Monday, September 21, 2009

Breeding is better than sleeping

No sleep in over 24 hours so I lay down and go to sleep. I'm not asleep 30 minutes and my roomie wakes me up. The bottom he has over wants another load. I wake up, sort of, and start stroking to get hard and head to the other bedroom. The guy's sprawled out on the bed, face down, blindfolded. Nice body, very pale, defined, and smooth. This should work nicely.

I'm plenty hard now, grab some lube, then insert a finger in his hole, then my cock. Nice smooth hole. I start pumping. Having just awakened, I'm not ready to cum immediately. As I continue to fuck him, he works is ass back into my cock. As I'm getting closer, he's reaching back with both hands. He must have felt my nipple rings as he's starting to play with my nipples. His other hand's on my ass, pulling me in closer as I thrust into him.

With one hand he's now squeezing on my right nipple. With the hand that's on my ass, he inserts a finger in my hole. Between the squeezing of the nipple and the finger in my hole, I can't hold it any longer and my cum starts to gush into his hole. As he feels the cum fill his hole, he grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me closer while I continue to cum and work the load in deeper. I finally pull out, head back to bed, and sleep quite nicely.