Saturday, November 21, 2009

Breeding a Brit Boy

After working lots of hours the past several months, I finally get lots of time off the next couple of months. I've gotten in two workouts in my first two days off and almost had another hookup with sfboy. We were messaging Wednesday evening and just when I was ready to go over and fill him, a friend of his came over and they went out for cocktails. Oh well, some other time. At least I got in a workout. Then on Friday afternoon 430 boy couldn't make it over because he had a migraine. Then I found this listing on Craigslist that looked like a type of scene I like: anon breeders needed. - 22 (la jolla), "looking for hung neg men to come breed my hole before my plane ride to san fran. looking for now. reply with your age, stats, and dick pic if available. don't need a face pic cuz i'll be face down ass up. i'll reply with address if i like what i see."

The pic was hot, if maybe a little familiar for some reason. I respond and get a message back with the address. I'm about to head over, but my roomie notes the ad says "la jolla" and the address is in Normal Heights, two very different places. La Jolla is ritzy and near the ocean. Normal Heights is farther inland and closer to the 'hood. There's just no confusing the two. Two red flags on any hookup are usually too much messaging, and information that's inconsistent. Usually I'd rather have no hookup than a bad hookup. Given the inconsistencies in location and that it would probably take at least a half hour to get there, I decide to pass. If it was legit, it probably would have been a hot scene and maybe it was. So with that not happening, I log onto A4A and get three quick messages. One definitely wasn't my type. One was borderline. We exchanged a few messages, then he had to go. The third was more my type, with a thin, twinky body type, but with a profile that said "Safe Sex Only". We exchange a few messages:

sdbritboy: you've just received a smile from sdbritboy

sdsk8rboi: thanks for the smile. you have a very nice body. how are you?

sdbritboy: Thanks. The career keeps me lean and toned. I am well, bday if I could just find some fun, hehehe

sdsk8rboi: lean and toned, i like! and quite flexible too from the last pic. so what kind of fun do u like?

sdbritboy: I'm a simple passionate guy...but like getting fucked like a champ.

sdsk8rboi: nice. i like topping. do you prefer it bare or wrapped?

sdbritboy: prefer bare, but always like to have discussion....Neg and clean here. 11/8/09

sdsk8rboi: neg here too and definitely prefer bare, feels so much better.

sdbritboy: I'm in NP...wanna come over?

sdsk8rboi: cool. what's the address?

sdbritboy: xxx xxxx Apt xx. I'm relaxed in bed so you can come on in. Names xxx, handsome.

I head over through the Friday commute traffic, but get there in about 20 minutes. I find the right block. But thanks to standard time…grr…it's already dark which makes finding the street address more of a challenge. I never do find the street address on the building but am able to bracket it by the numbers on either side. I find out later the numbers are the same color as the building, nearly impossible to see in the darkness. Unsure of whether I've got the right building, I go to the specified apartment number and knock rather than letting myself in. He opens the door. Hot. Very hot.

I stop by his restroom briefly to pee while he slides back into bed. Now in his bedroom, I slip out of most of my clothing except for a white tank top and climb into bed with him, under the covers. He's wearing only fleece shorts and underwear. He's got the most awesome thin, twinky body. His profile listed a height of 5'11 with a weight a little greater than mine. He might have been 5'11, but his weight definitely didn't seem any more than listed, maybe a little less. We kiss passionately for a couple of minutes and I caress his upper body. Then I slip my hands under his underwear and around his cock, then around toward his ass. Nice cock and smooth. thin ass. He then slips out of his shorts and underwear and I start sucking his rigid cock. It's a nice size and shape, one that I wouldn't mind having inside me sometime. His pubes were trimmed and pale reddish.

I suck him for a couple of minutes, then turn my attention to his ass. Very smooth and clean. I roll him over toward his stomach, then start working my tongue into his hole. He's definitely into that. I do that for a couple of minutes, then work in one finger, then eventually two. He's got a perfectly smooth hole, not super tight, but definitely not loose.

Once he seems sufficiently loosened up, I put more spit on his hole with my tongue working it in deeper, then put spit on my cock. I enter him slowly with him on his side. I enter slowly in case the saliva isn't enough lube. His ass feels great as I slide in and he engulfs my cock. I start slowly, with slow deep thrusts, trying to make sure there's not too much friction. He seems to want this to go longer, so I don't want to cum too quickly. We go slowly for a few minutes, then he rolls over on his stomach. I wrap my arms under his and increase the pace of the thrusting. I nibble on his right ear and he pulls me fulling into him by grabbing onto my ass.

After a few more minutes, I ask him if he's ready. There'd been no discussion where I was going to cum, but given the earlier messaging and the lack of any apparent objection when I said this, there seemed to be no problem with me cumming inside him. Getting no response, but sensing that he was about ready, I keep fucking him and build up to deposit a big load into him. Just before I'm ready to shoot, I say softly. "I'm gonna cum", then begin to flood his insides. He feels the cum and the friction decreases. I intend to keep fucking it in and he keeps pulling me in tighter so the fucking continues for another few minutes and into a perfect ass no less.

Eventually I pull out, and he heads to the bathroom to "pee". In retrospect I don't know whether he went to pee or to lose the load. When I was in his bathroom earlier, I noted the "Mind the Gap" key chain. When he got out of the bathroom, I asked him if he'd been to London, noting the key chain. It turns out he's from England. That was an awesome start to the weekend. I sent him a thank you message afterward and got one back. I definitely hope that's not the only time with him. One of my fantasies has been to fuck or be fucked by a Brit boy. I guess that's now sorta happened.