Thursday, December 24, 2009

Take my charged poz cum you fuckin' cum slut!

All of my tests came back neg a couple of weeks ago. I continue to breed poz bottoms, but haven't bottomed much and likely haven't taken any poz cum through that could always happen. I was messaging a poz guy in Texas. I'm not endorsing everything in that exchange, but instead posting it as an indication of what he's done or would like to do.

pozTXboy: Fuckin HOT profile and pics! I would love to swap loads with you!

sdsk8rboi: thanks! that would be so hot to swap loads with you! anything you'd wanna say as you were about to unload in my tight, neg hole?

pozTXboy: Yeah, "take my charged poz cum you fuckin cum slut!"

sdsk8rboi: would u hold me down to keep it in me or to put more charged loads in my hole? do u like filling neg holes with your seed?

pozTXboy: Hell yeah, I would hold you down and breed you over and over till I was sure you would be poz!! I love to fill neg boy pussy with my charged cum! Have only been poz a few months, but have LOVED it!!!

sdsk8rboi: your seed must be super toxic. so you'd like to stretch out my tight, neg hole and knock me up? how many neg holes have u seeded since u became poz? have u taken lots of poz cum since then too?

pozTXboy: It's not as toxic as I would like, but its getting that way! I would stretch your neg pussy open wide and tear it up a little to make it bleed. Then I would fuck you hard and shoot several loads of cum in you! Then I would fist you to make sure it gets worked into your blood stream! I have charged 6 guys so far. I take poz cum all the time! LOVE poz cum!!! Have you ever knowingly taken poz cum before?

sdsk8rboi: no fisting. my hole's way too tight for that. your cock would probably stretch my hole enough for your seed to take. would u wanna be the only one seeding my hole with charged cum or would you want a bunch of poz guys to gang bang me?

pozTXboy: That's cool! I would still stretch it out, though! I would want to be the first , then would have other poz guys breed you! Then, I would do it again!

sdsk8rboi: fuck, that would be so hot! how many poz loads would u wanna see pumped into my hole? how long would u want me to hold it all in?

pozTXboy: I would get as many poz guys as I could find to fuck and breed you as well!! You keep it in at least a full 24 hours! I would put a plug up your pussy to hold it all in!

sdsk8rboi: mmmmm. let all that toxic cum just sit there coating my insides, soaking in so it'd take. did u set up a breeding session to try to convert or did it just happen?

pozTXboy: Hell yeah!! It would all soak in and infect you real fast! I have been chasing for about 4 years! I wanted it so bad! So I'm fucking happy!

sdsk8rboi: you've only been poz for a few months or you just tested poz a few months ago but might have been poz longer?

pozTXboy: I have been poz longer. Just had it confirmed last month. I tested poz with a home test 8 months ago.

sdsk8rboi: i've done home tests too, still neg. have u been topping more now that u know you're poz? do the bottoms know you're poz?

pozTXboy: U wouldn't be neg for long if I were breeding you! I have been topping and bottoming more since I turned poz! I don't tell them all.

sdsk8rboi: do some want u to breed them because you're poz? do u save up bigger loads for the neg bottoms?

pozTXboy: Yes! I had a few guys tell me they turned into chasers because I was one and they wanted to be like me. I fucked them hard and gave them what they wanted!

sdsk8rboi: did they take other poz loads then too, or just yours?

pozTXboy: Some took more, since we were doing a group thing. A few of them just took mine.

sdsk8rboi: did most of them convert?

pozTXboy: Yes. A few have not tested yet, but they did get sick, so I'm sure they did!

sdsk8rboi: are they out topping now?

pozTXboy: Not sure about all of them. I know they wanted to so they could infect others!
Two are still trying to get as much poz cum as they can to get their viral load way up!

sdsk8rboi: is that what you're trying to do, to get your viral load up?

pozTXboy: Yes! I'm not going on meds and I'm always looking for more poz cum!!

sdsk8rboi: would u wanna take a bunch of poz loads, then use a mix of all that cum as lube to fuck a load into me?

pozTXboy: hell yeah! that would be perfect!

sdsk8rboi: i thought u might like that. ;)

pozTXboy: i'll mix it with some poz blood, too!

sdsk8rboi: maybe just the poz cum. i want there to be a little uncertainty. i think it's hotter that way.

pozTXboy: lol. i like to know that im the one that is charging you!

sdsk8rboi: haha, nice.

"Safe only" bottom that might take poz cum

I was messaging a "safe only" bottom in Los Angeles. Turns out he'd like to take lots of cum, maybe even some of it poz. Here's the exchange:

negLAguy: Wish I could take your raw cock, man!

sdsk8rboi: so u like taking raw cock? where would u want me to shoot?

negLAguy: From a hot guy, hell yeah, man! Would love it all over my hole or deep inside it!

sdsk8rboi: i prefer to unload deep inside. do u like the feel of cum when it starts to enter your hole, when it starts to fill u up?

negLAguy: I definitely wouldn't say no to you unloading deep inside me! I love the feel of it entering and splashing into my hole... but I never feel like I can get enough!

sdsk8rboi: nice. what's the most loads you've taken at one time?

negLAguy: Only two!

sdsk8rboi: hot! would u want to take more?

negLAguy: I would love to! Hell, even just having one guy breed me several times a day would be hot!

sdsk8rboi: would u want to be bred by a bunch of guys, do a gang bang?

negLAguy: It's always been a dream of mine! But I have such a tight hole... it would be tough!

sdsk8rboi: same here. would u want all of the guys to be neg or would in matter if some where poz?

negLAguy: Ideally all neg. But it would be up to the top arranging it for me!

sdsk8rboi: would u wanna be passed out, take load after load, then wake up later with your ass a little sore with cum spilling out of your ass?

negLAguy: I'd love to feel at least the first one or two guys abusing my hole and filling it. After that, it would be very hot to be passed out and wake up more than a little sore, my ass dripping, and more.

sdsk8rboi: would u wanna be in a sling? would u wanna be on your stomach, tied down? blindfolded?

negLAguy: Well, a sling would give guys the chance to squeeze and pull my balls while i'm passed out and getting loaded by them... but I love getting tied down and blindfolded!

sdsk8rboi: what would u want the guys to say as they dumped their seed in your hole?

negLAguy: Something dirty and demeaning...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bottoms that do it right and those that don't

I was sitting at home on a Sunday evening with a4a open in the background. I get a message from a bottom. The pic looked decent, but he's farther away than I like to travel, about 30 minutes off my least favorite freeway. We message some more. He'd take it bare and said what else he liked - 69, ass play, rimming, poppers, etc. I get an address, then he asks if I can bring poppers. I say yes. Then he asks if I can bring lube. Fine, I'll do that too. I don't suppose it'd be too much to have some of these at home if you're hosting. But the profile said discrete, so who knows? Just when I'm ready to leave, the fire alarm in my building goes off. I open the door and the hallway is filled with smoke. As it turns out, the dumbass in the apartment next to me started his fireplace without opening the flue. Maybe that should have been a sign as it turned out. Anyway, I had a 7+ day load for this bottom and nothing else was happening, so I head out. A half hour later, I find the place. It's a large suburban house and he's alone. I get led upstairs to the bedroom. We both get undressed. I start sucking him. He's leaking lots of precum, but can't seem to get completely hard. Maybe that's one reason he's a bottom. I roll him over on his stomach and start working on his hole. He's already going heavy on the poppers. First I tongue his hole. It's trimmed and clean. Next I insert one finger, then two. Nice smooth hole, tight but not too tight. Once he seems to be ready, I lube my cock and get ready to enter him. He's on all fours. I start to push in and get the head of my cock inside. It didn't seem too tight or like he was in pain. But from his reaction, I thought he wanted me to pull out and start again. He starts saying "I'm sorry", "I'm sorry". As it turns out, when I pushed in must have sent him over the edge. He shot and then was done. What a waste, an hour round trip for that.

Well, a few days after that I'm on BBRT and see a nearby bottom online. We've played a couple of times before, but it's probably been at least a couple of months since the last time. We message. He's planning on late. I mention I may be in bed by then, but that I've got a 7+ day load. At that point, it's probably 10+ days. I'd lost count. That gets his attention. He needs a little time to prep. Nice clean bottoms are always a huge plus. We set up an earlier time. As with the previous times, he's in the darkened living room, blindfolded. I get undressed, we hold each other, then I start sucking him. Then with me on my back, he's sucking me and fingering my hole. I didn't go over to bottom, but it feels good. I'm very tight, but with his tongue near my hole and one of his fingers in my hole my hole begins to slowly open up. Maybe some day I'll have his cock, and load, inside me though I haven't taken any charged seed yet. He wasn't a big fan of the hair around my hole. Sometimes my hole's smooth or trimmed, but I haven't trimmed that area in awhile. Whatever amount of hair there, I always want to be super clean for any tops.

So now it's time for his hole. He gets my tongue first. Smooth and clean. Then one finger, then two. He points out the lube. I apply some. He's on his back as I push inside. He always has a nice amount of tightness, but is a little tighter than usual this time, so I go slow at first. After a few minutes in that position, he switches so he's on all fours. That and on the stomach are my favorite positions for the bottom. A few more minutes from behind and I'm ready to blow. I'm typically pretty quiet but usually will say something before I'm going to cum and proceed based on the reaction of the bottom. He was ready, so I begin to unload. This load apparently ended up fairly deep inside as not much spilled out. He has me keep fucking him, so it's a few minutes after I shot before I pull out. His original plan of getting loads late remained unchanged and he did get another load later.

After I pulled out, I then grabbed the camera. Unfortunately it was so dark that the autofocus couldn't focus and it was dark enough that I couldn't really use the manual focus either. In the end, I only got a couple of images that were focused well enough to use, one of which is posted here.

We talked a little bit afterword. I told him the story about the earlier bottom. He told me one about where he'd gone out to top, late, and couldn't find the address from the incomplete information provided by the host. It was another one of these hosts that provides incomplete directions or address information. I hate that. If you're hosting and really intend to host, provide enough information so you can be located. Don't just give me an intersection. Give me an actual, full address. If it's an apartment building, include the apartment number. If there's anything unusual about parking or finding the place, I need to know that too, especially if it's dark.