Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Safe only" southern boy that barebacks

"Safe only" southern boy that likes to bareback:

hot. nice cock, dude.

srnboy: Thanks. Love your cock and treasure trail!

sdsk8rboi: fuck dude, your ass looks incredible. tongue that hole, then have the head of my cock pushing up against your hole.

srnboy: Don't just push against my hole, shove your hard dick inside... Make me cum while you fuck me.

sdsk8rboi: do u want it bare? where do u want me to cum?

srnboy: Bare, YES. Cum in me, and on me.

sdsk8rboi: i'll dump a load in you, more than one if you want. do u wanna stretch out my hole with your cock, then unload in me, use some of my cum as lube when u enter me?

srnboy: I would love to shove my hard cock inside of you with your cum as lube.

sdsk8rboi: push it in deep, no pulling out early, coat my insides with your cum when u explode inside me.

srnboy: After I cum inside you I want to pull out and have you clean up my dick with your mouth.

sdsk8rboi: i'll suck that cum off your cock, keep you hard so you can do me again.

Is taking a pair of loads "safe"?

Another "safe only" boy, this one from central Canada, that likes to play bare:

nice pics.

sdsk8rboi: thanks. yours too. are you more bottom or top?

ccboy: more of a bottom here.

sdsk8rboi: more top here.

ccboy: nice.

sdsk8rboi: cool. do u like it bare at all?

ccboy: yes, that's the best.

sdsk8rboi: that's the way i like it too. if feels so much better. do u take loads? like to give loads?

ccboy: yeah, it feels great. like to take and give loads.

sdsk8rboi: i love to give loads and sometimes take loads. have u taken more than one load at a time?

ccboy: yes, have done a couple of threesomes and taken both loads, what about u?

sdsk8rboi: i've never taken more than one load at a time, though it would be hot having my hole filled with cum, dripping out. would u wanna do a gang bang, take lots of loads?

ccboy: fuck ya that would be so hot all those naked bodies and hard cocks.

sdsk8rboi: i'd like to give u the first load, another load later, then take your load at the end.

ccboy: mmm would luv that save my load for the end.

sdsk8rboi: do u shoot more, harder, when getting fucked? if so, i want u to load me up when you're taking a load. have u ever taken any dirty seed?

ccboy: yes I shoot harder and farther when fucked. haven't taken any dirty seed.

sdsk8rboi: i can usually shoot without even touching myself. it would be hot to have one to have one of the tops, after unloading in you, push into me as i push into u to give u my second load. it'd be so hot fucking a cum filled hole with a cock in my ass.

ccboy: fuck yeah, a chain gang. ur cock sliding into me lubed with cum.

sdsk8rboi: i love getting fucked with a cock lubed with cum, even better if it's cum from a lot of guys.

ccboy: oh fuck ya, that is so hot.

sdsk8rboi: it would be hot to have u lay on top of me with your cock in my ass while u take load after load. loosen me up, then load me up at the end.

ccboy: yeah, fuck u hard while l am getting fucked.

sdsk8rboi: no mercy, breed me deep, coat my insides with lots of your seed.

ccboy: mmm, yeah fuck you raw, slapping ur ass ready to fill u up with my cum.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two loads a day

Safe sex "when appropriate" in a profile can mean "always barebacks".

sdsk8rboi: nice profile, see you like bb, my fav.

ohioboy: thanks, almost always play bb, it's the best

sdsk8rboi: i don't like condoms. it feels so much better without. and the load goes where i want it, hehe.

ohioboy: i and always want the load deep in my ass or down my throat

sdsk8rboi: i definitely prefer to unload deep in an ass or when bottoming taking it in mine. i don't want it going anywhere else.

ohioboy: awesome, it's the way life was intended too bad i'm not near SD

sdsk8rboi: yeah, too bad, it'd be hot to load you up. what's the most loads you've ever taken at one time?

ohioboy: took over 25 loads at the baths in New Orleans during Mardi Gras in 05. if i get to SD would be great to have you whore me out at a bar or the baths for everyone you want to unload in me

sdsk8rboi: damn, that's hot, wish i was there. i love fucking and unloading in a cum filled hole, fucking a hot hole where the cum's already dripping out.

ohioboy: that is my favorite way to get fucked, cuffed in a sling with any and all guys that want to filling me

sdsk8rboi: it'd be so hot seeing you that way, with your ass ready to get fucked and no way for you to stop it. i'd shoot big and deep.

ohioboy: that i would love

sdsk8rboi: ever shoot any videos while getting loaded?

ohioboy: once i did have a guy fuck me while a few friends watched on web cam

sdsk8rboi: that could be fun to watch, but i'd rather be there.

ohioboy: i rather have everyone watching get involved, love to get double penetrated again

sdsk8rboi: i'd rather be involved as well instead of just watching. i'd like to see the double penetration.

ohioboy: well if we ever get together you could be one of the guys in me

sdsk8rboi: maybe have you ride my cock, then have the other top be the second. do you like taking loads while getting double fucked or instead getting them one at a time?

ohioboy: as long as i get the load is all that matters, both cum at same time one cums pulls out and another slides in whatever, juat so i gut my ass full of cum, can even have a guy face fucking me while getting doubled

sdsk8rboi: good finding a way to take in all the cum in the room. have you ever been "in the middle", fucking while getting fucked?

ohioboy: yes, it's hot as hell

sdsk8rboi: do you shoot more when getting fucked? i usually shoot the most when getting fucked. have you gotten any dirty seed? if so, do you like it?

ohioboy: i cum less when i'm getting fucked-guess i'm more of a bottom, lol, taken a few dirty loads here, those guys know how to fuck deep and hard

sdsk8rboi: for me, i cum faster and more when getting fucked. taken any loads recently?

ohioboy: avg 2 a day at least

sdsk8rboi: got your pair of loads yet today?

ohioboy: took 3 today was working on a 4th but decided against him, he didn't want to talk much and was very iffy was very weird

sdsk8rboi: three is good. still holding them in?

"When appropriate" means mostly bareback

In most cases, what's being done or what one would like to do is less safe than what's specified in the profile. If the profile says safe sex only, they might bareback. If it says they never use condoms, they probably don't. If it's anything in between, they're probably barebacking more than implied by the profile. This profile was for safe sex "when appropriate".

hot pics! how are you?

nycboy: thanx, yours too. I'm from NYC. U have a nice body, I wish I would be closer to you, especially as u do barebacking.

sdsk8rboi: your pics are very sexy. i really like the one of you in the shower. do u like bb? are you more top or bottom?

nycboy: I'm more bottom than top. Yes I like the way of natural sex without latex. Its more fun, more pleasure and I like to feel the cum in my ass or mouth.

sdsk8rboi: me too. i don't like condoms. it feels so much better without. also, the cum goes where i like it. i'm more top than bottom. that ass of yours is very inviting.

nycboy: u are right, it feels much better without condoms. I wish I could feel your cock one day inside my hole! to taste your cum. U are sometimes in NYC?

sdsk8rboi: it'd feel so good to have my cock inside you. do you like taking loads? i've only been in nyc once and don't know when i might be there again.

nycboy: o yes, I like very much taking loads, I like that feeling of having cum in my ass or to swallow cum

sdsk8rboi: cum in the ass is a very nice feeling. have ever taken more than one load?

nycboy: yes, most like to fuck twice or three times, and a few times, I have done group actions, most I got were 5 loads one night

sdsk8rboi: i like those group scenes with a bottom taking multiple loads. i love fucking a cum filled hole, then unloading inside. have you ever been "in the middle", fucking while getting fucked?

nycboy: hehe, it feels good fucking a cumfilled hole.........I never have done it the way "in the middle". U take cum too?

sdsk8rboi: i'm more top, but do bottom sometimes. it would be good to have your cock in me, to have you unload inside me.

nycboy: cool, If you like it I can fill your hole too

sdsk8rboi: awesome, hehe, you can seed my hole as much as you want.

nycboy: I may should come to your place soon!

sdsk8rboi: very nice. which would be better, me sleeping with my cock in your ass, or you with your cock in my ass?

nycboy: I like both!!!

sdsk8rboi: So do I, but who first? Do you want to leave your cock in my cum filled hole, then when you get hard later fuck another load into me, or do you want me to do the same for you, wrap my arms under you holding you down while i thrust into u and unleash another torrent of cum in your ass, then maybe ride u and have u shoot your morning load deep in my hole maybe using some of my cum from your hole as lube.

nycboy: sure I like to stay with my cock in your cumfilled hole, thats a nice feeling, and if you like I give u a second one........

sdsk8rboi: why wouldn't i want a second load from u? u can load me up as much as u want however u want.

nycboy: hehe, I like it to fuck a cumfilled hole! U recently got filled?

sdsk8rboi: not recently. i top a lot more than i bottom. u?

nycboy: I got 2 last saturday night

sdsk8rboi: nice. from the same guy or two different guys? did u have both loads in u at the same time? did u give any loads?

nycboy: I got both loads from the same.While he was fucking, I masturbated

sdsk8rboi: it would have been hot to have u drill me while u were getting filled.

nycboy: hehe

sdsk8rboi: yeah, instead of masterbating, u could have shot your seed in my hole. ever take any dirty seed?

nycboy: what u mean with dirty seed?

sdsk8rboi: usually means poz. do u usually take or try to take neg loads, don't know, don't care?

nycboy: I know the risk of barebacking, but I decided once to do only bareback. I'm not searching poz cum, but I know it can happen one day. That's the risk of having sex the natural way

sdsk8rboi: that's totally cool. i'll take some risk because it feels so much better. u keep me so hard thinking about what it would be like to have your cum in me, hehe.

nycboy: cum is for me totally natural so I feel there is no reason to use condoms

sdsk8rboi: condoms aren't natural and certainly don't feel that way. a bare cock is natural and feels so good. yours'd probably put me in ecstasy.

nycboy: hehe by 100% I wish I could give you my cum very deep!

sdsk8rboi: no condoms at all, just your bare cock deep in my hole breeding me deep, maybe have another guy topping u so you'll shoot a bigger load into me.

nycboy: who knows........I wish I could seed you now!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Safe only" Texas top

A "safe only" top that only barebacks:

whats up man?

sdsk8rboi: not much, u?, hot pics and cock!

txtop: is that your hole with the cum all over it?

sdsk8rboi: that's my hole.

txtop: thats hot man. nothing better than some hot bareback fucking

sdsk8rboi: fucking without condoms feels so much better. where do u like to shoot while fucking raw?...

txtop: always shoot in the ass bro. all top here.

sdsk8rboi: i love cumshots in the ass. it's the best place to shoot.

txtop: hell yeah, you give or take any this weekend?

sdsk8rboi: none this weekend, have a regular bottom that usually comes over on Mondays. u?

txtop: 6 of us got together this weekend and had a bareback party

sdsk8rboi: damn that's hot. what mix of top/vers/bottom? which bottom took the most loads? how many?

txtop: one guy took 12 loads and some piss. the rest took and gave, i of course gave and gave and gave.

sdsk8rboi: 12 loads. nice. there's nothing i like more than fucking an ass where the cum's dripping out, then blowing my load inside. any dirty seed in those loads for the bottom?

txtop: maybe :) your seed dirty?

sdsk8rboi: i'm neg so far.

txtop: u take dirty loads?

sdsk8rboi: there are a couple of poz guys i've fucked that i might let me fuck me sometime. if someone fucks me there are to be no condoms and they must unload inside me. if i have any issues with dirty seed i'll be topping instead of bottoming. but mostly, dirty seed isn't a big issue with me.

txtop: nice, love fucking poz holes

sdsk8rboi: pull out of any poz holes and then fuck a neg hole?

txtop: yes sir, u?

sdsk8rboi: don't know, prolly not. i've been in situations with multiple tops for a bottom, but not multiple bottoms for the tops.

txtop: u sound like fun

sdsk8rboi: sometimes, i like to put myself in situations and with people that can be fun.

txtop: i love your bush. i would deft eat your ass after mult loads were shot in it.

sdsk8rboi: just your loads, or loads from others too?

txtop: any

sdsk8rboi: any of it dirty? are you going to push any that is deeper in my hole first? your tongue against my hole would feel good.

txtop: we should go to a dirty load party

sdsk8rboi: haha, that could be fun.

txtop: what else u into?

sdsk8rboi: maybe being in the middle, shooting a load in a bottom when the top starts to unload in me. i definitely shoot a bigger load when i have a cock in my ass. a scene where i fucked more than one bottom could be hot too.

txtop: damn hot stud

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Versatile, but not "safe only"

It's not just "safe only" tops that aren't. If you like it bare, why not just say so in your profile? Here's a recent exchange with a versatile "safe only" guy in Los Angeles:

latinvers: Wow!! you are fucking hot!! I'm in love with you all ready...Nice ass pics!

sdsk8rboi: Thanks! Nice profile and sexy pics. Nice cock pics! Glad you like the ass pics. What would you like to do with my ass?

latinvers: Aww thanks! I would love to rimm ur ass really good till I get it all nice and wet and have you relaxed and opened enuf for me to plow it nice and slow BB for a good while!! Then come inside ur ass and keep fucking you with my cum for another while! I'm seriously digging you!!!

sdsk8boi: Dude, that would be so hot having your bare cock in my ass, unloading while fucking me, then working it in deeper. Stretch me out and breed me deep, oh yeah! Are you poz or neg? Not that it matters as your load would feel so good either way. I'd just like to know. Do you like to to get fucked bb?

latinvers: I'm currently neg since Dec08 and yes i love to fuck and get fucked BB.

sdsk8rboi: Cool. I love to fuck bb. Too bad you don't have any ass pics posted. It must be quite yummy.

latinvers: haha... thanks. But most guys would prefer I top them. I think it's cause of my big ass cock, hehe. My ass is ok, hehe. You ever come to LA?

sdsk8rboi: Your cock almost scares me as I don't think I ever had anything that large in me, but I'm sure a load from you would feel good. Do you shoot big loads? I don't make it to LA very often.

latinvers: Yeah i shoot big loads! I'm in SD every now and then, hehe.

Raw fucking "safe only" top

So how many with "safe only" profiles would fuck bare? Here's an exchange with a "safe only" top:

bctop: Would love to feed you my piece of meat...

sdsk8rboi: Where would you like to put your meat, hehe?

bctop: The placed offered in your pics...

sdsk8rboi: Riding that raw, lubed cock of yours, nice. Where'd you like to unload?

bctop: Inside...

sdsk8rboi: You know where I want it. No pulling out until you've shot all your seed inside me.

bctop: No problem with that... every last drop....

sdsk8rboi: Have something so good to hold inside me for awhile, besides your cock of course.

bctop: I love bad n' dirty boys like yourself...

sdsk8rboi: Nice, you can load me up any time.

bctop: Like the sound of that.....hmmm, ever mind if I suck it back out of ya....

sdsk8rboi: If you put it in, I suppose I'll let you suck some of it out. But then I want u to put more in.

bctop: Deal.