Monday, August 31, 2009

Love to Fuk Raw

More messaging with another "safe only" guy:

nycboy: hot man.

sdsk8rboi: thanks! you too, dude. how's it going?

nycboy: not bad, just chillin, love the pvt pics!

sdsk8rboi: thanks. are u more top or bottom?

nycboy: vers btm, u?

sdsk8rboi: perfect. vers top here.

nycboy: i'd love to get it from you man.

sdsk8rboi: dude, you've got me leaking lots of precum now. ;) do you like it bare?

nycboy: fuk yeah.

sdsk8rboi: nice. where would u want me to shoot?

nycboy: in me, of course!

sdsk8rboi: fuck yeah, i'd love to breed you deep. do u like taking loads? what's the most loads you've taken at one time?

nycboy: just 2, what about you? u into gangbang?

sdsk8rboi: i've never taken more than one load at a time, but i'm more of a top. it would be hot, though. i've been one of the tops at a few a gang bangs, but never a gang bang bottom. would u wanna be the bottom for a gang bang? i'd love to be there for that. ;)

nycboy: haha i dunno, im a bit scared of that but it is a really hot idea.

sdsk8rboi: it's definitely a hot scene. but that doesn't mean i'm ready to do every scene that i think would be hot.

nycboy: true, what else turns u on?

sdsk8rboi: have you on top of me, inside me, bare while you're taking load after load at a gang bang. any time you had to shoot it'd be inside me. or after you've gotten filled at a gang bang, have you take a mix of all that cum and use it as lube to fuck a load into me. or stand behind you with my arms under yours and pound you hard, then unload deep inside you. u?

nycboy: wow, u got me fukin hard, id love to breed u.

sdsk8rboi: do u top much? it'd be so hot to take your load, have you fill my hole with your cum. don't pull out early. i want you to work it in deep.

nycboy: sure, i love to fuk raw.

sdsk8rboi: you can put your raw cock in my hole any time you want, but you gotta seed my hole each time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Load 6

I've been way too busy working lots of night shifts and getting a little behind in my posts. 430 boy's still taking his Monday afternoon and sometimes Friday afternoon loads, first from my roomie and then from me. This past Monday he was still sore from two loads he took over the weekend, but already had a load that was still in him from Monday morning. My roomie puts in his load, then says I need to be quick because 430 boy was sore. Well, 430 boy's ass always feels good and there was just the right amount of friction. In less than a minute, I was adding my load to the mix.

But back to the main reason for his post was another visit from the local hottie who's been filling my hole. He makes it over customarily late, we strip down, and both of us are hard in no time. He's already leaking precum which I lap up, then engulf the rest of his cock with my mouth. He keeps leaking lots of precum which I love. I'm so ready for his cock. I lube up my hole, his cock, lay down on my stomach, take a hit of poppers, then have him enter me. A little pain, so more poppers. It's not long before he's thrusting into me nicely and hitting the right spot, but I don't wanna cum yet. Fortunately, after a few minutes I feel his warm seed start to coat my insides. It gets smoother as he fills my insides. I have him continue to fuck me as I want his whole load. I want him to coat all of my insides and I want him to work it in deep.

Once he pulls out, it's my turn for his hole. I have him roll over on his stomach, then start to work my tongue into his smooth hole with lots of spit for lube. He takes one finger fine. I then add more spit with my tongue, then try a second finger. He takes that too and I work both in and out slowly. We do this for several minutes, but he's still not ready to bottom. I still haven't shot, so I unload right where I want all over and around his hole. Well not exactly where I wanted to cum, but close. The pics are of my load on his ass.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A devil's dick?

One of my favorite places are the cities in and around the UK Midlands, hot guys, nice sized cities, good clubs and bars. Here's a recent exchange from a 20yo hottie from one of those cities, on a Monday morning! So much for getting to bed early Monday morning after another night shift before getting up "early" in the late afternoon to put another load in 430 boy.

midlandsboy: mmm i'd love to fill up ur ass.

sdsk8rboi: that'd be so hot. i'd love to feel that bare cock of yours, have u pump load after load into me.

midlandsboy: i'd gladly breed u, dump a couple of loads inside u. I'd love to feel ur spunk in me as well.

sdsk8rboi: stretch out my hole, then breed me deep. i'd love filling your hole with spunk. what's the most loads you've taken?

midlandsboy: 3 in one go off the same guy, he just kept tight ass couldnt take it, cum was running out everywhere. I can't get enough. i love as many loads in me as possible!! how about you?

sdsk8rboi: never more than one so far. i'm more of a top. but i do want multiple loads in me sometime. would u ever wanna do a gang bang, take multiple loads from multiple guys?

midlandsboy: i'm more of a bottom, so yeah, it's my fantasy! i'd love to have a breeding session with multiple guys all seeding my hole. i'm really into treasure island media vids. my kinda thing. i'd deffo take ur load :P

sdsk8rboi: i'd like to be there for that. what kind of scene would u want? sling, blindfolded, dark room, something else?

midlandsboy: i'd want a sling with my ankles cuffed up wearing a jock, ready to take load after load. i'd love to take a devil's dick.

sdsk8rboi: "a devil's dick"?

midlandsboy: u use a bottle or tall shot glass and have guys shoot their loads into it until it's full. then u freeze it and use it as a dildo. it melts inside u. most use it as lube for a breeding session.

sdsk8rboi: spunk is my favorite kind of lube, so i'll have to try that some time. i'd love to be there for your breeding session. give u the first load and a later load. then after you've taken your last load, have you use a mix of all that spunk from your hole as lube and have you breed me deep, give me a mix of all that spunk.

midlandsboy: i'd love to churn u up with every load that i've taken. Make u take so much spunk, u can't keep it in, they have a heavy spunker fuck u last, while i drill ur mouth and shoot a load down ur throat so you're filled from both ends.

sdsk8rboi: that would be so hot to get filled to overflowing and to get a mix of all of that seed from your hole, then have that heavy spunker at the end to work it all in deep. do you ever take any dirty seed or care whether or not you do?

midlandsboy: i've never taken any as i'm clean and i do care but i just love bb and taking loads. have u taken any dirty seed? the idea does excite me.

sdsk8rboi: i'm clean too and haven't taken any dirty seed as far as i know, but you never know for sure. it would hot if you took some dirty loads in your gang bang, then i got a mix of all of that seed when you filled me up, maybe take a dirty load too at the end to work it all in.

midlandsboy: love to see guys slammin their big dicks into u n adding their dirty jizz to the sloppy spunk up ur ass. then i work a big thick load out in u to add to the creamy slop :P

sdsk8rboi: work all of that mix of spunk deep into my hole. do you like fucking a spunk filled hole? maybe have you take one more dirty load while you're putting your load into me. do you shoot more and harder when you've got a cock filling your hole?

midlandsboy: yeah, a wet spunky hole is great to fuck. it makes me wanna shoot and add a load. i'd love to take a thick dirty load while im pounding my sweet spooge into ur tight sloppy ass, mmm.

sdsk8rboi: and after you take that thick dirty load, i wanna put another load in you and take a dirty load while i'm doing it...mmm.

midlandsboy: ur cock, sliding in n out of my wet hole, full of cum....then u moan as u shoot ur sweet load deep inside me and the guy fucking u unloads a heavy dirty load in u.....

sdsk8rboi: and after than last load, just collapse on top of each other in one sloppy mess to savor all of that dirty seed each of us has up our holes. ;P

midlandsboy: until more guys walk in and demand to empty their loads in us. i could just take load after load after load for as long as i could get it :P

sdsk8rboi: see how many loads and dirty loads you can take. do i get a dirty seed cocktail at the end? there's no way you'll be able to hold all that spunk. and you'll have as many loads available as you're willing to take.

midlandsboy: i'll take loads until my ass can't fill any more. yeah you can have a dirty cocktail full to the brim with hot loads. take it all down if u can, but leave some for me.

sdsk8rboi: we'll share it, cum kisses at the end too. ;P

midlandsboy: nice, i love to sample a load ;P

sdsk8rboi: and that way our holes don't miss out on anything first. ;)

midlandsboy: my ass is hungry for cum right now. i need a load to fill me.

sdsk8rboi: mine too. i wish i was deep inside you, ready to explode and coat your insides with a big, thick load of spunk, then have u do my hole.

midlandsboy: mmmmm i wanna cream u up good.

sdsk8rboi: mmm, yeah, leave my hole dripping.

midlandsboy: then lick it all up, around ur hole.

sdsk8rboi: nice, creamy dessert, hehe. ;P

midlandsboy: mmmmm u know it :P, swallowing loads is as high on my hotlist as taking them in my hole.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Filling a hot hole to overflowing

The night after getting load 4, I was in the mood to top again. I see the guy I hooked up with about a month ago on bbrt was online. I send him a message. He had one top that was supposed to be over first. I could go next. A few minutes later I get another message that the first top flaked so I head over sooner. This time I take the camera. I call him when I get over there and he leaves the front door slightly ajar so I can enter. Just like the last time, he's on the floor in his darkened living room, blindfolded. He sucks me, then I go to work on his hole. I work my tongue in, then one finger, then two, then back with my tongue applying lots of saliva to his smooth, hot hole. He's now ready for my cock, so I apply more spit as lube and enter him doggy. It feels so good to enter his smooth, tight hole again. I pump him for a few minutes. He's squeezing some on cock with his ass which feels really good. It felt so good that it wasn't long before I was ready to shoot and I did. As my cum started to enter him, he squeezed harder with his ass, causing me to shoot harder and deeper. I kept fucking it in deeper, one burst after another. I then grabbed the camera to get some shots after I pulled out. I must have shot more than I thought I did. When I saw the pics at home with the cum spilling out of his ass, I was so ready to shoot again.

Loads 4 and 5

My hole continues to get attention from the local hottie I've been seeing for about 6 weeks now. Last weekend, I started off by sucking. He's usually rock hard and always leaking lots of precum which I love. It's not long before I'm wanting his cock in my ass. I lube up his cock and my hole, work in one finger then two to start opening up my hole, then lower my ass onto his cock. I stroke his cock while having him pull out, then re-enter me to begin to stretch my hole a bit. He loves the feel of that, but can't cum that way. I roll over on my stomach, put some more lube on his cock, then have him push inside me. He starts slowly, then more rapidly. I almost shoot as he's hitting the right spot. Within a few minutes he starts to unload. It comes in multiple bursts and I let him work it in deep. Once he pulls out, I suck his cock clean, then go to work on his hole. Using lots of spit as lube, I work my tongue in deep, then one finger. He's got a very nice, smooth hole. I continue to work his hole with my tongue and one finger, but that's as far as he wants to go. He wants me to shoot on his chest, so I have him roll onto his back, then I lower myself onto his cock because I usually shoot more when I've got a cock in my ass. With his rock hard cock back in my hole, it doesn't take long before I erupt with a 3-day load onto his stomach and chest.

Now, fast forward to the next weekend. I'm back to working another long stretch of nights with only one hight off in a week and a half. He arrives and we both quickly strip down and are both rock hard. I start sucking his cock as I want to taste more of his precum. He just keeps feeding me more precum as I suck him. Nice. He then sucks me for a few minutes. I go back to sucking him, loving that precum, while also massaging his ass and hole with my fingers. He also begins to move a finger across my hole which has me so ready for his cock. I lube up my hole and his cock , finger myself, then lower myself onto his cock. I lower myself part way onto his cock, lift off, then have him re-enter. I keep alternately this way teasing him a bit while also stroking his nicely lubed, very hard cock at the same time. Now that I'm stretched out some, I want that load. So I roll over on my stomach, put some more lube on his cock, then have him re-enter me. I relax as he enters me, then squeeze some on his cock as he's thrusting into me. It feels almost too good and I almost shoot. I don't want to shoot before he unloads. But he keeps hitting the right spot and it's all I can do to not shoot. Just when I'm at the point I can't hold out any longer, he begins to unload and I immediately spew. I have him keep thrusting to work it in deeper, then lay on me for a bit while still inside me before pulling out.

Videos are of me riding him, me spewing on his chest and stomach, and a pic of one of my loads on him.