Thursday, December 24, 2009

Take my charged poz cum you fuckin' cum slut!

All of my tests came back neg a couple of weeks ago. I continue to breed poz bottoms, but haven't bottomed much and likely haven't taken any poz cum through that could always happen. I was messaging a poz guy in Texas. I'm not endorsing everything in that exchange, but instead posting it as an indication of what he's done or would like to do.

pozTXboy: Fuckin HOT profile and pics! I would love to swap loads with you!

sdsk8rboi: thanks! that would be so hot to swap loads with you! anything you'd wanna say as you were about to unload in my tight, neg hole?

pozTXboy: Yeah, "take my charged poz cum you fuckin cum slut!"

sdsk8rboi: would u hold me down to keep it in me or to put more charged loads in my hole? do u like filling neg holes with your seed?

pozTXboy: Hell yeah, I would hold you down and breed you over and over till I was sure you would be poz!! I love to fill neg boy pussy with my charged cum! Have only been poz a few months, but have LOVED it!!!

sdsk8rboi: your seed must be super toxic. so you'd like to stretch out my tight, neg hole and knock me up? how many neg holes have u seeded since u became poz? have u taken lots of poz cum since then too?

pozTXboy: It's not as toxic as I would like, but its getting that way! I would stretch your neg pussy open wide and tear it up a little to make it bleed. Then I would fuck you hard and shoot several loads of cum in you! Then I would fist you to make sure it gets worked into your blood stream! I have charged 6 guys so far. I take poz cum all the time! LOVE poz cum!!! Have you ever knowingly taken poz cum before?

sdsk8rboi: no fisting. my hole's way too tight for that. your cock would probably stretch my hole enough for your seed to take. would u wanna be the only one seeding my hole with charged cum or would you want a bunch of poz guys to gang bang me?

pozTXboy: That's cool! I would still stretch it out, though! I would want to be the first , then would have other poz guys breed you! Then, I would do it again!

sdsk8rboi: fuck, that would be so hot! how many poz loads would u wanna see pumped into my hole? how long would u want me to hold it all in?

pozTXboy: I would get as many poz guys as I could find to fuck and breed you as well!! You keep it in at least a full 24 hours! I would put a plug up your pussy to hold it all in!

sdsk8rboi: mmmmm. let all that toxic cum just sit there coating my insides, soaking in so it'd take. did u set up a breeding session to try to convert or did it just happen?

pozTXboy: Hell yeah!! It would all soak in and infect you real fast! I have been chasing for about 4 years! I wanted it so bad! So I'm fucking happy!

sdsk8rboi: you've only been poz for a few months or you just tested poz a few months ago but might have been poz longer?

pozTXboy: I have been poz longer. Just had it confirmed last month. I tested poz with a home test 8 months ago.

sdsk8rboi: i've done home tests too, still neg. have u been topping more now that u know you're poz? do the bottoms know you're poz?

pozTXboy: U wouldn't be neg for long if I were breeding you! I have been topping and bottoming more since I turned poz! I don't tell them all.

sdsk8rboi: do some want u to breed them because you're poz? do u save up bigger loads for the neg bottoms?

pozTXboy: Yes! I had a few guys tell me they turned into chasers because I was one and they wanted to be like me. I fucked them hard and gave them what they wanted!

sdsk8rboi: did they take other poz loads then too, or just yours?

pozTXboy: Some took more, since we were doing a group thing. A few of them just took mine.

sdsk8rboi: did most of them convert?

pozTXboy: Yes. A few have not tested yet, but they did get sick, so I'm sure they did!

sdsk8rboi: are they out topping now?

pozTXboy: Not sure about all of them. I know they wanted to so they could infect others!
Two are still trying to get as much poz cum as they can to get their viral load way up!

sdsk8rboi: is that what you're trying to do, to get your viral load up?

pozTXboy: Yes! I'm not going on meds and I'm always looking for more poz cum!!

sdsk8rboi: would u wanna take a bunch of poz loads, then use a mix of all that cum as lube to fuck a load into me?

pozTXboy: hell yeah! that would be perfect!

sdsk8rboi: i thought u might like that. ;)

pozTXboy: i'll mix it with some poz blood, too!

sdsk8rboi: maybe just the poz cum. i want there to be a little uncertainty. i think it's hotter that way.

pozTXboy: lol. i like to know that im the one that is charging you!

sdsk8rboi: haha, nice.

"Safe only" bottom that might take poz cum

I was messaging a "safe only" bottom in Los Angeles. Turns out he'd like to take lots of cum, maybe even some of it poz. Here's the exchange:

negLAguy: Wish I could take your raw cock, man!

sdsk8rboi: so u like taking raw cock? where would u want me to shoot?

negLAguy: From a hot guy, hell yeah, man! Would love it all over my hole or deep inside it!

sdsk8rboi: i prefer to unload deep inside. do u like the feel of cum when it starts to enter your hole, when it starts to fill u up?

negLAguy: I definitely wouldn't say no to you unloading deep inside me! I love the feel of it entering and splashing into my hole... but I never feel like I can get enough!

sdsk8rboi: nice. what's the most loads you've taken at one time?

negLAguy: Only two!

sdsk8rboi: hot! would u want to take more?

negLAguy: I would love to! Hell, even just having one guy breed me several times a day would be hot!

sdsk8rboi: would u want to be bred by a bunch of guys, do a gang bang?

negLAguy: It's always been a dream of mine! But I have such a tight hole... it would be tough!

sdsk8rboi: same here. would u want all of the guys to be neg or would in matter if some where poz?

negLAguy: Ideally all neg. But it would be up to the top arranging it for me!

sdsk8rboi: would u wanna be passed out, take load after load, then wake up later with your ass a little sore with cum spilling out of your ass?

negLAguy: I'd love to feel at least the first one or two guys abusing my hole and filling it. After that, it would be very hot to be passed out and wake up more than a little sore, my ass dripping, and more.

sdsk8rboi: would u wanna be in a sling? would u wanna be on your stomach, tied down? blindfolded?

negLAguy: Well, a sling would give guys the chance to squeeze and pull my balls while i'm passed out and getting loaded by them... but I love getting tied down and blindfolded!

sdsk8rboi: what would u want the guys to say as they dumped their seed in your hole?

negLAguy: Something dirty and demeaning...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bottoms that do it right and those that don't

I was sitting at home on a Sunday evening with a4a open in the background. I get a message from a bottom. The pic looked decent, but he's farther away than I like to travel, about 30 minutes off my least favorite freeway. We message some more. He'd take it bare and said what else he liked - 69, ass play, rimming, poppers, etc. I get an address, then he asks if I can bring poppers. I say yes. Then he asks if I can bring lube. Fine, I'll do that too. I don't suppose it'd be too much to have some of these at home if you're hosting. But the profile said discrete, so who knows? Just when I'm ready to leave, the fire alarm in my building goes off. I open the door and the hallway is filled with smoke. As it turns out, the dumbass in the apartment next to me started his fireplace without opening the flue. Maybe that should have been a sign as it turned out. Anyway, I had a 7+ day load for this bottom and nothing else was happening, so I head out. A half hour later, I find the place. It's a large suburban house and he's alone. I get led upstairs to the bedroom. We both get undressed. I start sucking him. He's leaking lots of precum, but can't seem to get completely hard. Maybe that's one reason he's a bottom. I roll him over on his stomach and start working on his hole. He's already going heavy on the poppers. First I tongue his hole. It's trimmed and clean. Next I insert one finger, then two. Nice smooth hole, tight but not too tight. Once he seems to be ready, I lube my cock and get ready to enter him. He's on all fours. I start to push in and get the head of my cock inside. It didn't seem too tight or like he was in pain. But from his reaction, I thought he wanted me to pull out and start again. He starts saying "I'm sorry", "I'm sorry". As it turns out, when I pushed in must have sent him over the edge. He shot and then was done. What a waste, an hour round trip for that.

Well, a few days after that I'm on BBRT and see a nearby bottom online. We've played a couple of times before, but it's probably been at least a couple of months since the last time. We message. He's planning on late. I mention I may be in bed by then, but that I've got a 7+ day load. At that point, it's probably 10+ days. I'd lost count. That gets his attention. He needs a little time to prep. Nice clean bottoms are always a huge plus. We set up an earlier time. As with the previous times, he's in the darkened living room, blindfolded. I get undressed, we hold each other, then I start sucking him. Then with me on my back, he's sucking me and fingering my hole. I didn't go over to bottom, but it feels good. I'm very tight, but with his tongue near my hole and one of his fingers in my hole my hole begins to slowly open up. Maybe some day I'll have his cock, and load, inside me though I haven't taken any charged seed yet. He wasn't a big fan of the hair around my hole. Sometimes my hole's smooth or trimmed, but I haven't trimmed that area in awhile. Whatever amount of hair there, I always want to be super clean for any tops.

So now it's time for his hole. He gets my tongue first. Smooth and clean. Then one finger, then two. He points out the lube. I apply some. He's on his back as I push inside. He always has a nice amount of tightness, but is a little tighter than usual this time, so I go slow at first. After a few minutes in that position, he switches so he's on all fours. That and on the stomach are my favorite positions for the bottom. A few more minutes from behind and I'm ready to blow. I'm typically pretty quiet but usually will say something before I'm going to cum and proceed based on the reaction of the bottom. He was ready, so I begin to unload. This load apparently ended up fairly deep inside as not much spilled out. He has me keep fucking him, so it's a few minutes after I shot before I pull out. His original plan of getting loads late remained unchanged and he did get another load later.

After I pulled out, I then grabbed the camera. Unfortunately it was so dark that the autofocus couldn't focus and it was dark enough that I couldn't really use the manual focus either. In the end, I only got a couple of images that were focused well enough to use, one of which is posted here.

We talked a little bit afterword. I told him the story about the earlier bottom. He told me one about where he'd gone out to top, late, and couldn't find the address from the incomplete information provided by the host. It was another one of these hosts that provides incomplete directions or address information. I hate that. If you're hosting and really intend to host, provide enough information so you can be located. Don't just give me an intersection. Give me an actual, full address. If it's an apartment building, include the apartment number. If there's anything unusual about parking or finding the place, I need to know that too, especially if it's dark.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Breeding a Brit Boy

After working lots of hours the past several months, I finally get lots of time off the next couple of months. I've gotten in two workouts in my first two days off and almost had another hookup with sfboy. We were messaging Wednesday evening and just when I was ready to go over and fill him, a friend of his came over and they went out for cocktails. Oh well, some other time. At least I got in a workout. Then on Friday afternoon 430 boy couldn't make it over because he had a migraine. Then I found this listing on Craigslist that looked like a type of scene I like: anon breeders needed. - 22 (la jolla), "looking for hung neg men to come breed my hole before my plane ride to san fran. looking for now. reply with your age, stats, and dick pic if available. don't need a face pic cuz i'll be face down ass up. i'll reply with address if i like what i see."

The pic was hot, if maybe a little familiar for some reason. I respond and get a message back with the address. I'm about to head over, but my roomie notes the ad says "la jolla" and the address is in Normal Heights, two very different places. La Jolla is ritzy and near the ocean. Normal Heights is farther inland and closer to the 'hood. There's just no confusing the two. Two red flags on any hookup are usually too much messaging, and information that's inconsistent. Usually I'd rather have no hookup than a bad hookup. Given the inconsistencies in location and that it would probably take at least a half hour to get there, I decide to pass. If it was legit, it probably would have been a hot scene and maybe it was. So with that not happening, I log onto A4A and get three quick messages. One definitely wasn't my type. One was borderline. We exchanged a few messages, then he had to go. The third was more my type, with a thin, twinky body type, but with a profile that said "Safe Sex Only". We exchange a few messages:

sdbritboy: you've just received a smile from sdbritboy

sdsk8rboi: thanks for the smile. you have a very nice body. how are you?

sdbritboy: Thanks. The career keeps me lean and toned. I am well, bday if I could just find some fun, hehehe

sdsk8rboi: lean and toned, i like! and quite flexible too from the last pic. so what kind of fun do u like?

sdbritboy: I'm a simple passionate guy...but like getting fucked like a champ.

sdsk8rboi: nice. i like topping. do you prefer it bare or wrapped?

sdbritboy: prefer bare, but always like to have discussion....Neg and clean here. 11/8/09

sdsk8rboi: neg here too and definitely prefer bare, feels so much better.

sdbritboy: I'm in NP...wanna come over?

sdsk8rboi: cool. what's the address?

sdbritboy: xxx xxxx Apt xx. I'm relaxed in bed so you can come on in. Names xxx, handsome.

I head over through the Friday commute traffic, but get there in about 20 minutes. I find the right block. But thanks to standard time…grr…it's already dark which makes finding the street address more of a challenge. I never do find the street address on the building but am able to bracket it by the numbers on either side. I find out later the numbers are the same color as the building, nearly impossible to see in the darkness. Unsure of whether I've got the right building, I go to the specified apartment number and knock rather than letting myself in. He opens the door. Hot. Very hot.

I stop by his restroom briefly to pee while he slides back into bed. Now in his bedroom, I slip out of most of my clothing except for a white tank top and climb into bed with him, under the covers. He's wearing only fleece shorts and underwear. He's got the most awesome thin, twinky body. His profile listed a height of 5'11 with a weight a little greater than mine. He might have been 5'11, but his weight definitely didn't seem any more than listed, maybe a little less. We kiss passionately for a couple of minutes and I caress his upper body. Then I slip my hands under his underwear and around his cock, then around toward his ass. Nice cock and smooth. thin ass. He then slips out of his shorts and underwear and I start sucking his rigid cock. It's a nice size and shape, one that I wouldn't mind having inside me sometime. His pubes were trimmed and pale reddish.

I suck him for a couple of minutes, then turn my attention to his ass. Very smooth and clean. I roll him over toward his stomach, then start working my tongue into his hole. He's definitely into that. I do that for a couple of minutes, then work in one finger, then eventually two. He's got a perfectly smooth hole, not super tight, but definitely not loose.

Once he seems sufficiently loosened up, I put more spit on his hole with my tongue working it in deeper, then put spit on my cock. I enter him slowly with him on his side. I enter slowly in case the saliva isn't enough lube. His ass feels great as I slide in and he engulfs my cock. I start slowly, with slow deep thrusts, trying to make sure there's not too much friction. He seems to want this to go longer, so I don't want to cum too quickly. We go slowly for a few minutes, then he rolls over on his stomach. I wrap my arms under his and increase the pace of the thrusting. I nibble on his right ear and he pulls me fulling into him by grabbing onto my ass.

After a few more minutes, I ask him if he's ready. There'd been no discussion where I was going to cum, but given the earlier messaging and the lack of any apparent objection when I said this, there seemed to be no problem with me cumming inside him. Getting no response, but sensing that he was about ready, I keep fucking him and build up to deposit a big load into him. Just before I'm ready to shoot, I say softly. "I'm gonna cum", then begin to flood his insides. He feels the cum and the friction decreases. I intend to keep fucking it in and he keeps pulling me in tighter so the fucking continues for another few minutes and into a perfect ass no less.

Eventually I pull out, and he heads to the bathroom to "pee". In retrospect I don't know whether he went to pee or to lose the load. When I was in his bathroom earlier, I noted the "Mind the Gap" key chain. When he got out of the bathroom, I asked him if he'd been to London, noting the key chain. It turns out he's from England. That was an awesome start to the weekend. I sent him a thank you message afterward and got one back. I definitely hope that's not the only time with him. One of my fantasies has been to fuck or be fucked by a Brit boy. I guess that's now sorta happened.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I wanna be pozzed

The following exchange occurred with a versatile "safe only" guy from NYC that I'd messaged previously:

hi, whats up?, any loads lately?

sdsk8rboi: i gave one on thursday. u?

nycpboy: nice, gave and took one last week.

sdsk8rboi: nice. it's been a few weeks since i've taken a load.

i love getting loads, love when i hook up with a guy and he just goes for it raw without asking.

sdsk8rboi: oh yeah. i hate condoms. all i want is a raw cock with maybe some lube or cum as lube, hehe.

nycpboy: def, i love being bred.

sdsk8rboi: me too. i love cum-filled asses.

nycpboy: such a hot risk too.

sdsk8rboi: yeah, there's a risk, but i love the feel of cum as it fills my hole.

nycpboy: of course, i like cum and i like the risk, both are hot, u keep ur pubes natural?

sdsk8rboi: mostly. it's been a long time since the last time i trimmed them.

nycpboy: hot, u aggressive?

sdsk8rboi: not hugely, but i can be.

nycpboy: would be hot for u to grab my ass in public and tell me how u are gonna breed me, then pull me somewhere and do it.

sdsk8rboi: force you down, enter your hole, and no pulling out til i'd unloaded, then keep fucking u to work it in.

nycpboy: yes, u got other bb top friends?

a mix of top/vers/bttm

good, i wanna be really bred, u got any stds?

no stds.

nycpboy: ok, ur friends all std free too?

sdsk8rboi: the one top is. the others i'm not sure.

nycpboy: hot, u still fuck the others raw tho?

sdsk8rboi: always, including some that are poz.


sdsk8rboi: have u taken any poz seed or would u?

nycpboy: not that i know of, and i don't know, i might.

sdsk8rboi: same with me.

nycpboy: cool, so u think u might be chasing?

sdsk8rboi: i wouldn't say i'm chasing, at least in terms of what i'm doing. would i be willing to take poz loads, maybe, i don't know. would i try to take as many poz loads as possible to try to convert? i'm not sure i'm ready to go there, at least not now. u?

nycpboy: i guess the same, but u think one day u might want to try to convert?

sdsk8rboi: i don't know that i would try to convert. but i also know it could happen. u?

nycpboy: i don't know, i think i might try in the future.

sdsk8rboi: would u rather have a scene where u take multiple loads, but don't know the status or take multiple loads and know all or most are poz?

nycpboy: as long as it's all hot guys would be hot if most were poz.

sdsk8rboi: yeah, i definitely want hot guys. when taking loads, do u always want to know the status, does it not matter, or do u want to know but it mostly doesn't affect what you'll do?

nycpboy: i want to know. u?

sdsk8rboi: i usually try to determine the status as best i can, but that doesn't necessarily affect what i'll do. it usually has no impact when i'm topping.

nycpboy: nice.

sdsk8rboi: if u were going to take multiple loads from a bunch of hot guys, would u find it hotter if u didn't know whether they were poz or not or if u did know some or all were poz?

nycpboy: better right now if i knew they were all neg. i think in the future i would find it hotter if they were poz.

sdsk8rboi: any reason(s) why neg now and poz later?

nycpboy: hmmm, i guess i am not totally ready to be poz now. u?

sdsk8rboi: there's no right or wrong answer. i just wondered. as for me, i suppose it's because it's something u can't reverse. once you're poz, you're poz. there's no going back to being neg. it's not something i fear, but i'm not going to ignore reality either. so i guess for me, it's a matter of just how much risk i'm willing to take.

nycpboy: true.

sdsk8rboi: there are some things i've done and will continue to do and others i might do. other things i might continue to think about doing and actually might do some day. little is ruled out, but that doesn't mean i'll do it tomorrow either.

nycpboy: yeah, i am the same way. i still want ur load tho.

sdsk8rboi: why of course. your hole should never be empty. i still think it'd be a hot scene for u to be the bottom at a gang bang, then have u top me at the end.

nycpboy: would be awesome. how many guys?

sdsk8rboi: i dunno. enough so you'd take several loads. hopefully 5 or more different guys so you'd get a good mix of cum. i'd be so turned on watching u take load after load, then having u take a mix of that cum to use as lube to fuck your load into me.

nycpboy: hot.

sdsk8rboi: would u wanna do it in a sling?

nycpboy: yes. get me drunk too so i won't care what load is going in me.

sdsk8rboi: just drunk, or passed out? i've thought it would be hot to pass out, then wake up with my ass sore and leaking lots of cum and not know where it all came from.

nycpboy: haha, just drunk for now.

sdsk8rboi: but you're thinking about it now, at least a little, aren't you?

nycpboy: yes. u into piss?

sdsk8rboi: not into piss. lots of cum, but not piss.

nycpboy: ok. i love piss too.

sdsk8rboi: that's fine. we all have different fantasies.

nycpboy: yep. have u taken a poz load b4?

sdsk8rboi: not as far as i know. i haven't taken a lot of loads and all of those recently have been neg.

nycpboy: ok.

sdsk8rboi: some of the poz guys that have bottomed for me would probably top me if i asked.

nycpboy: nice. are they young and cute?

sdsk8rboi: i think they're both 30's, nice bodies.

nycpboy: damn. i dont know what i would do if i was horny around them.

sdsk8rboi: what would u want to do?

nycpboy: i want to at least suck them.

not what would u probably do, but what would u like to do?

nycpboy: i'd like to bend over and let them have their way.

sdsk8rboi: both at the same time, one after the other, then again?

nycpboy: only one at a time, huh, i am tight.

sdsk8rboi: i meant one, then the other. not both at the same time. i couldn't begin to do that either.

nycpboy: i want both yes. actually if u had 5 hot poz friends i'd love to be able to bring myself to just take it all.

sdsk8rboi: that i'd like to see. let them take turns on you.

nycpboy: fuck, it's such a hot fantasy in my head.

sdsk8rboi: isn't it, hehe?

nycpboy: fuck yes, it is. it gets me hard all the time. i wanna be pozzed.

sdsk8rboi: if u were poz, would u then take any loads?

nycpboy: yes. well as long as the guy was hot.

sdsk8rboi: well yeah, of course. but otherwise you'd take any load, become a total cumslut?

nycpboy: yes. i know i would.

sdsk8rboi: would u do the same things now if u though they were all neg?

nycpboy: prob not. i would really need to know.

sdsk8rboi: what if they were all 18, would u do it then?

nycpboy: lol, i like around my age better.

sdsk8rboi: what if you were in a room with a bunch of guys around your age that were the hottest you'd ever seen, would you let them take turns filling your ass?

nycpboy: lol, if i was horny enough and drunk enough maybe.

sdsk8rboi: haha. would u want video or pics?

nycpboy: yes, u have any vids of u?

sdsk8rboi: on dn and xtube, the same on both.

nycpboy: ah, too bad u don't have any of u fucking.

sdsk8rboi: i know. what i have for making vids now really doesn't work for that. i think one of the poz guys has a way to do video, so that might eventually happen some time.

nycpboy: and u fuck him regularly?

sdsk8rboi: i wouldn't say regularly as our schedules don't often mesh. but i have fucked him a few times and he would fuck me if i'd let him.

nycpboy: u should let him.

sdsk8rboi: so you'd like to see video or pics of me taking a poz load?

nycpboy: yes.

sdsk8rboi: if you were there too, would you want to take a load from him too, or take a load from me after i'd taken a load from him?

nycpboy: yes. i'd convert with u.

sdsk8rboi: there's no way of knowing if we'd convert. both of us, one of us, or neither of us might.

nycpboy: i know, would u do that?

sdsk8rboi: probably. who'd go first?

That's were it ended. If he converted and I didn't, I wonder if he'd keep breeding me 'til I did.

I'd love at least 15

The following exchange occurred while messaging a 19-yo twinky bottom from a large city in the West Midlands of the UK:

sdsk8rboi: hey there.

MidlandsBtm: hi, hows u?

sdsk8rboi: good here. u?

MidlandsBtm: kewl ty, what u up to?

sdsk8rboi: was just watching a movie. also working on some pics i took at the beach a few weeks ago.

MidlandsBtm: of what?

sdsk8rboi: the pics were of me and a friend. i took some of him and he took some of me. i'm working on those of me now.

MidlandsBtm: naked?, wish i was there.

sdsk8rboi: not fully naked in these pics, but we've done those before. if u were here, what would u want to be doing?

MidlandsBtm: anything u could think of, gang rape my hole.

sdsk8rboi: anything? i dunno. from your pics you have the most inviting hole, haha. just me gang rape your hole, or have a gang bang for you and have a bunch of guys work your hole?

MidlandsBtm: as many as u can get.

sdsk8rboi: what's the most loads you've taken at one time?

MidlandsBtm: 8

sdsk8rboi: so u want more than 8?

MidlandsBtm: yes, i'd love at least 15.

sdsk8rboi: nice. do u wanna be in a sling, or blindfolded?

MidlandsBtm: both, wherever.

sdsk8rboi: so u just wanna take one anonymous load after another until you're filled to overflowing?

MidlandsBtm: or u get bored of getting me fucked.

sdsk8rboi: that could be a long time, haha. do u want only neg tops, or does it matter?

MidlandsBtm: doesn't matter, must b hung n bb though.

sdsk8rboi: of course, nothing but bb. they've got to breed u deep. no one's pulling out early.

MidlandsBtm: mmmmmmm, when?

sdsk8rboi: when do u want it?

MidlandsBtm: now, asap.

sdsk8rboi: got any loads in you yet?

MidlandsBtm: no, it's hhmm here.

sdsk8rboi: i know. 8 hours difference. when's the last time u got a load?

MidlandsBtm: over a month, i need to cum c u soon.

sdsk8rboi: damn. u need cum, lots of it, and soon.

MidlandsBtm: i know.

sdsk8rboi: maybe tongue your hole, then push in bare and give you your first load of the night.

MidlandsBtm: then leave me tied up, rape me dry.

sdsk8rboi: no lube. i'll just push in and not pull out til i've dumped the first load. then leave u tied up and let the other tops start breeding u.

MidlandsBtm: will u gag me too?

sdsk8rboi: u will be gagged, and u will keep taking loads as long as the tops wanna keep filling u.

MidlandsBtm: mmmmmm, even if i am cryin n beggin u to stop?

sdsk8rboi: it doesn't matter how much you resist, you've gotta keep taking loads.

MidlandsBtm: ok, i got to get there then.

sdsk8rboi: if that's what u want, you'd be very satisfied. you've never found anything like that there?

MidlandsBtm: no, never. it's my fantasy to b tied into a sling or bent over n just raped non stop, 1 out 1 in, 24 7.

sdsk8rboi: wow. that'd be awesome. what's the closest you've come to a part of your fantasy?

MidlandsBtm: the 8 guys.

sdsk8rboi: where was that? how long ago?

MidlandsBtm: about a year, some guy's house.

sdsk8rboi: was that set up just to get u filled? how long did u hold all that cum in?

MidlandsBtm: was supposed to b a 1 on 1.

sdsk8rboi: so that turned out better than expected?

MidlandsBtm: he tied me to bed, then let the guys in.

sdsk8rboi: was that your fantasy before, or after?

MidlandsBtm: after, now want more guys, n 4 longer.

sdsk8rboi: do u want guys to pound u for awhile before unloading, or do u want one load after another more quickly?

MidlandsBtm: load, load, load after load, load. n pound as hard n deep as they can.

sdsk8rboi: stretch your tight hole, then deposit a big load of seed deep inside u?

MidlandsBtm: yep, n guys can just cum on my hole 4 others to fuck into me if don't want to fuck me.

sdsk8rboi: do u wanna take some poz seed too?

MidlandsBtm: any.

sdsk8rboi: do u wanna swallow some cum too, or do u mostly want it in or on your hole?

MidlandsBtm: mostly in my bum.

sdsk8rboi: right where it belongs.

MidlandsBtm: don't give me a choice, just put it there.

sdsk8rboi: that's why you'll be tied up. you'll have to take it, all of it, wherever the tops wanna put it.
MidlandsBtm: i'll b gagged, so has to b bum.

sdsk8rboi: how long do u wanna hold it all in once you're through getting filled?

MidlandsBtm: put a butt plug in me n keep there as long as u want.

sdsk8rboi: put in the butt plug and keep u tied up for awhile. let that toxic mix of cum sit there coating your insides for awhile.

Load 7

Here are some pics from the session where I took load 7 from the local hottie. Pics are of me riding him, my ass after taking his load, and two of his ass after I shot my load on his ass.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Breeding is better than sleeping

No sleep in over 24 hours so I lay down and go to sleep. I'm not asleep 30 minutes and my roomie wakes me up. The bottom he has over wants another load. I wake up, sort of, and start stroking to get hard and head to the other bedroom. The guy's sprawled out on the bed, face down, blindfolded. Nice body, very pale, defined, and smooth. This should work nicely.

I'm plenty hard now, grab some lube, then insert a finger in his hole, then my cock. Nice smooth hole. I start pumping. Having just awakened, I'm not ready to cum immediately. As I continue to fuck him, he works is ass back into my cock. As I'm getting closer, he's reaching back with both hands. He must have felt my nipple rings as he's starting to play with my nipples. His other hand's on my ass, pulling me in closer as I thrust into him.

With one hand he's now squeezing on my right nipple. With the hand that's on my ass, he inserts a finger in my hole. Between the squeezing of the nipple and the finger in my hole, I can't hold it any longer and my cum starts to gush into his hole. As he feels the cum fill his hole, he grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me closer while I continue to cum and work the load in deeper. I finally pull out, head back to bed, and sleep quite nicely.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Love to Fuk Raw

More messaging with another "safe only" guy:

nycboy: hot man.

sdsk8rboi: thanks! you too, dude. how's it going?

nycboy: not bad, just chillin, love the pvt pics!

sdsk8rboi: thanks. are u more top or bottom?

nycboy: vers btm, u?

sdsk8rboi: perfect. vers top here.

nycboy: i'd love to get it from you man.

sdsk8rboi: dude, you've got me leaking lots of precum now. ;) do you like it bare?

nycboy: fuk yeah.

sdsk8rboi: nice. where would u want me to shoot?

nycboy: in me, of course!

sdsk8rboi: fuck yeah, i'd love to breed you deep. do u like taking loads? what's the most loads you've taken at one time?

nycboy: just 2, what about you? u into gangbang?

sdsk8rboi: i've never taken more than one load at a time, but i'm more of a top. it would be hot, though. i've been one of the tops at a few a gang bangs, but never a gang bang bottom. would u wanna be the bottom for a gang bang? i'd love to be there for that. ;)

nycboy: haha i dunno, im a bit scared of that but it is a really hot idea.

sdsk8rboi: it's definitely a hot scene. but that doesn't mean i'm ready to do every scene that i think would be hot.

nycboy: true, what else turns u on?

sdsk8rboi: have you on top of me, inside me, bare while you're taking load after load at a gang bang. any time you had to shoot it'd be inside me. or after you've gotten filled at a gang bang, have you take a mix of all that cum and use it as lube to fuck a load into me. or stand behind you with my arms under yours and pound you hard, then unload deep inside you. u?

nycboy: wow, u got me fukin hard, id love to breed u.

sdsk8rboi: do u top much? it'd be so hot to take your load, have you fill my hole with your cum. don't pull out early. i want you to work it in deep.

nycboy: sure, i love to fuk raw.

sdsk8rboi: you can put your raw cock in my hole any time you want, but you gotta seed my hole each time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Load 6

I've been way too busy working lots of night shifts and getting a little behind in my posts. 430 boy's still taking his Monday afternoon and sometimes Friday afternoon loads, first from my roomie and then from me. This past Monday he was still sore from two loads he took over the weekend, but already had a load that was still in him from Monday morning. My roomie puts in his load, then says I need to be quick because 430 boy was sore. Well, 430 boy's ass always feels good and there was just the right amount of friction. In less than a minute, I was adding my load to the mix.

But back to the main reason for his post was another visit from the local hottie who's been filling my hole. He makes it over customarily late, we strip down, and both of us are hard in no time. He's already leaking precum which I lap up, then engulf the rest of his cock with my mouth. He keeps leaking lots of precum which I love. I'm so ready for his cock. I lube up my hole, his cock, lay down on my stomach, take a hit of poppers, then have him enter me. A little pain, so more poppers. It's not long before he's thrusting into me nicely and hitting the right spot, but I don't wanna cum yet. Fortunately, after a few minutes I feel his warm seed start to coat my insides. It gets smoother as he fills my insides. I have him continue to fuck me as I want his whole load. I want him to coat all of my insides and I want him to work it in deep.

Once he pulls out, it's my turn for his hole. I have him roll over on his stomach, then start to work my tongue into his smooth hole with lots of spit for lube. He takes one finger fine. I then add more spit with my tongue, then try a second finger. He takes that too and I work both in and out slowly. We do this for several minutes, but he's still not ready to bottom. I still haven't shot, so I unload right where I want all over and around his hole. Well not exactly where I wanted to cum, but close. The pics are of my load on his ass.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A devil's dick?

One of my favorite places are the cities in and around the UK Midlands, hot guys, nice sized cities, good clubs and bars. Here's a recent exchange from a 20yo hottie from one of those cities, on a Monday morning! So much for getting to bed early Monday morning after another night shift before getting up "early" in the late afternoon to put another load in 430 boy.

midlandsboy: mmm i'd love to fill up ur ass.

sdsk8rboi: that'd be so hot. i'd love to feel that bare cock of yours, have u pump load after load into me.

midlandsboy: i'd gladly breed u, dump a couple of loads inside u. I'd love to feel ur spunk in me as well.

sdsk8rboi: stretch out my hole, then breed me deep. i'd love filling your hole with spunk. what's the most loads you've taken?

midlandsboy: 3 in one go off the same guy, he just kept tight ass couldnt take it, cum was running out everywhere. I can't get enough. i love as many loads in me as possible!! how about you?

sdsk8rboi: never more than one so far. i'm more of a top. but i do want multiple loads in me sometime. would u ever wanna do a gang bang, take multiple loads from multiple guys?

midlandsboy: i'm more of a bottom, so yeah, it's my fantasy! i'd love to have a breeding session with multiple guys all seeding my hole. i'm really into treasure island media vids. my kinda thing. i'd deffo take ur load :P

sdsk8rboi: i'd like to be there for that. what kind of scene would u want? sling, blindfolded, dark room, something else?

midlandsboy: i'd want a sling with my ankles cuffed up wearing a jock, ready to take load after load. i'd love to take a devil's dick.

sdsk8rboi: "a devil's dick"?

midlandsboy: u use a bottle or tall shot glass and have guys shoot their loads into it until it's full. then u freeze it and use it as a dildo. it melts inside u. most use it as lube for a breeding session.

sdsk8rboi: spunk is my favorite kind of lube, so i'll have to try that some time. i'd love to be there for your breeding session. give u the first load and a later load. then after you've taken your last load, have you use a mix of all that spunk from your hole as lube and have you breed me deep, give me a mix of all that spunk.

midlandsboy: i'd love to churn u up with every load that i've taken. Make u take so much spunk, u can't keep it in, they have a heavy spunker fuck u last, while i drill ur mouth and shoot a load down ur throat so you're filled from both ends.

sdsk8rboi: that would be so hot to get filled to overflowing and to get a mix of all of that seed from your hole, then have that heavy spunker at the end to work it all in deep. do you ever take any dirty seed or care whether or not you do?

midlandsboy: i've never taken any as i'm clean and i do care but i just love bb and taking loads. have u taken any dirty seed? the idea does excite me.

sdsk8rboi: i'm clean too and haven't taken any dirty seed as far as i know, but you never know for sure. it would hot if you took some dirty loads in your gang bang, then i got a mix of all of that seed when you filled me up, maybe take a dirty load too at the end to work it all in.

midlandsboy: love to see guys slammin their big dicks into u n adding their dirty jizz to the sloppy spunk up ur ass. then i work a big thick load out in u to add to the creamy slop :P

sdsk8rboi: work all of that mix of spunk deep into my hole. do you like fucking a spunk filled hole? maybe have you take one more dirty load while you're putting your load into me. do you shoot more and harder when you've got a cock filling your hole?

midlandsboy: yeah, a wet spunky hole is great to fuck. it makes me wanna shoot and add a load. i'd love to take a thick dirty load while im pounding my sweet spooge into ur tight sloppy ass, mmm.

sdsk8rboi: and after you take that thick dirty load, i wanna put another load in you and take a dirty load while i'm doing it...mmm.

midlandsboy: ur cock, sliding in n out of my wet hole, full of cum....then u moan as u shoot ur sweet load deep inside me and the guy fucking u unloads a heavy dirty load in u.....

sdsk8rboi: and after than last load, just collapse on top of each other in one sloppy mess to savor all of that dirty seed each of us has up our holes. ;P

midlandsboy: until more guys walk in and demand to empty their loads in us. i could just take load after load after load for as long as i could get it :P

sdsk8rboi: see how many loads and dirty loads you can take. do i get a dirty seed cocktail at the end? there's no way you'll be able to hold all that spunk. and you'll have as many loads available as you're willing to take.

midlandsboy: i'll take loads until my ass can't fill any more. yeah you can have a dirty cocktail full to the brim with hot loads. take it all down if u can, but leave some for me.

sdsk8rboi: we'll share it, cum kisses at the end too. ;P

midlandsboy: nice, i love to sample a load ;P

sdsk8rboi: and that way our holes don't miss out on anything first. ;)

midlandsboy: my ass is hungry for cum right now. i need a load to fill me.

sdsk8rboi: mine too. i wish i was deep inside you, ready to explode and coat your insides with a big, thick load of spunk, then have u do my hole.

midlandsboy: mmmmm i wanna cream u up good.

sdsk8rboi: mmm, yeah, leave my hole dripping.

midlandsboy: then lick it all up, around ur hole.

sdsk8rboi: nice, creamy dessert, hehe. ;P

midlandsboy: mmmmm u know it :P, swallowing loads is as high on my hotlist as taking them in my hole.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Filling a hot hole to overflowing

The night after getting load 4, I was in the mood to top again. I see the guy I hooked up with about a month ago on bbrt was online. I send him a message. He had one top that was supposed to be over first. I could go next. A few minutes later I get another message that the first top flaked so I head over sooner. This time I take the camera. I call him when I get over there and he leaves the front door slightly ajar so I can enter. Just like the last time, he's on the floor in his darkened living room, blindfolded. He sucks me, then I go to work on his hole. I work my tongue in, then one finger, then two, then back with my tongue applying lots of saliva to his smooth, hot hole. He's now ready for my cock, so I apply more spit as lube and enter him doggy. It feels so good to enter his smooth, tight hole again. I pump him for a few minutes. He's squeezing some on cock with his ass which feels really good. It felt so good that it wasn't long before I was ready to shoot and I did. As my cum started to enter him, he squeezed harder with his ass, causing me to shoot harder and deeper. I kept fucking it in deeper, one burst after another. I then grabbed the camera to get some shots after I pulled out. I must have shot more than I thought I did. When I saw the pics at home with the cum spilling out of his ass, I was so ready to shoot again.

Loads 4 and 5

My hole continues to get attention from the local hottie I've been seeing for about 6 weeks now. Last weekend, I started off by sucking. He's usually rock hard and always leaking lots of precum which I love. It's not long before I'm wanting his cock in my ass. I lube up his cock and my hole, work in one finger then two to start opening up my hole, then lower my ass onto his cock. I stroke his cock while having him pull out, then re-enter me to begin to stretch my hole a bit. He loves the feel of that, but can't cum that way. I roll over on my stomach, put some more lube on his cock, then have him push inside me. He starts slowly, then more rapidly. I almost shoot as he's hitting the right spot. Within a few minutes he starts to unload. It comes in multiple bursts and I let him work it in deep. Once he pulls out, I suck his cock clean, then go to work on his hole. Using lots of spit as lube, I work my tongue in deep, then one finger. He's got a very nice, smooth hole. I continue to work his hole with my tongue and one finger, but that's as far as he wants to go. He wants me to shoot on his chest, so I have him roll onto his back, then I lower myself onto his cock because I usually shoot more when I've got a cock in my ass. With his rock hard cock back in my hole, it doesn't take long before I erupt with a 3-day load onto his stomach and chest.

Now, fast forward to the next weekend. I'm back to working another long stretch of nights with only one hight off in a week and a half. He arrives and we both quickly strip down and are both rock hard. I start sucking his cock as I want to taste more of his precum. He just keeps feeding me more precum as I suck him. Nice. He then sucks me for a few minutes. I go back to sucking him, loving that precum, while also massaging his ass and hole with my fingers. He also begins to move a finger across my hole which has me so ready for his cock. I lube up my hole and his cock , finger myself, then lower myself onto his cock. I lower myself part way onto his cock, lift off, then have him re-enter. I keep alternately this way teasing him a bit while also stroking his nicely lubed, very hard cock at the same time. Now that I'm stretched out some, I want that load. So I roll over on my stomach, put some more lube on his cock, then have him re-enter me. I relax as he enters me, then squeeze some on his cock as he's thrusting into me. It feels almost too good and I almost shoot. I don't want to shoot before he unloads. But he keeps hitting the right spot and it's all I can do to not shoot. Just when I'm at the point I can't hold out any longer, he begins to unload and I immediately spew. I have him keep thrusting to work it in deeper, then lay on me for a bit while still inside me before pulling out.

Videos are of me riding him, me spewing on his chest and stomach, and a pic of one of my loads on him.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pair of loads for a slut bottom

I was busy doing other stuff in the afternoon while my roomie was trying to arrange a hookup for him. One fell through, but he got a text message from someone else about a 25yo slut bottom. He texted the slut bottom and the guy came over. He set it up anonymous, blindfolded, etc. Roomie tipped me off in advance and just said to be ready in case the guy wanted more than one load. He does that now after the time I inadvertently shot my load just before finding out he had a hot hole for me to fill. I'd much rather be shooting in a hot hole than on my stomach!

So my roomie fills him, then comes to get me because the guy does want another load. Though the room was darkened, I could tell the guy was hot. My roomie knows the twink body type that I love. My roomie showed me the guy's pic later. I've seen the profile, but can't quite place it. Anyway, I lubed up and pushed right in with the guy on his stomach. I could tell from his reaction, from what he was saying and doing, that he really wanted that cock and load, so I fucked him harder and deeper. Since I hadn't shot since Monday, in about four days, it didn't take long 'til I was ready to cum. As I got close, he raised up on all fours, doggy style, pushing his ass back into my cock as I thrust into him. With that, I let loose, giving him that four day load in multiple bursts, then kept fucking him to work it in. Perfect start for a long weekend.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally some video

The roomie was finally out of town for a week leaving the place all to me. Unfortunately, it was in a stretch where I only had one night off. Still, I did have one night off so I had over the local hottie that I've been seeing about once a week for the last few weeks who's given me three loads so far. We'd talked about finally doing some pics and vids. He couldn't host, so this was the perfect opportunity.

We start with him massaging my back some. But he's the one who'd worked all day, so I then massage his back working my way down to his ass. I love his ass. I massage his back, then his ass, then work my tongue from the top of his ass down to his hole. I then begin to work it inside. He's totally relaxed. I continue to work my tongue inside his hole, then work in lone finger, alternating between the tongue and finger. He's so relaxed as I keep doing that for a few minutes. I then ask if he'd like me to do more. That's as far as he wanted me to go then. He said he was stlll gassy from lunch and didn't want to go farther then, but would like to do more some other time.

We then take a break where I take lots of pics of him. I lap up lots of precum during the shoot. Well, actually he mostly doesn't need my mouth to keep him hard, it's more an excuse for me to taste some more of his precum. We finish the pics and move onto the vid. My ass is a little sore before we start, but I want a video of him fucking me and this was the first time we'd had a place available. I lube my hole and his cock and lower myself onto him part way. It definitely hurts, but I try to work it in a little more, then switch positions onto my stomach. With all the lighting, he notices a little blood and doesn't want to go back in then. I usually relax more on my stomach, but he'd still rather not enter me again then. But he was fine with unloading on my hole which he does in the video. When he came, it was a lot! And he hit right around and just above my hole. I was hoping he'd push it in with his cock, but I think he was more focused on shooting the video. Now I've finally seen how much he can cum. The other three times were totally in my hole. Now I know why I was expelling cum for nearly a full day each time. Still, I didn't want all that cum to go to waste this time, so I started working that cum into my hole with my fingers.

Next, he wanted me to unload on his stomach. He did try to shoot a video of that too. Unfortunately it didn't store, so all we have were some pics at the end with all of my cum on his stomach. Some day it would be so hot if that were going into his ass.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday morning breeding

I took off the last hour of work Sunday night, exhausted after not getting enough sleep Sunday. I get home, logon to dn to check messages, and get a quick message from a guy I'd exchanged messages with a couple of weeks ago. He'd wanted me to start breeding him on a regular basis. I've been busy and nothing had worked out so far. Anyway, he wants a load now and can be over in few minutes. I'm exhausted and usually can't host. However, I haven't shot a load in about a week and my roomie's away so I tell him to come right over.

He's over in less than 15 minutes. Nice body, slightly taller than me, tat on one of his arms, a little extra weight on his stomach but nothing too excessive. He quickly takes off his shirt and lowers his pants. He's wearing a cock ring. I start sucking him. He gets larger, but never seems to be able to get completely hard.

It's not long before he wants to be fucked. He strips down and lays on his back with his legs up as I lube his hole, then my cock, then enter him. Nice smooth hole. I ask him if he wants me to cum quickly or to pound him. He wants me to pound him, to work his hole. Having not cum in a week, it was all I could do to not cum in him almost immediately. He's quite flexible. He easily keeps his legs back as I continue to pound his hole. After several minutes I ask if he's ready for my load, then start to unload. It comes in multiple bursts. As I finish unloading he increases the grip of his ass around my cock trying to squeeze out as much as possible. I continue fucking him, then eventually pull out.

He then starts jacking himself, wanting to cum. He has me reenter him. Though I've just cum, I'm still hard enough but not ready to cum again. I stay inside him for several minutes, thrusting at times. He's just never able to get completely hard never isn't able to cum. He then gets dressed, shirt, jock, sweat pants, and flip flops. Hope it was a good start to his day. It was a nice end to mine.

Load number three

I just had to meet again the total hottie that had already bred my hole twice. My ass was craving his cock and cum and I just like spending time with him too. I'd arranged to meet him on Friday night, thinking I had I that night off from work. Turns out I discovered Wednesday night that I had Wednesday and Thursday nights off, but not Friday night. Ugh! We were able to reschedule for Thursday night, but a little later than usual.

Thankfully it was a little warmer this time. We're both quickly naked, and hard, and he's leaking lots of precum. I love that and love lapping it up! He massages my back, then lays on top of me with the head of his bare cock poking against my hole. I feel some of his precum too.

We switch positions. I lube up my hole and his cock. He's on his back as I lower myself onto his cock to loosen up my hole some. I then flip over on my stomach, take a hit of poppers, then have him enter me again. He tries from a couple of different angles, more on top and more behind. I say "shallower angle", i.e. more from behind than on top. He knows what I mean and adjusts. That hurts less and feels sooo much better. He's also hitting just the right spot, so much so I almost cum while he's thrusting his bare cock into my hole. It doesn't take long before he's unleashing another load in my hole, the third from him. He said that was the best it had felt for him and it definitely was for me. He can load my hole any time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poz bottom boy

How much might a poz bottom disclose about their status and what might they be willing to do? Here's some messaging with one:

ohvboy: I would love to take a load from you man, but I am a poz bottom. Do you seed poz boys?

sdsk8rboi: I seed poz boys all the time. I'd love to give you a load.

ohvboy: Fucking hot, are you aggressive? I like an aggressive top who is verbal;)

sdsk8rboi: i can be aggressive, and verbal. so you want my cock, and seed?

ohvboy: Fuck yes, it would be my pleasure to accept your seed!

sdsk8rboi: do u have a favorite position when getting fucked? where do u like to shoot?

ohvboy: Whatever position you put me, but I love doggy;) that way you can get real deep, and I can feel your nuts slap my ass, and you can grab my hips and pull my back on your cock to get maximum depth!

sdsk8rboi: doggy or with you on your stomach is good. wrap my arms under yours, then push in deeper with my cock and then my load as i unleash a torrent of warm cum in your ass. u ever do gang bangs where u take multiple loads from multiple guys?

ohvboy: Haven't yet, but would love to. As long as you start and end the gang bang ;) fuck I want you and your load in me bad!!

sdsk8rboi: a gang bang with you would be hot. give you the first load, then fuck you at the end with your ass filled with cum. do u ever top? would u want to seed my ass? i rarely bottom, but it would feel so good to have one of your hot loads inside me.

ohvboy: I rarely top, but have been in the mood lately. I would love to share one of my hot loads with you.

sdsk8rboi: our own little cumfest, nice. hope u shoot a big load into me.

ohvboy: It would be hard to get you pregnant! You are hot as fuck, I'm sure you'd work a huge load out of my nuts!

sdsk8rboi: i'm so hard thinking about you filling me with your special seed. so u wanna give me your babies?

ohvboy: I want to slide my cock in you so deep you'll feel it in tour stomach and when I release my hot load, I want you to feel every last warm drop as my cock explodes in your tight hole.

sdsk8rboi: coat my insides with your seed. i wanna feel the warmth when u unload.

Then again a couple of days later:

sdsk8rboi: hey there. how are u? still wanna load of my seed? still wanna coat my insides with a big load of your poz cum and work it in deep?

ohvboy: Fuck yeah! I would paint your insides with my thick load!! I would want you to spit on my hole and use some precum and fuck me deep.

sdsk8rboi: first i'll tease u by pushing the head of my cock against your hole. then i'll take my finger and pull some of your cum out of my ass and rub it around the entrance to your hole. i'll then push in and start thrusting into that tight hole of yours. no pulling out before i unload. u gotta take it all. when you're ready, i'll unload and coat your insides. then it's your turn to give me another load.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Second load from the total hottie

After taking the first load in awhile, even with some pain, that couldn't be the last. The guy's totally hot we had to meet again. So five nights later, I have my lone night off from work in about an 11 day stretch, so we arrange to meet again. As we meet, he's finishing a run.

It's another cool evening, really typical for here most of the time. I have him work his cold hands along my legs to warm them up a bit. Meanwhile, I've got my hands on his thin, smooth stomach down into his pubes. He's already rock hard and as I feel the tip of his cock, also leaking pre-cum. I then start sucking him as I want a taste of that pre-cum. He seems kind of embarrassed about the pre-cum, but I love it. Salty taste to his cock this time in addition to the taste of the pre-cum.

Now it's my turn as he wraps his mouth around my cock and sucks me for a few minutes. It feels so good, but I'm thinking more about what he could do to my ass. I'm still a little sore from the last time he fucked me, but with the next chance for him to fuck me more than a week away, I don't want to wait that long for another load from him.

I lube up my hole, lots of lube, and lower myself onto his cock. The pre-cum provides a little more lube, hehe. It hurts some at first, but nothing intolerable. He likes that position where he's on his back and I'm riding his cock while facing him. However, it's not quite enough movement for him to be able to cum easily so we switch positions with me now on my stomach. I take a hit of poppers and he re-enters me. As with the last time, he gets in a decent rhythm pushing into me about half way them sometimes farther. It's taking him a little longer for him to cum and I'm still a little sore so I decide to be a little more verbal to see if that will get him to cum quicker. "I love your cock...give me your load...I need you cum in my butt...shoot it dude...I need that load...shoot that load in my hole."

It's still taking him awhile to cum and it's starting to hurt more, so I have him pull out for a moment. Then he says, "I was close to cumming." Damn. Though I'm in some pain, I have him push back in. No way I'm not getting his load when he's that close. He resumes fucking me and it's not too much longer til he unleashes his load. It cums in mulitple bursts. He keeps thrusting into me deeper as he cums. I'm sore when he pulls out, but it's so awesome getting his load again.

He's yet to see me cum. I ask if I can play with his ass a little first. He lays on his stomach while I work my hands around his ass and hole. He thinks his ass is too small, but I really like his ass and the area around his hole, smooth except for a little stubble. That's the kind of ass I cum in the most. But he's mainly a top and not ready to bottom yet. Still, he's got the most awesome ass.

While he's still on his stomach, I position myself behind him and start jacking. It doesn't take long. Once I'm ready to unload, I direct the entire load onto his hole. He doesn't flinch at all. I caress his ass, then work my fingers down to the cum around his hole and gently rub the cum around and across his hole, but don't push it in. I just want to see his reaction. Again, no flinching at all.

Since it took him a little longer to cum this time I asked him how long it'd been since he'd cum - two days previous. Still it was a very decent load as I was expelling bits of cum almost 24 hours later. He's fine with me playing with his ass a little more bit by bit. I've told him he doesn't this can go very slow and he doesn't have to do anything until or unless he's ready. He's fine with that. Until then, my ass is so ready to get filled by him over and over.