Monday, July 20, 2009

Pair of loads for a slut bottom

I was busy doing other stuff in the afternoon while my roomie was trying to arrange a hookup for him. One fell through, but he got a text message from someone else about a 25yo slut bottom. He texted the slut bottom and the guy came over. He set it up anonymous, blindfolded, etc. Roomie tipped me off in advance and just said to be ready in case the guy wanted more than one load. He does that now after the time I inadvertently shot my load just before finding out he had a hot hole for me to fill. I'd much rather be shooting in a hot hole than on my stomach!

So my roomie fills him, then comes to get me because the guy does want another load. Though the room was darkened, I could tell the guy was hot. My roomie knows the twink body type that I love. My roomie showed me the guy's pic later. I've seen the profile, but can't quite place it. Anyway, I lubed up and pushed right in with the guy on his stomach. I could tell from his reaction, from what he was saying and doing, that he really wanted that cock and load, so I fucked him harder and deeper. Since I hadn't shot since Monday, in about four days, it didn't take long 'til I was ready to cum. As I got close, he raised up on all fours, doggy style, pushing his ass back into my cock as I thrust into him. With that, I let loose, giving him that four day load in multiple bursts, then kept fucking him to work it in. Perfect start for a long weekend.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally some video

The roomie was finally out of town for a week leaving the place all to me. Unfortunately, it was in a stretch where I only had one night off. Still, I did have one night off so I had over the local hottie that I've been seeing about once a week for the last few weeks who's given me three loads so far. We'd talked about finally doing some pics and vids. He couldn't host, so this was the perfect opportunity.

We start with him massaging my back some. But he's the one who'd worked all day, so I then massage his back working my way down to his ass. I love his ass. I massage his back, then his ass, then work my tongue from the top of his ass down to his hole. I then begin to work it inside. He's totally relaxed. I continue to work my tongue inside his hole, then work in lone finger, alternating between the tongue and finger. He's so relaxed as I keep doing that for a few minutes. I then ask if he'd like me to do more. That's as far as he wanted me to go then. He said he was stlll gassy from lunch and didn't want to go farther then, but would like to do more some other time.

We then take a break where I take lots of pics of him. I lap up lots of precum during the shoot. Well, actually he mostly doesn't need my mouth to keep him hard, it's more an excuse for me to taste some more of his precum. We finish the pics and move onto the vid. My ass is a little sore before we start, but I want a video of him fucking me and this was the first time we'd had a place available. I lube my hole and his cock and lower myself onto him part way. It definitely hurts, but I try to work it in a little more, then switch positions onto my stomach. With all the lighting, he notices a little blood and doesn't want to go back in then. I usually relax more on my stomach, but he'd still rather not enter me again then. But he was fine with unloading on my hole which he does in the video. When he came, it was a lot! And he hit right around and just above my hole. I was hoping he'd push it in with his cock, but I think he was more focused on shooting the video. Now I've finally seen how much he can cum. The other three times were totally in my hole. Now I know why I was expelling cum for nearly a full day each time. Still, I didn't want all that cum to go to waste this time, so I started working that cum into my hole with my fingers.

Next, he wanted me to unload on his stomach. He did try to shoot a video of that too. Unfortunately it didn't store, so all we have were some pics at the end with all of my cum on his stomach. Some day it would be so hot if that were going into his ass.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday morning breeding

I took off the last hour of work Sunday night, exhausted after not getting enough sleep Sunday. I get home, logon to dn to check messages, and get a quick message from a guy I'd exchanged messages with a couple of weeks ago. He'd wanted me to start breeding him on a regular basis. I've been busy and nothing had worked out so far. Anyway, he wants a load now and can be over in few minutes. I'm exhausted and usually can't host. However, I haven't shot a load in about a week and my roomie's away so I tell him to come right over.

He's over in less than 15 minutes. Nice body, slightly taller than me, tat on one of his arms, a little extra weight on his stomach but nothing too excessive. He quickly takes off his shirt and lowers his pants. He's wearing a cock ring. I start sucking him. He gets larger, but never seems to be able to get completely hard.

It's not long before he wants to be fucked. He strips down and lays on his back with his legs up as I lube his hole, then my cock, then enter him. Nice smooth hole. I ask him if he wants me to cum quickly or to pound him. He wants me to pound him, to work his hole. Having not cum in a week, it was all I could do to not cum in him almost immediately. He's quite flexible. He easily keeps his legs back as I continue to pound his hole. After several minutes I ask if he's ready for my load, then start to unload. It comes in multiple bursts. As I finish unloading he increases the grip of his ass around my cock trying to squeeze out as much as possible. I continue fucking him, then eventually pull out.

He then starts jacking himself, wanting to cum. He has me reenter him. Though I've just cum, I'm still hard enough but not ready to cum again. I stay inside him for several minutes, thrusting at times. He's just never able to get completely hard never isn't able to cum. He then gets dressed, shirt, jock, sweat pants, and flip flops. Hope it was a good start to his day. It was a nice end to mine.

Load number three

I just had to meet again the total hottie that had already bred my hole twice. My ass was craving his cock and cum and I just like spending time with him too. I'd arranged to meet him on Friday night, thinking I had I that night off from work. Turns out I discovered Wednesday night that I had Wednesday and Thursday nights off, but not Friday night. Ugh! We were able to reschedule for Thursday night, but a little later than usual.

Thankfully it was a little warmer this time. We're both quickly naked, and hard, and he's leaking lots of precum. I love that and love lapping it up! He massages my back, then lays on top of me with the head of his bare cock poking against my hole. I feel some of his precum too.

We switch positions. I lube up my hole and his cock. He's on his back as I lower myself onto his cock to loosen up my hole some. I then flip over on my stomach, take a hit of poppers, then have him enter me again. He tries from a couple of different angles, more on top and more behind. I say "shallower angle", i.e. more from behind than on top. He knows what I mean and adjusts. That hurts less and feels sooo much better. He's also hitting just the right spot, so much so I almost cum while he's thrusting his bare cock into my hole. It doesn't take long before he's unleashing another load in my hole, the third from him. He said that was the best it had felt for him and it definitely was for me. He can load my hole any time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poz bottom boy

How much might a poz bottom disclose about their status and what might they be willing to do? Here's some messaging with one:

ohvboy: I would love to take a load from you man, but I am a poz bottom. Do you seed poz boys?

sdsk8rboi: I seed poz boys all the time. I'd love to give you a load.

ohvboy: Fucking hot, are you aggressive? I like an aggressive top who is verbal;)

sdsk8rboi: i can be aggressive, and verbal. so you want my cock, and seed?

ohvboy: Fuck yes, it would be my pleasure to accept your seed!

sdsk8rboi: do u have a favorite position when getting fucked? where do u like to shoot?

ohvboy: Whatever position you put me, but I love doggy;) that way you can get real deep, and I can feel your nuts slap my ass, and you can grab my hips and pull my back on your cock to get maximum depth!

sdsk8rboi: doggy or with you on your stomach is good. wrap my arms under yours, then push in deeper with my cock and then my load as i unleash a torrent of warm cum in your ass. u ever do gang bangs where u take multiple loads from multiple guys?

ohvboy: Haven't yet, but would love to. As long as you start and end the gang bang ;) fuck I want you and your load in me bad!!

sdsk8rboi: a gang bang with you would be hot. give you the first load, then fuck you at the end with your ass filled with cum. do u ever top? would u want to seed my ass? i rarely bottom, but it would feel so good to have one of your hot loads inside me.

ohvboy: I rarely top, but have been in the mood lately. I would love to share one of my hot loads with you.

sdsk8rboi: our own little cumfest, nice. hope u shoot a big load into me.

ohvboy: It would be hard to get you pregnant! You are hot as fuck, I'm sure you'd work a huge load out of my nuts!

sdsk8rboi: i'm so hard thinking about you filling me with your special seed. so u wanna give me your babies?

ohvboy: I want to slide my cock in you so deep you'll feel it in tour stomach and when I release my hot load, I want you to feel every last warm drop as my cock explodes in your tight hole.

sdsk8rboi: coat my insides with your seed. i wanna feel the warmth when u unload.

Then again a couple of days later:

sdsk8rboi: hey there. how are u? still wanna load of my seed? still wanna coat my insides with a big load of your poz cum and work it in deep?

ohvboy: Fuck yeah! I would paint your insides with my thick load!! I would want you to spit on my hole and use some precum and fuck me deep.

sdsk8rboi: first i'll tease u by pushing the head of my cock against your hole. then i'll take my finger and pull some of your cum out of my ass and rub it around the entrance to your hole. i'll then push in and start thrusting into that tight hole of yours. no pulling out before i unload. u gotta take it all. when you're ready, i'll unload and coat your insides. then it's your turn to give me another load.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Second load from the total hottie

After taking the first load in awhile, even with some pain, that couldn't be the last. The guy's totally hot we had to meet again. So five nights later, I have my lone night off from work in about an 11 day stretch, so we arrange to meet again. As we meet, he's finishing a run.

It's another cool evening, really typical for here most of the time. I have him work his cold hands along my legs to warm them up a bit. Meanwhile, I've got my hands on his thin, smooth stomach down into his pubes. He's already rock hard and as I feel the tip of his cock, also leaking pre-cum. I then start sucking him as I want a taste of that pre-cum. He seems kind of embarrassed about the pre-cum, but I love it. Salty taste to his cock this time in addition to the taste of the pre-cum.

Now it's my turn as he wraps his mouth around my cock and sucks me for a few minutes. It feels so good, but I'm thinking more about what he could do to my ass. I'm still a little sore from the last time he fucked me, but with the next chance for him to fuck me more than a week away, I don't want to wait that long for another load from him.

I lube up my hole, lots of lube, and lower myself onto his cock. The pre-cum provides a little more lube, hehe. It hurts some at first, but nothing intolerable. He likes that position where he's on his back and I'm riding his cock while facing him. However, it's not quite enough movement for him to be able to cum easily so we switch positions with me now on my stomach. I take a hit of poppers and he re-enters me. As with the last time, he gets in a decent rhythm pushing into me about half way them sometimes farther. It's taking him a little longer for him to cum and I'm still a little sore so I decide to be a little more verbal to see if that will get him to cum quicker. "I love your cock...give me your load...I need you cum in my butt...shoot it dude...I need that load...shoot that load in my hole."

It's still taking him awhile to cum and it's starting to hurt more, so I have him pull out for a moment. Then he says, "I was close to cumming." Damn. Though I'm in some pain, I have him push back in. No way I'm not getting his load when he's that close. He resumes fucking me and it's not too much longer til he unleashes his load. It cums in mulitple bursts. He keeps thrusting into me deeper as he cums. I'm sore when he pulls out, but it's so awesome getting his load again.

He's yet to see me cum. I ask if I can play with his ass a little first. He lays on his stomach while I work my hands around his ass and hole. He thinks his ass is too small, but I really like his ass and the area around his hole, smooth except for a little stubble. That's the kind of ass I cum in the most. But he's mainly a top and not ready to bottom yet. Still, he's got the most awesome ass.

While he's still on his stomach, I position myself behind him and start jacking. It doesn't take long. Once I'm ready to unload, I direct the entire load onto his hole. He doesn't flinch at all. I caress his ass, then work my fingers down to the cum around his hole and gently rub the cum around and across his hole, but don't push it in. I just want to see his reaction. Again, no flinching at all.

Since it took him a little longer to cum this time I asked him how long it'd been since he'd cum - two days previous. Still it was a very decent load as I was expelling bits of cum almost 24 hours later. He's fine with me playing with his ass a little more bit by bit. I've told him he doesn't this can go very slow and he doesn't have to do anything until or unless he's ready. He's fine with that. Until then, my ass is so ready to get filled by him over and over.