Monday, June 22, 2009

First load in a very long time

There's a guy I'd messaged a couple of months back on a particular site. Hot profile and pics, way better than average, and very close to my ideal body type, thin with a little definition and not too tall. We messaged quite a bit then, but otherwise didn't have any contact since then. I get another message from him around the end of May. We do a whole lot more messaging this time about lots of things and bit by bit I'm probing for information. We're both versatile tops, but he mostly tops. From his pics, he has a cock that would be a perfect fit for my hole. But his profile also says "Safe Only" so I'm trying to find out if he might fuck me bare.

sdsk8rboi: when topping, where do u like to unload?

sdhotboy: haha, i'll unload anywhere

Possible, but not conclusive. Later:

sdsk8rboi: thought i'd show you some pubes, haha.;) when topping, do u like a hole that's smooth, a little hair, doesn't matter?

sdhotboy: i LOVE pubes ;)...urs r awesome dude, really doesnt fact i think if its shaved the "stubble" can probly b uncomfortable

At this point I'm thinking he might just fuck bareback. How are you going to feel stubble while wearing a condom? You can't feel much of anything. Then later once we've made plans:

sdsk8rboi: whatever we do, i want some of your cum in my butt. ;)

sdhotboy: ok!! ;p

After a week or so of lots of messaging, way more than for any sort of typical hookup, we arrange to meet the following weekend and have him possibly fuck me. This was not the endless stream of messages that often go nowhere, but more the getting better acquainted before actually meeting variety. On a Sunday evening, we meet at a secluded location. I won't say where except to note that San Diego County is a big county and there are plenty of secluded locations, even with all the people. Nothing sleazy about the location either, not that there's anything wrong with that either. The location is secluded, but not quite secluded enough for me to be totally comfy. No surprises from his pics, totally hot. We seem to mesh well otherwise too. I'm very comfortable with him, though not totally comfortable with the location. We sit there together mostly talking for a couple of hours about lots of things, about half naked. Not totally naked because it was kinda cold. We don't do much more than suck each other and nobody cums. Naked, in person, as in his pics, he has a most awesome body and cock. We're both fine with not doing more then. I'm slightly nervous about the location and also concerned that it might have gotten messy if he'd tried to fuck me then. I didn't want it to be that way. You try to prepare properly, but it doesn't always work out as planned.

However, otherwise it worked out great and we agree to meet the next weekend. This time I'm a lot more comfortable. I'm already totally comfortable with him, but now I know the location and this time it's a little more secluded. It's also not as cold so that's good too. He plays with my cock some and then sucks me some. I then suck him some. He asks me if me if I want to have him try to fuck me, leaving me an out if I don't. Though I haven't bottomed in a very long time, I very much want his cock in my ass and his load too. He's told me on more than one occasion that he's not that experienced, so I guide him through the process. I haven't bottomed in a long time and my hole is very tight. I apply lube, then gradually work in one finger, then two, then three. I ask him if he's okay with being on his back first, letting me ride him as it's usually easier for me to loosen up more in that position at first. He's fine with that. I apply lots of lube to his hard, BARE cock and more lube to my hole, take a hit of poppers, then begin to lower myself onto his cock. It feels good, but there's definitely some pain. I lower myself about half way down, then pull off and apply more lube. We keep doing more of this for a few more minutes as I loosen up. We finally decide that for him and for me, on my stomach will work best. More lube is applied. When he goes in most of the way, there's quite a bit of pain, but only half way, not so much. He adjusts to going in not so far. I ask him if he'll be able to cum that way and he says he will. He gets a decent rhythm going, mostly going in about half way but occasionally farther. There's a little bit of discomfort, but mostly it feels really good. After a few minutes I say, "I want your load in my hole". Less than a minute later he says, "I'm cumming" as he starts to unload, First there's the feel of more smoothness as the cum starts to act as lube, then the warmth. He tells me that he's so glad he didn't JO the day before as he was able to cum faster. I think it was a big load too as I was still expelling bits of his cum for almost 24 hours. Afterward we talked for awhile longer and were there for over three hours though it didn't seem nearly that long. We'll be meeting again soon. I want that second load.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Loading a hot hole

I'm working on some new pics with a4a and bbrt on in the background. On a4a I'm getting back and forth messages between a 26yo in a suburb about 20 minutes from me and a 21yo in the Inland Empire (farther from me). The 26yo has a hot profile and pic and is a bottom looking for loads, but the pic doesn't quite fit with his dimensions (height/weight). He could host, but that's 20 minutes away for me. He's trying to set up multiple loads and he's also open to working his way to my place picking up loads along the way. No telling how long that might take.

The 21yo has "safe only" plastered all over everything, but I decide to press a bit.

ie21yo: I like gettin blown @ bath houses

sdsk8rboi: hot! anything else u like to do at bath houses?

ie21yo: hmm nvr done much else... too afraid of stds

sdsk8rboi: if there were no stds, are there things you'd like to try?

ie21yo: yeah, get fucked n cummed n pissed on lol only if there were no stds... and no hiv... id want cum in me from like 20+ guys... n fuk a bunch of younger dudes.. .all out in the open like the steam room

sdsk8rboi: that'd be one hot scene. i'd wanna give u the first and last load and take a load from you at the end.

ie21yo: mmm only if i could lick it out after

Nothing was going to happen with the 21yo and the 26yo was still trying to set things up. Around this time I get a message on bbrt. It's from a guy that I had my first saved message on in bbrt after I set up my account. We didn't hookup then for some reason and hadn't really had any contact, messaging or otherwise, since then. But he had a hot profile and pics. So we have this exchange:

hcvers: great profile and pics... interested in plowing my ass and dropping a load? in xx, can host or travel.

sdsk8rboi: hot hole, good if u wanna host. got any loads in u so far?

hcvers: no loads yet-- the night is early : ) i can host. i live by the xx. want to come over? it would be fun to do this anon--with me blindfolded. looking for now, and not playing games. btw, i read your blog. it's really hot!! i'll gladly take your poz load.

sdsk8rboi: anon's cool. i just come in, breed u, and leave? what's the address?

hcvers: yeah, that's it.. pump, dump, and bail. please tell me your ETA and if you are definitely coming.

sdsk8rboi: i can be there in 10 to 15 minutes from now.

hcvers: ok. call me when you get here so i can unlock the door and get the blindfold on. i'll be waiting in the first room when u come in. can't wait to get your load up in me.

His profile says "Not Sure" under status. I'm not poz, but if he wants to take a poz load that's cool. I've exchanged a few messages with guys about my blog outside of the blog, but I don't think I've done any hookups so far with a self-identified reader of the blog. I'm really amazed at the number of hits the blog gets and that they're from all over the world so I suppose that could happen eventually.

I head over and found his place, but had the wrong phone number. I wrote it down wrong. I go back home, get the right phone number, and head back over. It's not next door, but it's not too far either. I've skated in that area many times, but I'm more interested now in fucking than skating and it's faster to drive than skate.

I get over there and call him. He leaves the door open slightly so I can enter. He's on the floor in the living room, naked, wearing the blindfold. He's got a hot body and an overall size that I really like. At least to me, he looks better than his pics. I don't know why, but some people look overall bigger, not as in fat, but just overall bigger, in their pics than in person. I mostly like guys my size or a little bit bigger, not a lot bigger.

I strip down. Kneeling, we hold each other somewhat aggressively and kiss. He then wants to lick my hole. I spread out on the floor doggy and he puts his tongue deep in my hole. He's good, very good. He then puts a finger in my hole. He notices how tight it is, so he puts is tongue back for more spit, then puts the finger back in, alternating between tongue and finger. He asks if I want to also get fucked. I decline since I'm supposed to get fucked by this total hottie, upcoming next post, the next night. I haven't bottomed in awhile and don't want to be sore for the next night. We next turn to his ass. He's now on the floor doggy. I work my tongue into his hole, really smooth. Very nice hole. After working his hole with my tongue, he's ready to be fucked. I put some spit on my cock then push in. Very nice hole, very smooth with a nice feel. Also very clean. He's somewhat verbal. I'm usually less so. While I fuck him he keeps telling me in different ways that he wants my seed. After a few minutes I ask him if he's ready for my load, then start to unload. He's really good at working my cock with his ass to milk out a big load. He got a 7+ day load, so I hope that was good for him, at least for a start for the night. He then wants to rim me again. More tongue and finger. I'm a little looser now and it feels so good. If not for the plans the next night, I might have had him fuck me right there. His cock's a little bigger than what might be comfy for me at first, but given how he was working my hole with his tongue and finger, I'm wondering just what else he could do with his cock.

In talking afterword, he took three loads the night before, said that was good for a Thursday night which can sometimes be slow. He said I should've brought my camera to take pics for the blog. Even though I'd been working on new pics for me all evening, I never even thought to ask about taking picks. I definitely want to put more loads in him and take pics. He'd also like to swap loads sometime. I'm possibly open to that, but I'm not sure of his status and not sure if I want to take potentially poz loads yet, though the idea is very hot in a way.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hung poz top

Another virtual "poz" exchange. That neg load might just be poz.

hugetop: Nice bro

sdsk8rboi: you too. hot cock. do u like breedin neg holes?

hugetop: thanks, love breeding neg holes with my poz big cock

sdsk8rboi: i bet, haha. do the neg bottoms beg for it?

hugetop: Some do and some I don't tell, say I am neg too

sdsk8rboi: stealthing, nice. ever been part of a gang bang on a neg bottom?

hugetop: ya, there are parties in xx every week that this site emails us

hugetop: r u poz? you're very thin

sdsk8rboi: i'm neg. just stay thin by skating, lifting weights, fucking, haha.

hugetop: cool, you're cute too

sdsk8rboi: thanks, now i'm blushing. except that i don't know how i'd ever take a cock as large as yours, it'd be so hot to have u load up my hole.

Oz Poz

Here's a recent "poz" exchange, though still only of the virtual variety, this time with a guy from down under:

oztop: flip with you anytime stud

sdsk8rboi: that would be hot. u like it bare?

oztop: definitely...bare and only precum for lube....

sdsk8rboi: u'd definitely stretch out my hole. do u cum more in a tight hole?

oztop: would love to....

sdsk8rboi: and no pulling out til you've filled my hole with your seed. ;)

oztop: of course not........keep filling you up.....

sdsk8rboi: good. keep pumping load after load in me. got any dirty seed for me?

oztop: i've got plenty for you

sdsk8rboi: damn. hot. work it in deep. coat my insides. do u think it would take?

oztop: it better......

sdsk8rboi: any neg bottoms i should top once it takes?

oztop: sure we could find some

sdsk8rboi: and take turns? ;)

oztop: and double fuck... woof

sdsk8rboi: that would be hot. give a double load of toxic seed at the same time in a stretched-out hole. i wanna take the bottom's last neg load while u load him up, then the double fuck with two more toxic loads.

oztop: hot

Friday, June 12, 2009

Halftime fuck, then a big win

I have a4a open in the background while watching the first half of the Lakers/Magic game, going slow for a Lakers fan. I get a message from sfboy. He's the poz guy I fucked in December. We'd tried to hook up late Sunday evening, but his roommate came home early. Yeah, he still has roommate issues. Roomie was a past bf, but not for 2 to 3 years. They don't share bedrooms, but sfboy mostly needs to do hookups quickly and when ex-bf roommate isn't home.

sfboy: how are u tonight..??

sdsk8rboi: i'm fine, tired, watching the lakers game, u?

sfboy: relaxing at home just finished chopping down an ugly shrub..lil horned up to get fucked and seeded.

sdsk8rboi: not looking for now, maybe later. seeding you's hot. u ever wanna seed me sometime?

sfboy: hell yeah i do..hehe what time later u thinkin..?? swap loads..??

sdsk8rboi: not sure if i'm looking to swap tonight, but some time. probably not til after 10 tonight.

sfboy: but u would fuck and seed me..?

sdsk8rboi: i'll seed u. do u want it now?

sfboy: now or later when is best for u..??

sdsk8rboi: now is good.

sfboy: u walk in fuck me seed me than go..?? got any poppers..?? how fast to get to me..??

sdsk8rboi: i'll be there in about 10. i have poppers.

sfboy: shit roomie just popped in u free later than..??

I'd already left home before I got the last message. But his roommate left again just before I got there. He's looking good. We strip down. He's got a little body hair. Not too much but in the right places, pubes, around his ass, a little on his stomach and chest and not thick. He sucks me for a couple of minutes, then I suck him. Next he puts lube on my cock and his hole, then grabs the poppers. I finger his hole, then enter him doggy. Initially tight, but not too tight and a nice feel. The more I fuck him, the better his hole feels. Nice tightness and nice grip. He has me pull out briefly as he repositions himself on the bed.

I enter him again doggy and resume fucking. He hadn't seemed that close so I was thinking about unloading in him, then having him unload on or in my hole. Once I resume fucking I get close and he seems closer. I ask him if he's ready. He wants it and I start to unload. As he feels my cum start to enter him, he really starts to work my cock with his hole. His grip around my cock has me shooting deep and long, then he begins to shoot. Though he's more of a top, he has an awesome ass and was happy to get the load since he won't be back until the end of the month.

That's my kind of halftime entertainment. Oh, and the game that was going slow in the first half ended with an OT win by the Lakers! It's been a long week, but with a good end to my Thursday. Then the followup:

sdsk8rboi: u were awesome. thanks! good thing your roomie popped out as i didn't see your message b4 i left.

sfboy: hehe, i know huh, that was hot, also love taking ur load.

sdsk8rboi: we'll have to do that more once you get back, very hot. you really know how to work my cock for a bigger load.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First loads

It shouldn't be all that big a surprise that what guys are doing, wanting to do, or what's in their profiles as preferences isn't always the same. Here are some recent exchanges from the U.S., France, and Germany:

new2bb: Hey, just wanted to let you know I love your blog. It's stories like yours that have got me interested in taking loads.

sdsk8rboi: Hey there, thanks! Have you taken any loads yet?

new2bb: Yeah, i got my first one ever today. it was so fucking hot and his load was huge. i couldn't hold it all in.

And this exchange from a cute French guy with a "safe only" profile, but pics with bare cocks near, but not in asses:

cfg: cute, love to have you unload in me.

sdsk8rboi: thanks! it'd be hot to unload in you. would you want more than one load?

cfg: as much as possible, no one has ever fucked me bare and i dream of it all the time, especially by slim guys like you!

And from this hot, 22-year old German boy:

cgb22: HOT profile, man... hows it hangin over there?

sdsk8rboi: thanks! your profile and pics are hot. love that pic of your ass. nice cock too. just waking up over here.

cgb22: thanks man, glad you like my stuff.. i'm wanking too - just too damn many great guys on this site, lol

sdsk8rboi: nice pics, you are so hot. so many hot guys on dudesnude is such a horrible problem, haha. if i was there right now, what would u want to be doing?

cgb22: first i'd probably go on my knees to suck your cock hard through your boxers before stripping them down... i'd lick your balls to get a taste of your precum and we'll go ahead from there ;)

sdsk8rboi: nice. i'm dripping so much precum now. then maybe next, i'd turn you around and work my tongue into your hole, work it in deep, then push in one finger, then two. would u like that?

cgb22: hell yeah, tease me and get me ready for a good hard fuck.

sdsk8rboi: and keep teasing you. reach around and stroke your cock as i work my tongue into your hole. then start pushing the head of my cock against your hole. do u like it bare?

cgb22: oh sure... there's hardly anything better than cum on and in a guy's ass, lol

sdsk8rboi: it'd be so hot to be working your ass, then unloading deep in your hole, coating your insides with my cum. would u want to bend me over and give me a load of your cum?

cgb22: i think shooting in a guy's ass is really hot - i'd love to watch you ride my cock and enjoy yourself while i'm working your chest and nipples.

sdsk8rboi: that'd be so hot with u working my ass and nipples at the same time. i'd be in ecstasy, waiting for that load of yours while u played with my nipples. it'd be so hard not to blow a load then without even touching myself. have u ever been "in the middle", fucking while getting fucked? if so, do u shoot more that way?

cgb22: no, i haven't.. but i'd certainly try that... you know, i've only recently begun exploring the whole "sex without strings attached" thing, lol

sdsk8rboi: haha, fun times ahead. have u ever taken multiple loads?

cgb22: well, my friend is kind of insatiable, if you know what i mean - but not from different guys, actually.

sdsk8rboi: nice with your friend. with multiple guys, is that something u want to do?

cgb22: we went to a sauna last wednesday and fooled around with two other guys... one of them wasn't really my type but he had a great cock and i got him off pretty well, lol... the other guy was 30ish but in great shape and i loved sucking his cock while my friend was also at it... i kinda enjoyed it, but the place was really cliché and one didn't have too many guys to choose from, lol.. i'd definitely be up for some more action, tho ;)

sdsk8rboi: i just watched your first vid. hot. wish that load were going into my hole. ;)

cgb22: oh yeah that was a LOAD of fun, obviously

sdsk8rboi: haha, yeah. it would be hot to have u on top of me with your cock in my ass while u take load after load. would u like that?

cgb22: whoa, really hot.

sdsk8rboi: see how many loads u could take and see how many you'd put into me.

cgb22: cumming without even touching myself is so damn nice... and i'd be so horny, i would take about any load i could get.

sdsk8rboi: i'd like to go last. shoot one last load into your cumfilled hole. have u ever fucked a hole that had so much cum in it that it's dripping out? it's so hot, dude!

cgb22: i guess that's another thing i'll have to try, lol... but i got fucked once and came...after that i put a dildo in my cumfilled ass and let my fucker work it inside me until i came again.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Charged breed

If I were looking to convert, this would be quite an offer. Any thoughts?

wcboy: you, me and xx... i like the sound of that!

sdsk8rboi: so do i! i'd like to see where that would go.

wcboy: would love sandwiching you ;)

sdsk8rboi: that would be hot. do u like it bare?

wcboy: ya bud, i do. rubbers and me don't work well together. you?

sdsk8rboi: i don't like them. it feels so much better without, so much easier for cum to go where it should.

wcboy: ya. 1) they don't fit me. 2) i don't like wastin my breed. 3) it's easier for the bottom to take me without one.

sdsk8rboi: i usually find it's less irritation without the condom or maybe i just relax more because i really want that bare cock in my hole. i'm not sure how i'd take you, much less with a condom. but once u do get inside, no pulling out until that seed gets deposited. let the seed sooth the pain, haha.

wcboy: ever been with a really big guy, sk8r?

sdsk8rboi: never huge, no. my hole is so tight. more top than bottom, but do bottom some. u? what do u like to do to loosen up a tight hole before plunging in?

wcboy: i LOVE eatting a hot ass bro. till the dude begs.

sdsk8rboi: and beg they must. first the tongue, then the head of the bare cock against the hole, then the pain as you push inside, then the unleashing of all that warm seed, oh yeah.

wcboy: just so yer on the same page dude. my dick's bout as thick as my wrist full hard.

sdsk8rboi: i suppose it depends on the size of the wrist, but that's so doable. push it in deep when u unload.

wcboy: you gonna feel stuffed like a bitch bud, and i'll make sure you get a load of breed to match. ;)

sdsk8rboi: sweet. any dirty seed, or just lots of it?

wcboy: how ya mean dirty bud? ;) and ya, there's a shit ton of it.

sdsk8rboi: not that kind of dirty. not a scat fan. dirty or toxic seed sometimes means poz.

wcboy: ya... figured dirty meant toxic. and ya. ;)

sdsk8rboi: u like breeding neg holes?

wcboy: man, it's a fucking TREAT!

sdsk8rboi: that's so HOT. do they beg for it assuming they know? ever been part of a gang bang to poz breed a neg hole?

wcboy: like a conversion party? ya. been to a few. some dudes beg for it. not usually into chasers. but some guys just want it cuz it's my seed and they want to have my mark on their dna.

sdsk8rboi: not really chasing nor looking to do a conversion party. taking lots of seed, including poz, is what's hot. big loads are a plus.

wcboy: well i could fuck your hole hard and deep and blow load after thick load of charged breed up your ass, bud. i'd be more than happy to fuck you senseless and leave a souvenir in ya.

sdsk8rboi: that'd be some souvenir and my hole would be spent. i'm rock hard thinking about all of your charged seed coating my insides. work it in deep and coat everything. wonder if it would take.

wcboy: real *hot* skate bug burnin up yer fresh fucked stretched out asshole. trust me dude. if i want it to take... yer hole will take.

sdsk8rboi: if it's gonna take, who should get my last neg load and who should get my first poz load?

wcboy: maybe you should save that last neg load man. like a souvenir of your old life. and i could get one of my boys to come be the first to take yer upgraded wad.

sdsk8rboi: "upgraded". nice. they get my load first, then maybe yours?

wcboy: sure. but my boys have all had my load bro. and since yer gonna now be one of em, you can get it too.

sdsk8rboi: cool. any of them like to flip, give me their load too?

wcboy: sure. i'm pretty partial to fucking tops, so... i know a bunch of em would love nailin yer sk8 ass too.

sdsk8rboi: sweet. gotta run now. save some of that charged seed for me. hit me up later.

wcboy: you bet dude. catch you around.

Thirty-four loads

So what are the poz boys that never practice safer sex doing? I hit up a cute poz boy in Canada. Wish he were closer. He could do me any time.

sdsk8rboi: hot pics. like it bare here.

pozboy: thanks man, yours too. bare is the best.

sdsk8rboi: i love bb. are u more top or bottom?

pozboy: totally versa, i love both.

sdsk8rboi: more top here, but also bottom. love giving and taking loads. u?

pozboy: same, i take as good as i give.

sdsk8rboi: have taken more than one load at a time?

pozboy: lots of times.

sdsk8rboi: cum dripping out of your hole? i love fucking a cumfilled hole. have u been "in the middle", fucking while getting fucked?

pozboy: yes, i did.

sdsk8rboi: do u shoot more that way? i usually shoot the most when getting fucked.

pozboy: oh yeah, every time.

sdsk8rboi: ever do a gang bang?

pozboy: many times.

sdsk8rboi: mainly receiving? what's the most loads you've ever taken at one time?

pozboy: my most was 34 loads.

sdsk8rboi: damn! wish i was there for that. ever get fucked in a sling?

pozboy: of course.

sdsk8rboi: were u in a sling for the 34 loads? do u like taking piss and cum or mainly cum? do u like taking dirty seed?

pozboy: yes i was. piss and cum are hot. dirty seed are hot.

sdsk8rboi: do u like to seed neg holes?

pozboy: i like it a lot.

sdsk8rboi: ever do a gang bang on a neg hole?

pozboy: yes, but all the guys were neg.

sdsk8rboi: ever have a neg guy that wanted to take a poz load?

pozboy: happens a few times.