Sunday, December 26, 2010

No one uses condoms during sex any more

Here's a facebook wall post from one twink model to another in June:

Second charged load

After getting a pair of loads on a Wednesday night, I get another message from the same top early on a Saturday evening. I was still a little sore and had to work later that evening, so here's the exchange that followed:

sdsk8rboi: that'd be hot to take more loads from you. i'm still a little sore from wed evening. maybe tomorrow evening?

uncuttop: Just one load, I be easy this time.

sdsk8rboi: tomorrow evening would be better for me. i don't want to be in pain when you're fucking a hot load into me.

uncuttop: how bout a quick load, then you could fuck me.

sdsk8rboi: okay, but it's gotta be quick because i work tonight. when could u be here?

uncuttop: I am three blocks away right now.

I was still sore, but the idea of getting another load from him and putting one in him was one I couldn't resist. It turns out the reason he was so close is that he'd been at a pool party. He took him about 10 minutes to arrive and we didn't waste any time once he got here. We stripped down and I sucked him get another taste of precum from his uncut cock. We lubed up and he slid into me from behind with me on my stomach. There was some pain, but it also felt good to have his cock inside me again. It only took a few minutes before I felt his warm load start to fill my hole. When he pulled out, a little cum dribbled out of my hole. Nice, a load so big some of it was spilling out of my hole.

Now it was his turn. With him on his stomach, I put my tongue in his smooth hole. I then lubed up and pushed inside. Nice and smooth and tight. It only took me a few minutes before I was unloading in his hole. That worked out well. I took a charged load, gave him a load, and all in under 15 mintues. That got me to work on time with a load to hold all night.