Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tied up and fucked

Sometimes you start messaging and it ends up in places you'd never expect. Here's one on bbrt from November from a poz boy in central Texas:

sdsk8rboi: hey j….., how's that hole of yours?

txcumslut: i'm hard as a fuckin rock, and want a big dick in it bad.

sdsk8rboi: want some tongue first or just push in with precum for lube?

txcumslut: would love it either way. i love wild kinky sex. i love your underarms too.

sdsk8rboi: wanna be blindfolded?

txcumslut: mmmmm fuck yeah, i would love that. then get me rape fucked, gang banged by mystery cocks.

sdsk8rboi: in a sling?

txcumslut: sure, u have one?

sdsk8rboi: no, ;(

txcumslut: what is the most outrageous sex stuff you have done?

sdsk8rboi: gang bang with multiple tops where i was one of the tops. so hot breeding a hole with cum already dripping out.

txcumslut: yummmmmy, love that.

sdsk8rboi: have u done that, gang bang, taking lots of loads?

txcumslut: yes and totally fuckin love it!!!! love lots of cum and lots of cocks and taking it rough and wild. wildest one was where i was tied up and fucked with and blindfolded and then the guys brought in this freshman chick, tiny like 98 lbs and she was blindfolded too, and sat her cunt on my cock. i had never fucked a girl before.

sdsk8rboi: done that blindfolded and restrained?

txcumslut: she screamed (his cock is huge, long and thick). and the really got off seeing my huge cock rip her.

sdsk8rboi: yeah, i bet, haha. did u shoot in her or just fuck her?

txcumslut: i did shoot deep in her cunt, they told me to.

sdsk8rboi: did they have u fuck anyone else then?

txcumslut: not that time, just her, first her pussy, then her ass. they had to hold her down for that.

sdsk8rboi: wow, then what did they do to you after that?

txcumslut: fucked my ass, and fucked my ass while i fucked her ass at the same time. she passed out. they really got turned on seeing my 9.5 in cock tear into her. that turned me on, not her, but them too. they shot cum everywhere.

sdsk8rboi: were they breeding you while you were fucking her?

txcumslut: yes. it totally freaked her out.

sdsk8rboi: how many loads did u take just while u were fucking her?

txcumslut: 8. and i came in here cunt and then her asshole.

sdsk8rboi: was it dripping out of her when u were done? did u shoot more since u were getting fucked at the time?

txcumslut: it was dripping out of her not only after also but also during because my cock is so big and she was so tight. shot HUGE loads.

sdsk8rboi: nice, big loads, mmm. did u get bred with any poz loads while u were fucking her?

txcumslut: yes, and they were hot as fuck.

sdsk8rboi: yummy. did any of the guys fucking u fuck each other or just u?

txcumslut: just me. and 2 of them fucked her too after i opened her up

sdsk8rboi: mmm, hot poz boys that like to breed. 8 loads while u were fucking her, or more than that total?

txcumslut: 12 total. 8 while fucking her cunt or ass. i heard later that one of the guys saw her and she looked preg.

sdsk8rboi: did u get fucked by more than one cock at a time or too tight for that?

txcumslut: i have before, but not that night.

sdsk8rboi: ever had both shoot in u at the same time?

txcumslut: no, but would love that.

sdsk8rboi: what's the most loads you've taken at one time?

txcumslut: 23

sdsk8rboi: where was that? how long? did u breed anyone then too?

txcumslut: Splash Day on the lake in a boat overnight. i did.