Tuesday, December 23, 2008


That was the subject line on a message I got in bbrt a couple of weeks ago. Cute boy. Nice profile. This was the message:

"lookin to convert, slut? i wanna slam you full of tina and rape your sluthole and then tie you up and get a bunch of other guys to take turns on you while you are blindfolded and fill you with charged cum and then plug your ass with a butt plug until you absorb it all!"

About three drafts later I thought I'd have some fun and replied with the following message:

"so you wanna give me some toxic seed? how much ya got? not really looking to convert nor do tina. but i would like to be topped off with so much cum that it's dripping out of my ass onto your willing tongue. or maybe i'll scoop some of it out and use it as lube when i breed your ass. would you like that?"

No response, not that I necessarily expected one. Any thoughts on how else I might have responded?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two loads for 430 boy

430 boy is not to be confused with 420 boy. 430 boy is so named because that's the usual time he comes over in the afternoon after work to be fucked by my roommate. Sometimes if I'm available I'll fuck him too. He like's it anonymous, blindfolded, in a dark room. He always gets at least one load from my roommate, two if I'm available, and in one case a third from one of my roommate's friends.

Today he's a few minutes early, slightly before 430. He texts my roommate who buzzes him in. I'm waiting in another room. My roommate does the usual, lets 430 boy in, leads him to the darkened room, fucks him, shooting inside, then comes and gets me. I go in, fuck 430 boy for a few minutes, then bury another load in him. I return to the other room. 430 boy is in and out with two fresh loads in under 15 minutes on a Friday afternoon. Nice start to his weekend.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

420 Boy's First Load

It's late Thursday afternoon and I'm killing time, a4a on in the background, while waiting to leave for an appointment. A few minutes before I need to leave, I get a message on a4a from a 22-year old bottom. Hot pics, especially his ass, but no face pic. Stats are nice too, 5'10, 145, 30w. His profile says safe sex only. We have the following exchange:

22yobttm: nice body face and cock, i'm looking to have 1 or more tops take turns on me

sdsk8rboi: do you like it bare?

22yobttm: never had it bare

sdsk8rboi: do you wanna try it bare?

22yobttm: sure. i think a guy in hillcrest might have me over, would you be down to a group thing on me? fantasy thing i'm trying. if he doesn't host no problem, where u live?

Now it's time to leave for my appointment. Nice timing. Arrgh. I tell the boy on a4a I'll be back in an hour or less. He has no problem with that. He's still trying to put this together.

I go to my appointment and return in about 45 minutes. I resume messaging with the 22yo bottom who I'll call "420 boy". We're still working out the details. After another flurry of messages, I arrange to head over to 402 boy's place as he continues his search for more tops.

Even though it's close enough I could probably walk, I drive over and find parking without too much trouble. I call him. He's in the shower so he wants me to call him back in a few minutes. No problem. If given a choice, I'd probably more often prefer recently showered to not. I call him back in a few minutes and he comes down and lets me in. He's wearing baggy pants with a white wifebeater. He hadn't included a face pic, but he was hot, even better than the stats and two pics. Longish hair and puffy cheeks. His profile said white, but it seemed like it might instead be a white/Asian mix. In any event, he's hot and I'm hard. We head up to his room where he continues the search for additional tops. From his profile, he said he hadn't hooked up in awhile. His search to find other tops seemed to be somewhat random and not too effective. With his profile and ass, I'm surprised he didn't have guys lined up, waiting. He didn't seem to have much in the way of requirements except that they be fit, clean, and neg.

While he's searching for more tops, he's running some of these by me including some that had flaked. Their loss. I wasn't going to say no unless they really were disgusting. He's the bottom and it's really his call. He finally finds a Latin guy who's not too far away. Latin guy shows up about a half hour after I arrived. He looked okay in his pics. In person, he appeared thinner and not necessarily in a good way. Otherwise, he seemed decent.

As for the extras, 420 boy does 420 and poppers. Latin guy does crystal. I'll do poppers. The others can do what they want with the rest. This is fine with all of us. So 420 boy does his 420 while we're waiting on Latin guy with his crystal. I'm mostly ignoring all of this except to note Latin guy has a pipe for his crystal. He finishes that, then goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth, then comes back after about 10 minutes. Finally.

Latin guy strips down to his briefs, me to my boxers, and 420 boy to his light gray sports briefs with a white jock underneath. I'm on my back with Latin guy also on his back, to my left, with 420 boy facing us, in between. Latin guy sheds his briefs and 420 boy starts sucking him. I shed my boxers and 420 boy goes back and forth sucking each of us. Meanwhile, I'm massaging 420 boy's ass, working my hands under his sports briefs and around the back of his jock. Latin guy and I are fully erect. He's bigger, so I know who'll be going first when it's time to start fucking 420 boy. 420 boy slips out of his sports briefs and then jock. He has a nice cock, about 6 inches. His pubes have been trimmed so there's just a small patch of hair above his cock. In his profile pics, there was some hair around his ass. This has now been shaved as has the hair under his arms. 420 boy continues alternately sucking Latin guy and me.

While 420 boy sucks Latin guy, I move behind 420 boy and start rimming his luscious ass. He soon asks for the lube and the poppers. I apply the lube and he takes multiple hits on the poppers. With me on my back and 420 boy facing me, he slowly lowers himself onto my cock. He's tight. He lowers part way, pulls up slightly without me exiting, then starts lowering again. He keeps taking more hits of poppers. After a minute or so, he fully lowers onto my cock and begins to relax. From his tightness and the friction, I could cum now, but it's way too early. He starts riding me, increasingly faster. He's also stroking Latin guy, keeping him hard.

He rides me for a few minutes, then wants to ride Latin guy. 420 boy is tight and Latin guy is bigger so I know 420 boy is going to need more poppers. I hold up the poppers to 420 boy as he takes a few hits, then begins to lower onto Latin guy. He winces at first, then rides Latin guy for a few minutes with a facial expression alternating between pleasure and pain. More poppers. Latin guy then puts 420 boy on all fours and starts fucking him from behind, then from the side and behind. 420 boy's head lowers to near the bed with his ass in the air getting pounded by Latin guy. Latin guy starts cramping and pulls out. I don't think he's cum yet. I apply more lube to my cock. Then in more of a sitting position, I start fucking 420 boy from behind, thrusting upward into 420 boy's ass. As I thrust into him, I reach up under his arms. Slightly moist. Hot. Meanwhile, Latin guy has gone limp and can't get hard again. I continue to thrust into 420 boy, then pull out briefly as he says we need to finish soon. I reinsert, which he likes, then ask him when he wants me to cum. He seems ready, so I thrust a few more times, then start to unload letting him know as I do, giving his inner walls their first coating of cum. If this truly is the first time he's ever fucked bare, then that's the first load he's ever taken. I hope it won't be the last from me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reno boy

I'm killing time on a4a on Sunday evening before heading off to work when I get a message from Reno boy. We've seen each other maybe half a dozen times since first meeting last January. We set up a time for Tuesday evening. He usually likes to cuddle and fuck, usually fuck first then cuddle, but not always.

Tonight he wants to cuddle first. I'm not sure yet if he wants to fuck. We're lying on his bed, basically in underwear. I massage his back, then he massages mine. He goes to the bathroom, then comes back. He removes his briefs, still leaving on a t-shirt. I'm lying behind him, still wearing my boxers, but no t-shirt. I start gently massaging his ass, something he seems to be enjoying. He eventually rolls over on his back and starts stroking himself. He's already leaking lots of precum. I remove my boxers, then reach under and resume massaging his ass. I finger is ass a little.

He then rolls me on my back and starts sucking me. He's really good and I'm really close, but I don't want to cum yet. I usually have a hard time cumming just from being sucked, but he's really good. I arch up my back as he's sucking, trying to keep from cumming. We then switch positions and I start sucking him. I also massage his ass and finger him. From his response, he seems to want to be fucked. I ask him if he has any lube. He's out. I continue to finger and massage his ass. It still seems like he wants to be fucked, so with lots of spit, I insert one and then two fingers in his ass to help loosen him and to provide some lubrication. I then put lots of spit on my cock and push in slowly, mostly just resting there but pumping slowly a little too. He continues to JO, still lying on his back. I pull out, apply more spit, then push back in and start pumping. He then changes positions, now on all fours. I re-enter, then start pumping more quickly and unload in him. He then rolls over on his back and shoots quickly.

Reno boy still has "safe only" on his profiles , though I've always fucked him bare and always unloaded in him. The first time we met, there was never any mention of condoms and he let me enter him bare. He kept changing positions as I fucked him. I still didn't know where he wanted me to cum. While he was on his back and I was pumping him, he said "breed me". That 's all it took as I exploded in him for the first time.

SF boy

I'd exchanged messages with SF boy on a4a for months, but it'd never quite worked out as far as a hookup. In one case, I almost made it to his place, but couldn't find it as all I had was an intersection and not the actual street address. After another near miss a week or so ago, I got his address and cell phone number.

Early Saturday evening, I checked a4a, CL, and MH. A few possibilities, but nothing much seemed to be happening. Bored, I went over the 24-Hour for a workout. When I got home, SF boy saw me online and messaged me. One of the times he's usually looking is around 11, not long before his bedtime. From previous messages, he's usually into a quick breeding before bedtime. From the message tonight, he's looking for a quick load before bedtime so I head over.

We head to his bedroom, then strip down quickly. He's a little cuter and thinner than his pics. He's about 5'11 which is a height I love. He's got a little bit of extra weight in his stomach and a little bit of hair on his stomach and ass, more peach fuzz like than really hairy. We hold each other, then he starts sucking me. He then grabs the lube and then bends over the bed. I put on some lube, then push in slowly. Tight, but not too tight. I pump him for a few minutes, then unload coating his inner walls.

We talk a little about Christmas and gift giving for relatives while I get dressed. He's a nice guy and cute. I think we'll be doing this again. I think he'd like to have me over any time to fuck him and from his last message, indicating he's totally versatile, I think he'd like to fuck me sometime too. He's got a nice cock that could fuck me nicely. However, he's poz and I'm not sure I'm ready to bottom for I guy I know is poz. I'm really not sure about taking a load if I do. While it would be quite hot for him to fuck me and unload in me, I don't think now is the time to start taking poz loads, at least as long as I'm still neg.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Surfer boy has a gang bang

I'm checking out CL on Tuesday and see the following ad:

Discrete BB Tag Team - Friday - 27

Looking for good looking, toned, in-shape tops to join in a discreet tag team this Friday at 430p.

Btm is twenty seven, five eleven, one fifty, toned, athletic, nice tight ass. Pump and dumps welcome. Send pics and stats for info.

This seems kinda like the last two scenes. The pics look generic. The stats were close to my ideal - around 5'10, 140's, 20's, so I send a response:

sdsk8rboi: 5'8", 125, 6 cut, neg - tested 11-29-08 (plus pics)

surferboy: cool, you free Friday at 4:30pm? Into discreet bb topping with some other hot tops?

sdsk8rboi: i'm free then. i'm definitely into bb topping with other tops.

surferboy: nice, i'll add you to the email list. I'll email out details (address, etc.) Friday morning.

That evening I see surfer boy online on a4a and send him a message:

sdsk8rboi: how r u this evening? that was a hot scene the week before last.

The next day, I get a response back:

surferboy: want to do me again friday around 430 or 5?

sdsk8rboi: yeah. same place?

surferboy: yeah. hey... i asked you about the big dude who is the host, right?

sdsk8rboi: i'm not sure. i'm confused. i think i saw him last time on the way in.

surferboy: his SN is ... . he thinks you're hot.

I check out his friend's profile. He's about as far from my ideal body type as you can get. He once played major college football and is a big guy, and fairly heavy. We do have some common interests and he seems like a nice guy, but the body type just doesn't work for me. I send him a message explaining the situation as tactfully as I can and send the following message to surfer boy:

sdsk8rboi: cool. he's way far from having my ideal body type, but he seems like a nice guy. there seem to be some common interests in that i love to watch and play sports. i'm looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. anything special you want?

xx: a little more verbal would be good... and a good loud moan when you unload.

At this point, I'm still not sure that the two events are the same, but I'm pretty sure they are. I get the CL email Friday morning. It's the same place as two weeks ago. Both are the same event.

I head over Friday afternoon ready to unload once, maybe twice. I get over there a little after 430. One top is just leaving. He's about my height and build. Too bad he was leaving. I'd like to know who he was. He could be fun some time. Next up is an Asian guy, somewhat built. Surfer boy is sprawled out on the bed, sometimes on his stomach and sometimes on all fours. It's a little earlier in the day than two weeks ago, so there's still some light. The Asian guy pumps for a few minutes, mostly with surfer boy on all fours, then pulls out. A little bigger, beefier guy then enters surfer boy. He's clearly also a little bigger elsewhere as surfer boy is now on his stomach and moans when entered. The beefy guy pumps for a few minutes, then unloads. The Asian guy resumes fucking surfer boy and also unloads.

I'm up next. Surfer boy is sprawled out on the bed. He seems a little shorter and thinner than the CL dimensions. This totally works for me as I'm rock hard. There's a bottle of lube on the bed next to him. I squirt on a little. Then I see the cum dripping out of his ass. I finger him retrieving some cum for my cock, then plunge in. Silky smooth again. As I start pounding him, he reaches back to grab my ass, pulling me in closer. I have my arms wrapped around his and nibble on his left ear. He reaches back and starts playing with my nipple rings. I reach under and play with his left nipple ring, just like in one of the a4a pics. He reaches back again, fingering me and squeezing my ass again. That does it for me. I moan as my 7-day load explodes inside surfer boy. I very slowly dress as two more guys unload in surfer boy. Not bad, six loads in surfer boy's fine ass in 30 minutes, maybe more later.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Anonymous surfer boy

It's Friday afternoon and I'm on a4a killing time, mostly just cleaning up old messages and thinking about taking a nap before going to work late that night. I get a message from a surfer boy:

surferboy: hey i heard you fucked a buddy of mine last night...xx... bare and came in him. wanna do me? same place? about 6?

I sent him a message a week or two earlier, but he wasn't interested then. Anyway, his pics are hot, I confirm the time, and head over. As I enter the house, there's a friend of his passing through the living room, apparently checking to make sure those coming in fit their profile. This time there's no waiting. I strip down and start jacking to get hard, then head into the bedroom. He's laying on the bed with the same bottle of lube next to him. I squirt on some lube. He wants it more doggie style than spread eagle. He guides me in. Silky smooth. Feels so good. I start pumping. After a few minutes, I pull out briefly, then go back in and resume pumping. He keeps telling me that he wants me to cum inside him. While pumping him, I reach down and start stroking him. Nice cock. His profile says 7.5 uncut, also says "bottom". If he ever tops, I wouldn't mind having him inside me. I keep pumping, he keeps telling me he wants me to cum in him, and I finally let lose with my load gushing inside him. Before I finish dressing, the next top is inside him pumping away.

Anonymous skater boy

Last Thursday, I was on a4a and got a message from a skater boy, profile said "safe only".

anonskater: hi there

sdsk8rboi: hey dude, how r u?

anonskater: good thanks. you like to fuck bb?

sdsk8rboi: prefer bb, mainly top. u?

anonskater: lookin for a few tops to come over at 6 and breed me anonymously... while i'm blindfolded and naked on the bed.

My profile headline has "BB top/vers" in it, so what I like shouldn't be a surprise. His pics are hot and I like the scene, so I set up a time. I find the place, walk in, and wait at the edge of the living room. The bedroom door's open. Another top is still fucking him and after a few minutes finally breeds him. While waiting I strip down and start stroking. Some bottoms when taking multiple loads get sore after awhile, so I try to cum quickly in those situations. The other top leaves. I go into the room. He's sprawled out on the bed on his stomach with a bottle of lube next to him. I put on a small amount lube, then slide in bare. There's some hair there, enough to feel a little scratchy and provide some friction, but it feels good. I pump him for a few minutes, then shoot my load deep inside him. There were at least a couple more tops waiting as I left. Looks like he got a good breeding that night.