Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bare flip fuck

Got a message on bbrt last Sunday from a guy in a large central plains city. Here's the exchange:

cpguy: dude would love to do a bare flip fuck with you and seed holes

sdsk8rboi: hot profile and pics, dude! i'd love to have u unload inside me and also to seed your hole as well.

cpguy: fuck yeah that's what i'm talking about. swapping dna. would love to have you junk my hole up and return the favor and junk your hole

sdsk8rboi: nice. u shoot big loads? i want u to fill up my hole, maybe have some of your cum dripping out of my hole.

cpguy: fuck yeah and i haven't cum in over a week so i'd fill you up til you were dripping my dna

sdsk8rboi: i'd use some of your cum as lube, then slide in you raw and feed you a load. is that seed of yours toxic?

cpguy: don't know and don't care. is yours toxic? or do you care?

sdsk8rboi: my seed isn't toxic, at least not yet. i don't care whether any seed i take is toxic or not. if u wanna give me a load, i want it in my ass. i want all of it in my ass, unless its so much that some drips out, haha. any that doesn't drip out i want to hold in there for awhile, maybe have you unload in me again. that cock of yours would feel so good in my ass.

cpguy: fuck i'd love to use my cum in your ass as the next lube and i want you seeding my pussy

sdsk8rboi: i definitely wanna fill u with my seed. do you want a gang bang, get filled with lots and lots of seed?

cpguy: no i just want your seed not into group shit. god damn i wanna feel your cock in my ass til you drive deep and fill me

sdsk8rboi: i wanna be deep inside u when i unload, give u a big load, let u hold it in for awhile.

cpguy: fuck dude don't pull out i want you to work it in and soak my guts

sdsk8rboi: i definitely won't pull out while i'm cumming. i'll leave my cock in your ass as long as you want after i've finished unloading. my cock loves the feel of a tight ass, especially one loaded with warm cum.

cpguy: fuck dude i'm so fucking horny right now

sdsk8rboi: awesome, just unload deep and hard in my hole, fill me up.

cpguy: for a top you sure want my fucking cum in your pussy

sdsk8rboi: sometimes, but i mostly top. you do have an awesome cock, though.

cpguy: fuck dude we're doing the flip flop 50/50 no top or bottom just a lot of cum up our asses

sdsk8rboi: we both unload, both get filled up, sounds good to me.

cpguy: fuck yeah. hey i buddy listed ya. i gotta jet stud

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day joke

A man is using a urinal in an airport when a little man in a green suit walks up next to him hops up on a little stool, takes out an enormous unit and begins to relieve himself.

The shocked man says excuse me, I normally don't notice things like this but how did such a small man get such an enormous unit?

The little man in the green suit says, I am a leprechaun and I wished for it.

The man looks around and sheepishly asks, could you wish one for me too?

The little man says, I could but I would have to have my way with you first.

The man thinks to himself, I am not in my city no one will ever know and tells the little man in the green suit, O.K.

The little man takes him in a stall, hops up on his stool and begins having his way with him. The little man begins asking him questions.

What`s your name?   John.

Where do you live?   St. Louis.

Look, could we just get this over with. Sure John, just one more question, how old are you?   32

John isn`t that a wee bit old to be believing in leprechauns?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New England boy wants a load

Following the exchange with the porn star, I get another message from a New England boy on a4a and we have the following exchange:

neboy: Hey, how's it going? Hot body.

sdsk8rboi: Hey there. How are you? Do you just like Brits are or you from there? The UK is one of my favorite places to visit.

neboy: I am from New England if that is any compilation, LOL! No, I love the Brits and their culture. I'm good. hot pics.

sdsk8rboi: Parts of New England remind me of England a little, but it's just not the same. Have you visited there?

neboy: No, want to. I want o go there and the Irish Republic.

sdsk8rboi: i've had a blast over there. i really like manchester, london, and edinburgh. i've had fun in leeds and nottingham too. i haven't been to ireland, though.

neboy: Well, I love the Brits. They are awesome. I love their whit. I want to go to Ireland b/c of my love for anything Irish.

sdsk8rboi: I went for the music, hard house, and found a lot more to like. I've always liked British humor. I was watching The Office over there for years before the American version.

neboy: They were always advanced. And I hear the boys are all about BB sex too over there. ;)

sdsk8rboi: I don't know if they're more advanced, just different sometimes. I think there's plenty of bb in both places. That's what I like. i don't like the feel of condoms.

neboy: Me either. Actually i can't get it up if I use them, and too tight to recieve cock in my ass with them on. I like the feel of raw cock anyway. Much more natural.

sdsk8rboi: That's the way I feel too. A raw cock feels so much better than one with a condom.

neboy: Yah. How do you like to fuck a guy (position)

sdsk8rboi: I think with them on their stomach is my favorite, but I also adjust to whatever they like best. If really tight, they may have a preferred way or position for me to enter that's easier for them. But we could easily end up in some other position. What position do you prefer when topping or bottoming?

neboy: When a bottom, I am on my stomach-I'm very tight, most comfortable. When topping, on their back, legs up. I also like that position once I am loosened up. u like cumming n them or on them?

sdsk8rboi: in them. where do you prefer to cum? where do you prefer they cum?

neboy: I like to cum on their crack, and rub my cock in my cum, then reinsert it in them. I go with the flow, whether the guy cums in or on me.

sdsk8rboi: that's cool. i'll cum wherever they want, which more often seems to be inside, my favorite place.

neboy: Haha, true. I most likely would take your load. You do BB a lot? hook up a lot? U like to rim ass?

sdsk8rboi: I don't hook up a lot, but when I do it's bb. As for rimming, sometimes, it depends on the ass.

neboy: U like hairy or smooth ass

sdsk8rboi: either smooth or with some hair, smoother for rimming. u?

neboy: As long as it is clean, don't care. I havea hairy butt.

sdsk8rboi: mine is usually smooth or trimmed, and clean.

neboy: Hot. We should maybe meet, get naked, and trade loads. You fuck poz guys too, or just neg?

sdsk8rboi: i've fucked poz guys. as far as taking loads, i'd prefer neg. u?

neboy: i topped a poz guy once. Never took any poz loads. I only played with two poz guys...that I know of.

sdsk8rboi: i've played with two poz guys and one that probably was, but haven't taken loads from any of them. as for others i've topped, who knows?

neboy: you care if you get the bug?

sdsk8rboi: it would be much easier if i didn't, but i'm not fearful either. i even dated a poz guy at one time so i don't put up much in the way of poz/neg barriers, but still i don't tend to do things that would put me most at risk. that's not to say that there isn't some sort of excitement factor in bug chasing which i don't fully understand. i'd rather leave that unexplored for now.

neboy: Understandable. It is exciting, but yah, i need to stay away from catching it. I just love bareback so much though, I just figured it would be a matter of time.

sdsk8rboi: i'm not assuming i'll end up poz, but it really couldn't come as a total shock if it were to happen either. i guess for now i'm more likely to think about doing rather than actually doing some of the things that would put me most at risk, especially if i don't know the status of the other person. i don't know that i'd suddenly feel less restrained if i were to become poz, so i don't think it's that big a limitation in what i do now.

neboy: True, it is a whole gamble. Well, you get tested often? I go every 3-4 months. You like taking loads?

sdsk8rboi: I was last tested in late November. I don't bottom very often, but don't mind taking loads. The thought of it's totally hot. If I get the cock in me, I'm gonna wanna take the load. u?

neboy: Pretty much the same. Got tested in Jan. came up neg. Topped a guy on Wed of last week. But did not unload in him. He wanted me to jack on my stomach.

sdsk8rboi: this has been great, but could we continue it some other time soon? i've got to go to bed soon. i've gotta be up at 430 to be at work at 6.

neboy: Yikes! yah, lets def hook up soon. Would def lie to get fucked raw.

Poz boy wouldn't play

I've got bbrt open in the background. I notice my profile's been checked out by a fairly well known porn star. The profile says "ask me" under status. He's hot, so I unlock my private pics.

A little later I get a response and we have the following exchange:

ps: nice pics, very cute. wish we could play but poz here.

sdsk8rboi: that's cool. i wish we could play too. i have played with poz guys, just topping.

ps: i dont like to take the chance i dont know what i would do if i ever gave it to someone.

sdsk8rboi: thanks for the consideration. that's very special. sexy, hot, and caring. i'm so impressed. it would be fun to play, but i'll just have the imagine what it might be like.

ps: yea i know its rare in our community but hey someone has to care right.

sdsk8rboi: it doesn't have to be rare, but it does seem unusual. i suppose it's up to what each of us does or doesn't do with each other. it can be fun and sometimes not so much. i'm glad you care, though that doesn't seem like so much fun right now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seven-day load for 430 boy

Monday was a busy day. It was the first day back at working after having the wisdom teeth removed. This was followed after work by a return visit to the oral surgeon. Everything's doing fine so back to solid food soon! I get home from the oral surgeon just ahead of the top for my roommate. My roommate's also gotten confirmation that 430 boy will be over soon after that.

My roommate gets his load from the top who then leaves, then 430 boy shows up about 15 minutes later. My roommate gives him a load, then comes and gets me. I'm hard and ready, not having cum for more than a week. As usual, 430 boy's in the other bedroom on his stomach. I grab a small amount of lube, then slide my cock along his ass first, just a little, as a tease, then slide inside that smooth hole of his. He reaches around with his left arm to hold me as I push inside. I wrap my arms under his arms and he holds my hands as I start slowly pumping his ass. He takes a hit of poppers, then more hits as I push my cock deep in his hole. I go a little slower as I want to build up and deposit a big load in his hole. Still, it doesn't take long before I start to unload, one long pulse, then a second, then a third. I keep on pumping to work it in deep. Such a good bottom boy, taking two big loads and taking them well before 430.

Craving your load

I finally had the joy of having my wisdom teeth removed after putting it off for more than a year. A few days into recovery, I'm surfing DN and get a message from my favorite cute boy from a large city in the midwest. We go onto yahoo im and go from there:

hey there, how are you?

mwboy: good u, saw ur email

sdsk8rboi: not bad, feeling better than yesterday

mwboy: good, no sucking cock for a while

sdsk8rboi: not for another week or two maybe

mwboy: i've been been craving your loads

sdsk8rboi: i've got one saved up for you

mwboy: nice
sdsk8rboi: i love that tight smooth ass of yours

mwboy: i just took a long bath n shaved everything bald, cock and all, balls and hole, hehe

sdsk8rboi: nice, i'm sweating a little, it's warm here today

mwboy: u naked?
sdsk8rboi: except for my boxers. i could slip out of those, then have you lower your ass onto my cock, it's sooo hard

mwboy: i just have a bathrobe on, after i throat it awhile, get it slick

sdsk8rboi: u throat it while i finger your ass

mwboy: lick it too, it's all smooth

sdsk8rboi: nice, let me work my tongue up inside, start to loosen you up

mwboy: fuck yeah, that makes my hole so eager to be fucked deep, tease it with your tongue

sdsk8rboi: lots of tongue, one finger, then more tongue, you want it don't you?

mwboy: want? need. feel my pucker twitch and grip on your tongue
sdsk8rboi: oh yeah. nice, can't wait til it's gripping my cock. i'll shoot harder and longer

mwboy: i wanna be your slut, hold me down and pump me

sdsk8rboi: you can be my slut any time you want. i love that tight smooth ass of yours

mwboy: can i call u anytime i need a load?

sdsk8rboi: i'm gonna hold you down on your stomach, i'm sliding in now, bare, rock hard

mwboy: slam it deep

sdsk8rboi: how much do you want my load now? u ready for a big load?

mwboy: please own my hole, every drop ur balls can pumps, every

sdsk8rboi: it's mine, and you're gonna take it all, every drop of my seed, i've been holding this all week, you need it all

mwboy: fuck yes
sdsk8rboi: tighten your ass around my cock, i wanna shoot deep, and hard, and long

mwboy: i need that so bad, can i call u anytime i need a load?

sdsk8rboi: i can't hold it any longer, do you feel it, i'm still cumming, 7+ days, i wanna see it ooze out your hole

mwboy: can i call u, aw i wanted to phonefuck

sdsk8rboi: u can call me, when, do you have my number

mwboy: ya, we phonefucked b4, did u cum?

sdsk8rboi: i've got a second load for you. i wanna load you up more and have you shoot anywhere you want

mwboy: i wanna blow when i feel ur load pumping in my ass, can i call u anytime i need a load?

sdsk8rboi: u can call me, i wanna keep u filled

mwboy: u ready now?, i'm so fuckin hard n dripping precum

sdsk8rboi: i'm ready now, so ready

mwboy: k, i just locked my door n stuff

sdsk8rboi: xxx xxx xxxx

sdsk8rboi: are you are on your stomach?

mwboy: tongue me, finger me, i need your cock

sdsk8rboi: fuck yeah, that tight smooth hole feels so good, you like that tongue don't you?

mwboy: feed me your cock, i need it

sdsk8rboi: i'm sliding in now, so smooth, so tight

mwboy: pump me, feed me your cum

sdsk8rboi: oh fuck, it feels so good to be inside, how much do you want it?, when do you want it?

mwboy: give it to me now, i need that load

sdsk8rboi: dude, you just got my biggest load of the year, i love filling that tight hole of yours.