Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bttm looking for hot charged up load

Here's a hot CL ad from about a month ago. I found it just before I had to get ready for work and it was gone by the time I got home. Fortunately I got a screen capture while it was up. Wonder if he got what he wanted and lots of it.

Skating, then fucking

I had a lone night off in the middle of 11 nights. I'd finally cleared out my dudesnude messages, some of them anyway, then went skating for awhile. A little cool to be totally comfy even with a hoodie and cool enough I could see my breath at times. I hadn't bothered to log out of bbrt or a4a before I went skating. I got home and had this message on a4a:
"hey man i remember u... i use to work at xxxxx would luv u to fuck me. ;)"

The pics looked familiar, but he looks better in person. I'd hadn't seen him in a few years. He was my favorite bar tender at one of my favorite bars at the time, and quite convenient too as I could walk there in about 2 minutes from where I was living then. I bought lots of cocktails from him, but we'd never done anything beyond that. I didn't even know whether he was a top/bottom/vers. He's a little taller than me and fairly thin, tats and piercings, and a little furry but not too much. Very nice combination. From his profile, he's a bottom. No safe sex only message or any mention of hiv status. The next message from him is: "im in bed naked if u waana cum by." That's got me plenty hard and leaking precum.

I find out where he's located and head over. It's about 10 minutes away, not too far. He opens the door to let me. He's naked, and looking better than his a4a pics, more like I remember except I'd never seen him without clothing. I strip down and join him in bed. He warns me his hands are cold, and they are. We're laying next to each other and I'm quickly rock hard, even before his hands are warm. I'm laying on my back and moves toward the back of the bed and starts sucking me. He does that for a couple of minutes then grabs the lube. He lubes up my cock, then his hole. He then slowly lowers himself onto my cock. He's tight. A couple of attempts until I'm part way in, then he lowers himself part way, then all the way. I wait for his hole to relax some. He then starts riding me. After a couple of minutes, we reposition without me pulling out so he's now on his back with his legs up as I continue to thrust into him. I haven't cum in a few days, so I could cum quickly. But I don't know how long he wants me to fuck him or if he wants me to cum inside. It's not long after he's on his back that he tells me he's about to cum, and he does. He shoots a nice thick load on his stomach.

At that point, he kind of pushes me out but continues to work my cock. After a couple of minutes of that, I ask him where he wants me to shoot. The answer is on his chest. I reposition myself so my ass is over his stomach. His cock is now soft, so no riding him 'til I shoot. I do finger some of his cum into my hole, then continue to stroke. He's now fingering my hole with one finger all the way in. Too bad it's not a hard, cum covered cock. Though his profile says bottom, not vers/bottom, I wonder if he'd fuck me some day. Well, with him fingering my hole, it doesn't take long for me to shoot and I unload on his chest. We clean up and talk for a few minutes. He then heads to bed and I head home. I hope it's not a few years before I see him again.