Friday, January 30, 2009

Breeding a Maryland guy

The dozen or so nights in a row I worked with only one night off wasn't total sexual Purgatory. Last Saturday evening while killing time before work, I ended up with 5 or 6 prospects, mostly from bbrt and a4a. One was from a guy, originally from Maryland, I once went on a lone lunch date with years ago. No sex then. That date seemed to go fine, but never went any farther. I lost track of him, but he found me on a4a and we've exchanged some messages on and off on a4a the past several months but nothing more. From an exchange in November:

mdguy: great new pics man.

sdsk8rboi: thanks. i think that's the first cock shot i've seen of you. nice.

mdguy: thanks man. nice hole you've got there too. love your hairy balls

sdsk8rboi: thanks. just putting on a show of sorts i guess. glad you like. not too much hair in the right places can be good too.

mdguy: well it looks really hot :) i'm gonna have to get you inside of me sometime soon. i know we've spoke about you breeding me before ;)~

His profile says versatile and does not list his status. He hit me up on the Saturday evening with the others, but I had to put him off 'til later. He hit me up again on Thursday afternoon:

mdguy: hey stud! how's your day?

sdsk8rboi: i'm adjusting to not being on nights. i'm about half awake, but otherwise everything's fine. how are you?

mdguy: sounds like you need to lay back, relax and get a nice long suck and stroke :)

sdsk8rboi: haha, who knows where my cock might end up.

mdguy: hopefully breeding me ;)~

sdsk8rboi: that would be sweet.

We arrange to meet. It's unbelievably convenient. He's in the apartment building across the street from mine. It takes all of 5 minutes to get there. He was cute the time we dated. He still is, just a little heavier but not fat. We both strip down and he's already hard and so am I. Nice cock, his. It's one I could probably ride some day, though maybe with some pain. We suck each other. I then lie back on his bed. He's sitting right behind my ass and legs. He gets some lube, then starts stroking me. He's really good and it's really intense. I'm arching my back and trying to keep from blowing my load. I've been edging for three or four days now, but no way I want to blow my load yet and certainly not there. While arching my back, I do give him more access to my ass if he wants it, if he wants to finger me or wants to push the head of his cock toward my hole. I'm not really looking to bottom then, just trying to keep from exploding too soon. Mostly he's just stroking me and working the the lube around my balls and just below my balls but not all the way to my hole. He asks if we both want to cum right there, stroking and shooting on each other. I ask him if he wants to ride me. He says, "oh yeah, I want your seed up my hole." I ask him what position he'd prefer. He doesn't have a preference and asks mine. I say I prefer from behind, but riding is good too. I'm so close it won't matter. He applies some more lube to my cock, then lowers himself slowly onto my cock while facing me. He winces a little at first, then lowers himself all the way down around my cock. He's tight, but not too tight. It feels really good with the right amount of friction, though mostly smooth, as he rides me slowly. It only takes a few minutes for me to unleash a four-day torrent of cum in his ass. As I'm filling him, he unleashes covering my stomach in cum. We message each other later. I think we'll be meeting again.

Messaging the Pacific Northwest

I finished with midwest boy, then notice a guy from a Pacific Northwest city has checked out my bbrt profile. I unlock my private pics and send him a message. From his profile he says he's versatile, neg, and gives and takes loads. Here's the exchange that followed:

sdsk8rboi: Nice profile and hot pics. Gotta love a cum-covered or cum-filled ass. Nice cock too.

pacnwguy: thanks., good pix on u as well.

sdsk8rboi: nice private pics. when fucking that guy, did u bust inside?
how about when u were getting fucked, did he unload inside u?

pacnwguy: don't u know? jizz always belongs in buttholes. so yah, i unload in buttholes and i get others jizz in my buttholes. anywhere else would be a

sdsk8rboi: never want to waste a good load. it's always better going in a hole. ever take multiple loads?

pacnwguy: of course i take multiple loads. that's always the best. like the party i went to on sunday night. i must've taken at least 8 loads that night. that was fun.

sdsk8rboi: hot! all neg, poz and neg, don't know? cum dripping out of your ass?

pacnwguy: it's pointless to ask. so some of them coulda been poz, some neg...i'm sure .

sdsk8rboi: that's hot taking eight loads. give any loads that night or just take loads? is that the most you've ever taken at once?

pacnwguy: nah, i've taken more. i didnt' seed anyone that night...the butts just weren't all that right for me to seed em. oh well.

sdsk8rboi: do u like to keep all that cum in u for awhile or all night? do u like being "in the middle", getting fucked while fucking another guy?

pacnwguy: i don't do well at getting fucked while fucking...i haven't mastered that yet. i'm not a pro top or anything either...but yah, i keep the jizz in my butthole as long as i can.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Virtual breeding of a hot midwestern boy

I'd gotten home from work and was going to kill some time on DN before going to bed. I'd gotten this message the day before from this super hot boy in a large midwestern city: "dude i would love to spend a night pumping hot loads up each other's asses. total cumslut here, too, love to deepthroat n swallow." Hot profile and pics. Thin, defined body, shaved ass, trimmed pubes, big cock. He sends me another message wanting to im. Here's the exchange that follows:

mwboy: hey

sdsk8rboi: how are u?

mwboy: good. morning wood hehe. in the mood to throat a load too. what you up to

sdsk8rboi: throat a load? anything else?

mwboy: u know it. sorry i have a filthy mouth, hehe.

sdsk8rboi: it's not "filty", just kinda full at times?

mwboy: ya i am a big cumslut. do u squirt hard? i shoot in my hair a lot.

sdsk8rboi: i can shoot big, especially when my cock is buried in a tight ass.

mwboy: i love my hold owned by a hard top. are you aggressive?

sdsk8rboi: i can be, but you gotta want it.

mwboy: hehe, that's not a problem. i get pretty slutty when i bottom

sdsk8rboi: perfect. u like multiple loads?

mwboy: yes...for sure. i usually want more cum than a top can deliver.

sdsk8rboi: from multiple guys?

mwboy: i have done a few group scenes ya. u? we have bath house here, called steamworks. i played there before.

sdsk8rboi: i've done some group scenes, but not on the receiving end. fucking a well-lubed hole with cum dripping out is so hot.

mwboy: i like my mouth used too, lubed with cum.

sdsk8rboi: nice. do u top or bottom there or both?

mwboy: both. i love both but i always am in the mood to bottom. i tend to get noisy and talk trash when i fuck, hehe. beggin for cock n stuff.

sdsk8rboi: ever at the same time, as "in the middle"? getting cum in your mouth and ass at the same time - nice.

mwboy: ya also in the middle fucking is my favorite spot. fucking while taking a cock up my ass. i love my hole used. licked, fucked. put me in a sling and go to town, i am in heaven, load after load.

sdsk8rboi: do u shoot bigger when getting fucked?

mwboy: way more. i cum WAY harder when getting nailed. on my back, mmm.

sdsk8rboi: i'd love to see u in a sling, do my part, give u a big load.

mwboy: push my legs back n open up my hole. i love my hole exposed and i love being fucked with an audience, hehe.

sdsk8rboi: what's the most loads you've ever taken in a sling?

mwboy: one time me and my friend got super stoned and went to steamworks and he fucked me in the open room in a sling for a while then other guys started to put their dicks in my mouth, then some fucked me...i lost track.

sdsk8rboi: did u fuck anyone that time or just keep taking load after load? u must have been very popular with the tops.

mwboy: i just took loads that day. i had cum all over me too.

sdsk8rboi: i can imagine as far as the cum. and your friend that time?

mwboy: he topped me, fucked my mouth, hehe. he's on DN too.

sdsk8rboi: i see he didn't want to miss out. who would?

mwboy: i get crazed sometimes, hehe.

sdsk8rboi: that's a bad thing? it seems like good things happen when u get crazed.

mwboy: no, it's awesome. i get really horned n slutty, hehe.

sdsk8rboi: and then u get filled at both ends. hehe.

mwboy: i love to swallow, huge.

sdsk8rboi: ever get fucked with two cocks at the same time?

mwboy: not in my ass no

sdsk8rboi: in your mouth?

mwboy: one in my mouth and one in my ass. i love that mode.

sdsk8rboi: and someone riding u too, or is that too much?

mwboy: not 2 cocks in my ass, my hole is tight. i like to grip ur shaft as u fuck me. i just stripped down here. lookin at ur pix, hehe. cock drippin precum. i make tons of precum, lol.

sdsk8rboi: lots of precum would be good lube for me to slide my hole down around your cock while stroking my cock.

mwboy: hell yeah

sdsk8rboi: having u inside me would feel so good. let u start slow. stretch me out a bit.

mwboy: 8" cut. very rigid boner. but also very wet n slick.

sdsk8rboi: it looks that big, at least, and rock hard, and shoots big loads?

mwboy: i usually get it on my face, in my hair when i jack off. sometimes over my head, hehe. are you into phone?

sdsk8rboi: damn, u could shoot a load deep in my ass. maybe on the phone, i haven't done that much.

mwboy: oh fuck i am edging, hehe. i love to edge. it makes me cum harder. u want my dick up ur ass don't u? ur a bit of a bottom slut too huh.

sdsk8rboi: would my cock in your ass push you over the edge?

mwboy: i'd love to please ur hole, hehe. i eased off but yeah it would make me blow.

sdsk8rboi: i'm not a huge bottom slut, but getting a load up my ass is hot.

mwboy: i love beggin for load after load

sdsk8rboi: i'd love to take your load in my hole while getting fucked, then turn around in bury my cock in your cum-filled ass.

mwboy: nice. my hole is yours to own and dominate. wanna have phone sex?

sdsk8rboi: maybe, what's your number?

mwboy: well i only call out, i live at home.

sdsk8rboi: xxx-xxx-xxxx here.

mwboy: wanna do it now.

sdsk8rboi: if u want. is your hole hairy or smooth now?

mwboy: smooth, why? i shave it now.

mwboy calls me and I bury my tongue in his hole. He's on his back and I push his legs back as I continue to rim him. He's begging for my cock so I slide in only using the spit from my rimming and precum from his cock as lube. It's not long before he's ready for my load so I blast away, shooting deep inside him. At the same time he explodes, shooting cum onto his face.

sdsk8rboi: damn that was hot. did u shoot over your head? how long are u gonig to keep that load in u?

mwboy: forever. i squirted on my face on purpose.

sdsk8rboi: taste some of your own cum. keep mine as long as u want.

mwboy: cool. i have to go to class. catch u later.

430 boy returns

430 boy was going to come over a couple of weeks ago. He was going to get a first load at home, then come over to my place to get two more, one from my roommate and then one from me. Turns out the guy fucking him was his roommate's ex. None of them had a clue until his roommate came home. His roommate gets pissed and threatens to throw 430 boy out, make him find a new place to live. Two weeks later, he and his roommate are fine and now the guy that fucked him won't speak to him. Whatever. Probably needless to say, he didn't make it over that day.

Fast forward to now, 430 boy's just spent the last week in a southern state on the eastern seaboard. He did get three loads, but that's not enough. My roommate wakes me up early and says 430 boy will be over in a half hour. I work lots of nights, so sometimes waking up before 6 (PM) is waking up early. Anyway, while I wanted more sleep, I wanted 430 boy's ass even more. At that point I'd worked something like 10 of 11 nights in a row and definitely needed a place to blow a load. 430 boy makes it over a little after 430. My roommate deposits a load up 430 boy's ass, then comes and gets me. I put a little lube on my rock hard cock, but not too much. I wanted a little friction. 430 boy likes the feel of that second cock in his ass and especially of getting a second load. He's doing poppers as I fuck him, more slowly at first, then faster. I finally can't hold it any longer, so I unload, moaning while I do. 430 boy reaches around to pull me in tighter and hold me in longer. Such a good bottom boy, soaking up every drop in that fine ass of his.

Monday, January 12, 2009

HOT Twink Lookin for Hot Tops!

That's the headline I see in CL as I'm killing time early on a Saturday evening before I have to head off to work later. From the rest of the ad:

Hey guys, I'm 5-10, 132lbs, and I'm 22. I have a tight toned smooth build, I'm white, and i'm lookin for aggressive tops to come over and pound me raw. I'm drug and disease free, and totally serious. I'm at my buddy's pad in .. You should come over, walk in, take care of biz, then take off. If there's someone here when you get here, wait your turn, then TAKE your turn! Nothin hotter than a dude with a good bod poundin butt! I look like my pics. You should too! If you don't have a clear face and body pic, then don't expect anything to happen. Lookin for NOW in ..

It sounds like the earlier scenes with skater boy and surfer boy. I send stats and pics and ask, "are you takin it bare?". "Yup" is the answer and I'm given the address. Same as before. I head over. Two guys are leaving as I arrive. A fairly beef white guy is fucking "HOT Twink", first from behind, then on his back. I strip down and wait out in the dining room. I'm rock hard. The beefy guy takes forever to cum, something like 15 minutes, then leaves. "HOT Twink" is now lying on his stomach on the bed when I enter the room. Nice. Slim and smooth. I finger him, then slide in without lube. It feels good. He's a little tight and there's some friction. He feels a lot like anonymous skater boy and as a discover later has the same e-mail. I fuck him for a few minutes, then unload, giving him at least his fourth load so far. As I dress and leave, his buddy's in the dining room working the laptop. I wonder how many loads he got by the end of the night.

Just in time

It's the week after New Year's and I'm running errands in the afternoon. I get a text message from my roommate that 430 boy will be over in about 15 minutes. Great. I'm expecting that I won't be home for about 20 minutes and I really need to be home before 430 boy arrives as he likes it anonymous. Everything breaks just right and I make it home in ten, 5 minutes ahead of 430 boy.
My roommate cums quickly, then comes and gets me. 430 boy is on his stomach, blindfolded in the darkened room. I slide in, thrust for a few minutes, then deposit my seed in his willing ass. As I'm cumming, he moans and reaches around to pull me closer. Such a good bottom.

Fourth load

It's a couple of days before New Year's and I've just gotten home from a late afternoon workout at the gym. My roommate gets a text and 430 boy will be over in about 10 minutes. I do the usual and go to the other bedroom and wait. My roommate lets 430 boy in, leads him to the darkened room, fucks him, shooting inside, then comes and gets me. I always enjoy the feel of his ass, smooth and fairly tight but not too tight. I apply some lube, then ease in. I'm not sure why, but it feels especially good fucking him today. As I'm cumming in him, he moans and reaches around and pulls me closer. He also moans in approval when my roommate asks him if he was happy to get his fourth load. Now I know why he was a little later than the customary 430, busy trying to get all filled up. Such a good bottom.