Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunset seeding

I've had way too many work nights the past few weeks and very few nights off. It's around sunset and I'm just waking up. My roommate says he has a hot bottom on the way over who wants more than one load. Perfect since I have my "morning" wood and I haven't cum in more than a week. Almost too perfect.

I wait and wait and wait, for well over a half hour, maybe an hour. I don't even know the bottom's arrived. Finally, my roommate comes and gets me. He's fucked the bottom, but hasn't cum yet. The "bottom" wants me to fuck him while he fucks my roommate. Works for me, hehe. Of course, since I've been waiting around for an hour, I have to quickly get hard. And since I haven't shot in over a week, get hard without cumming where I don't want to cum, which is anywhere outside of the bottom's ass.

I head into the bedroom, which is fairly dark, and search for the lube. It's not on the nightstand and not on the dresser. I feel around and find it on the bed to the left of my roommate. The "bottom" is on his knees, upright, in the middle of the bed. He's fairly short, fairly thin, with a twinkish build which is perfect for me. I finger his hole with some lube. There might've been a little hair around his hole, but otherwise it's quite smooth.

I push inside him with my now rock hard cock and he starts fucking my roommate. He's got a sweet hole. Since I haven't cum in so long, it takes no time before I'm ready to explode. In less than a minute, without telling him, I unleash my load of more than a week, then keep fucking him for a few more minutes as he fucks my roommate. His insides should have been thoroughly coated.

Eventually the "bottom" needs to reposition himself to work my roommate's hole. I pull out then and let the two of them finish their business. The bottom seeds my roommate's hole, then takes a load from from roommate. The bottom should have had quite the squishy hole once he left here.