Saturday, October 24, 2009

I wanna be pozzed

The following exchange occurred with a versatile "safe only" guy from NYC that I'd messaged previously:

hi, whats up?, any loads lately?

sdsk8rboi: i gave one on thursday. u?

nycpboy: nice, gave and took one last week.

sdsk8rboi: nice. it's been a few weeks since i've taken a load.

i love getting loads, love when i hook up with a guy and he just goes for it raw without asking.

sdsk8rboi: oh yeah. i hate condoms. all i want is a raw cock with maybe some lube or cum as lube, hehe.

nycpboy: def, i love being bred.

sdsk8rboi: me too. i love cum-filled asses.

nycpboy: such a hot risk too.

sdsk8rboi: yeah, there's a risk, but i love the feel of cum as it fills my hole.

nycpboy: of course, i like cum and i like the risk, both are hot, u keep ur pubes natural?

sdsk8rboi: mostly. it's been a long time since the last time i trimmed them.

nycpboy: hot, u aggressive?

sdsk8rboi: not hugely, but i can be.

nycpboy: would be hot for u to grab my ass in public and tell me how u are gonna breed me, then pull me somewhere and do it.

sdsk8rboi: force you down, enter your hole, and no pulling out til i'd unloaded, then keep fucking u to work it in.

nycpboy: yes, u got other bb top friends?

a mix of top/vers/bttm

good, i wanna be really bred, u got any stds?

no stds.

nycpboy: ok, ur friends all std free too?

sdsk8rboi: the one top is. the others i'm not sure.

nycpboy: hot, u still fuck the others raw tho?

sdsk8rboi: always, including some that are poz.


sdsk8rboi: have u taken any poz seed or would u?

nycpboy: not that i know of, and i don't know, i might.

sdsk8rboi: same with me.

nycpboy: cool, so u think u might be chasing?

sdsk8rboi: i wouldn't say i'm chasing, at least in terms of what i'm doing. would i be willing to take poz loads, maybe, i don't know. would i try to take as many poz loads as possible to try to convert? i'm not sure i'm ready to go there, at least not now. u?

nycpboy: i guess the same, but u think one day u might want to try to convert?

sdsk8rboi: i don't know that i would try to convert. but i also know it could happen. u?

nycpboy: i don't know, i think i might try in the future.

sdsk8rboi: would u rather have a scene where u take multiple loads, but don't know the status or take multiple loads and know all or most are poz?

nycpboy: as long as it's all hot guys would be hot if most were poz.

sdsk8rboi: yeah, i definitely want hot guys. when taking loads, do u always want to know the status, does it not matter, or do u want to know but it mostly doesn't affect what you'll do?

nycpboy: i want to know. u?

sdsk8rboi: i usually try to determine the status as best i can, but that doesn't necessarily affect what i'll do. it usually has no impact when i'm topping.

nycpboy: nice.

sdsk8rboi: if u were going to take multiple loads from a bunch of hot guys, would u find it hotter if u didn't know whether they were poz or not or if u did know some or all were poz?

nycpboy: better right now if i knew they were all neg. i think in the future i would find it hotter if they were poz.

sdsk8rboi: any reason(s) why neg now and poz later?

nycpboy: hmmm, i guess i am not totally ready to be poz now. u?

sdsk8rboi: there's no right or wrong answer. i just wondered. as for me, i suppose it's because it's something u can't reverse. once you're poz, you're poz. there's no going back to being neg. it's not something i fear, but i'm not going to ignore reality either. so i guess for me, it's a matter of just how much risk i'm willing to take.

nycpboy: true.

sdsk8rboi: there are some things i've done and will continue to do and others i might do. other things i might continue to think about doing and actually might do some day. little is ruled out, but that doesn't mean i'll do it tomorrow either.

nycpboy: yeah, i am the same way. i still want ur load tho.

sdsk8rboi: why of course. your hole should never be empty. i still think it'd be a hot scene for u to be the bottom at a gang bang, then have u top me at the end.

nycpboy: would be awesome. how many guys?

sdsk8rboi: i dunno. enough so you'd take several loads. hopefully 5 or more different guys so you'd get a good mix of cum. i'd be so turned on watching u take load after load, then having u take a mix of that cum to use as lube to fuck your load into me.

nycpboy: hot.

sdsk8rboi: would u wanna do it in a sling?

nycpboy: yes. get me drunk too so i won't care what load is going in me.

sdsk8rboi: just drunk, or passed out? i've thought it would be hot to pass out, then wake up with my ass sore and leaking lots of cum and not know where it all came from.

nycpboy: haha, just drunk for now.

sdsk8rboi: but you're thinking about it now, at least a little, aren't you?

nycpboy: yes. u into piss?

sdsk8rboi: not into piss. lots of cum, but not piss.

nycpboy: ok. i love piss too.

sdsk8rboi: that's fine. we all have different fantasies.

nycpboy: yep. have u taken a poz load b4?

sdsk8rboi: not as far as i know. i haven't taken a lot of loads and all of those recently have been neg.

nycpboy: ok.

sdsk8rboi: some of the poz guys that have bottomed for me would probably top me if i asked.

nycpboy: nice. are they young and cute?

sdsk8rboi: i think they're both 30's, nice bodies.

nycpboy: damn. i dont know what i would do if i was horny around them.

sdsk8rboi: what would u want to do?

nycpboy: i want to at least suck them.

not what would u probably do, but what would u like to do?

nycpboy: i'd like to bend over and let them have their way.

sdsk8rboi: both at the same time, one after the other, then again?

nycpboy: only one at a time, huh, i am tight.

sdsk8rboi: i meant one, then the other. not both at the same time. i couldn't begin to do that either.

nycpboy: i want both yes. actually if u had 5 hot poz friends i'd love to be able to bring myself to just take it all.

sdsk8rboi: that i'd like to see. let them take turns on you.

nycpboy: fuck, it's such a hot fantasy in my head.

sdsk8rboi: isn't it, hehe?

nycpboy: fuck yes, it is. it gets me hard all the time. i wanna be pozzed.

sdsk8rboi: if u were poz, would u then take any loads?

nycpboy: yes. well as long as the guy was hot.

sdsk8rboi: well yeah, of course. but otherwise you'd take any load, become a total cumslut?

nycpboy: yes. i know i would.

sdsk8rboi: would u do the same things now if u though they were all neg?

nycpboy: prob not. i would really need to know.

sdsk8rboi: what if they were all 18, would u do it then?

nycpboy: lol, i like around my age better.

sdsk8rboi: what if you were in a room with a bunch of guys around your age that were the hottest you'd ever seen, would you let them take turns filling your ass?

nycpboy: lol, if i was horny enough and drunk enough maybe.

sdsk8rboi: haha. would u want video or pics?

nycpboy: yes, u have any vids of u?

sdsk8rboi: on dn and xtube, the same on both.

nycpboy: ah, too bad u don't have any of u fucking.

sdsk8rboi: i know. what i have for making vids now really doesn't work for that. i think one of the poz guys has a way to do video, so that might eventually happen some time.

nycpboy: and u fuck him regularly?

sdsk8rboi: i wouldn't say regularly as our schedules don't often mesh. but i have fucked him a few times and he would fuck me if i'd let him.

nycpboy: u should let him.

sdsk8rboi: so you'd like to see video or pics of me taking a poz load?

nycpboy: yes.

sdsk8rboi: if you were there too, would you want to take a load from him too, or take a load from me after i'd taken a load from him?

nycpboy: yes. i'd convert with u.

sdsk8rboi: there's no way of knowing if we'd convert. both of us, one of us, or neither of us might.

nycpboy: i know, would u do that?

sdsk8rboi: probably. who'd go first?

That's were it ended. If he converted and I didn't, I wonder if he'd keep breeding me 'til I did.

I'd love at least 15

The following exchange occurred while messaging a 19-yo twinky bottom from a large city in the West Midlands of the UK:

sdsk8rboi: hey there.

MidlandsBtm: hi, hows u?

sdsk8rboi: good here. u?

MidlandsBtm: kewl ty, what u up to?

sdsk8rboi: was just watching a movie. also working on some pics i took at the beach a few weeks ago.

MidlandsBtm: of what?

sdsk8rboi: the pics were of me and a friend. i took some of him and he took some of me. i'm working on those of me now.

MidlandsBtm: naked?, wish i was there.

sdsk8rboi: not fully naked in these pics, but we've done those before. if u were here, what would u want to be doing?

MidlandsBtm: anything u could think of, gang rape my hole.

sdsk8rboi: anything? i dunno. from your pics you have the most inviting hole, haha. just me gang rape your hole, or have a gang bang for you and have a bunch of guys work your hole?

MidlandsBtm: as many as u can get.

sdsk8rboi: what's the most loads you've taken at one time?

MidlandsBtm: 8

sdsk8rboi: so u want more than 8?

MidlandsBtm: yes, i'd love at least 15.

sdsk8rboi: nice. do u wanna be in a sling, or blindfolded?

MidlandsBtm: both, wherever.

sdsk8rboi: so u just wanna take one anonymous load after another until you're filled to overflowing?

MidlandsBtm: or u get bored of getting me fucked.

sdsk8rboi: that could be a long time, haha. do u want only neg tops, or does it matter?

MidlandsBtm: doesn't matter, must b hung n bb though.

sdsk8rboi: of course, nothing but bb. they've got to breed u deep. no one's pulling out early.

MidlandsBtm: mmmmmmm, when?

sdsk8rboi: when do u want it?

MidlandsBtm: now, asap.

sdsk8rboi: got any loads in you yet?

MidlandsBtm: no, it's hhmm here.

sdsk8rboi: i know. 8 hours difference. when's the last time u got a load?

MidlandsBtm: over a month, i need to cum c u soon.

sdsk8rboi: damn. u need cum, lots of it, and soon.

MidlandsBtm: i know.

sdsk8rboi: maybe tongue your hole, then push in bare and give you your first load of the night.

MidlandsBtm: then leave me tied up, rape me dry.

sdsk8rboi: no lube. i'll just push in and not pull out til i've dumped the first load. then leave u tied up and let the other tops start breeding u.

MidlandsBtm: will u gag me too?

sdsk8rboi: u will be gagged, and u will keep taking loads as long as the tops wanna keep filling u.

MidlandsBtm: mmmmmm, even if i am cryin n beggin u to stop?

sdsk8rboi: it doesn't matter how much you resist, you've gotta keep taking loads.

MidlandsBtm: ok, i got to get there then.

sdsk8rboi: if that's what u want, you'd be very satisfied. you've never found anything like that there?

MidlandsBtm: no, never. it's my fantasy to b tied into a sling or bent over n just raped non stop, 1 out 1 in, 24 7.

sdsk8rboi: wow. that'd be awesome. what's the closest you've come to a part of your fantasy?

MidlandsBtm: the 8 guys.

sdsk8rboi: where was that? how long ago?

MidlandsBtm: about a year, some guy's house.

sdsk8rboi: was that set up just to get u filled? how long did u hold all that cum in?

MidlandsBtm: was supposed to b a 1 on 1.

sdsk8rboi: so that turned out better than expected?

MidlandsBtm: he tied me to bed, then let the guys in.

sdsk8rboi: was that your fantasy before, or after?

MidlandsBtm: after, now want more guys, n 4 longer.

sdsk8rboi: do u want guys to pound u for awhile before unloading, or do u want one load after another more quickly?

MidlandsBtm: load, load, load after load, load. n pound as hard n deep as they can.

sdsk8rboi: stretch your tight hole, then deposit a big load of seed deep inside u?

MidlandsBtm: yep, n guys can just cum on my hole 4 others to fuck into me if don't want to fuck me.

sdsk8rboi: do u wanna take some poz seed too?

MidlandsBtm: any.

sdsk8rboi: do u wanna swallow some cum too, or do u mostly want it in or on your hole?

MidlandsBtm: mostly in my bum.

sdsk8rboi: right where it belongs.

MidlandsBtm: don't give me a choice, just put it there.

sdsk8rboi: that's why you'll be tied up. you'll have to take it, all of it, wherever the tops wanna put it.
MidlandsBtm: i'll b gagged, so has to b bum.

sdsk8rboi: how long do u wanna hold it all in once you're through getting filled?

MidlandsBtm: put a butt plug in me n keep there as long as u want.

sdsk8rboi: put in the butt plug and keep u tied up for awhile. let that toxic mix of cum sit there coating your insides for awhile.

Load 7

Here are some pics from the session where I took load 7 from the local hottie. Pics are of me riding him, my ass after taking his load, and two of his ass after I shot my load on his ass.