock while u lick my pits?

BuffFarmBoy: hell yes, love to have you feed me ur cock so I can get it hard so I can sit on it and feel you fill my ass, then lick ur pits and tweek ur nips so I can feel ur cock swell up in my hole and watch your eyes to see how good it would make you feel.

sdsk8rboi: when you're riding my cock, squeeze hard on my nips when i'm ready to cum and i'll deposit a bigger load of my seed deeper inside you.

BuffFarmBoy: sounds like ur nips are definitely wired to your cock, so are mine and love em worked over while riding ur cock. also makes my hole grab on tight to your cock and suck ur seed from you. like to kiss while my ass is getting pounded to and feel ur bod pressed up against mine.

sdsk8rboi: oh yeah, squeeze hard with your ass around my cock, suck out more of that seed. then flip you over, hold you from behind and nibble on your ears while i pound another load into you.

BuffFarmBoy: yeah, love to get flipped over by you feel you drill in deeper from behind me, feel the weight of you bod pressed against mine and work up another load of ur seed from your balls as they slap against my ass, love the sound of my ass getting pounded and feel the sweat from your bod drip from you onto me. can hear the sound of your cock sliding in n out of me going in n out using ur load of cum as lube.

sdsk8rboi: and once i deposit the second load in your cummy hole, i'll lay on top of you with my arms wrapped under yours, feel the hair in your pits, and leave my cock inside you to hold in the cum. when i get hard again, i'll pump more seed into your spermy hole.

BuffFarmBoy: damn love to feel you laying on top of my playin with my pits my hard cock pressed against the bed, keeping me plugged up holding ur seed in me. how long to work up a third load and get ur cock hard for the third round, bet ur cum would start dripping from my hole as you drip it a third time, you shoot big loads? will my hole be just drippin and hear ur seed squish between my hole n ur cock?

sdsk8rboi: i usually shoot big loads, especially if i haven't cum in a few days or longer. i'll leave your hole squishy with cum, even better if some of it's dripping out. how long do u wanna hold all by seed inside you?

BuffFarmBoy: as long as you want to keep me plugged with ur cock, wouldn't mind tasting one of ur huge loads as well let me suck the sperm from your balls as you deposit it into my mouth.

sdsk8rboi: i'll be pretty much spent once i fill your hole. but you can clean off my cock once i pull out. maybe finger my hole to get me hard again. where do you like to shoot the seed from your tasty cock?

BuffFarmBoy: i like to drop my seed wherever the dude that i'm with wants it, gets him the most turned on, get him working on his next load. ever snowball? drop a load in my mouth then kiss me and get some of ur load back?

sdsk8rboi: in my ass, on my ass, or in my mouth if you want some of it back that way. maybe slide my cock back into your wet hole while we're snowballing. ever do a gang bang or want to? get your ass seeded by multiple guys?

BuffFarmBoy: damn would love to be tastin ur or my seed and feel you slide back in my hole, hear it, taste it smell it while feeling you open me up for more. never done a gang bang but have always wanted to, always thought it would be hot to be in a sling n have dudes lined up ready to plow my ass. have you ever had multiple loads dumped in you?

sdsk8rboi: that be hot being one of the tops for you at a gang bang, with you in a sling. slide into your wet hole, with cum already dripping out, and shoot my load deep in your hole. maybe have one of the other tops seed mine as i seed yours. i've never taken multiple loads, but would love to do that sometime. i'm more of a top, though. i'm not sure if my hole could take that many cocks that quickly. maybe pass out and wake up with my hole sore and dripping with cum.

BuffFarmBoy: definitely have you topping me then, have you ever fucked a guy in a sling? have always wanted to but never have. 
I have been blindfolded, my nips clamped, my balls bound and tied to a bed with my legs pulled open while getting fucked, was fucking hot. but never been fucked and have the dude fucking me getting fucked at the same time. actually never even had a three way but always wanted to have my ass filled and have a cock down my throat at the same time.

sdsk8rboi: i've never fucked or been fucked in a sling, but want to do that. i wish i was there when you were tied down to the bed, ass up. i'd shoot so much and so deep. is your hole smooth, rimmed,or furry? i've done three ways, but not recently. l shoot more when i've got a cock in my ass. wait til i feel the warm cum start to fill my hole, then explode inside you.

BuffFarmBoy: yes that definitely would be fun to do. yeah you would like a turn with my ass in the air not able to move and you could take total control. yeah does the cum slippin in ur hole push you over the edge?

sdsk8rboi: actually the cock being in my ass could do it, but i'd rather hold out for the cum. when getting fucked, i can often cum without being touched, but i usually try to hold out because i'd rather deposit my seed inside a tight ass. this all works out nicely if i'm the middle in a three way.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Joint Statement


We, the undersigned bareback bloggers, unify in this statement today.

We believe in the First Amendment and for all people to express themselves. We have chosen to express ourselves through these blogs.

The actions we take are our own and we believe, as consenting adults, we can enjoy the sexual relations in the manner which we choose.

If you find what we write about as offensive, wrong or immoral, we ask you not to read our blogs. If you follow us on Twitter and you consider what we write as offensive, wrong or immoral, we ask you to block each of us. None of our communications is required reading and we do not force it upon anyone.

Since each of us launched our blogs, we all have received vitriolic lies, terroristic bullying, and even death threats.

Our voices will not be silenced. We shall no longer tolerate further cyber harassment. We will not give these threats or statements a voice in our forums.

We thank our supporters. We thank our readers. We thank those who just ignore us and let us live our lives.


Mark Bentson, iBLASTinside

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Wild Bare Jock
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