Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad hookup, but not mine

I get awakened out of a deep sleep around 2 AM. I'm not sure what I was dreaming, but it wasn't nearly as good as the dream the night before when I got bred by this hot boy in his early 20s, his smooth cock sliding in and out of me before blowing a big load inside me. But back to my roommate's situation. His hookup's passed out on the bed, not responding to anything, but still breathing and sometimes snoring. This is after my roommate deposited a load in his ass.

My roommate has me go in and see if I can get any response. Nothing. My roommate says there's no smell of alcohol. Drugs, maybe? We discuss it and he decides to call the paramedics, non-emergency, not 911. As best we can tell, it's probably drugs of some kind. Before the paramedics arrive, my roommate wants me to put the guy's underwear back on. I go in and look around. There's a red jock on the floor along with the rest of his clothing, a well-worn and somewhat faded light orange or dark yellow t-shirt and medium blue jeans. Overall, not a very thrilling color combination. There was also no other underwear except for the jock. I manage to get the jock back on him, but that's all I'm going to do. At least he's now wearing some clothing, but I'm not going to dress him entirely. He wasn't hugely overweight, but not particularly fit either, lots of flab.

I go back to bed. The paramedics show up. The guy's lying on a beach towel used to cover part of the bed. The paramedics use the beach towel to lift him out and carry him to the stretcher. My roommate sends him a message the next morning to find out what happened. The guy sends a message back a day or two later. It was G. I suppose this wasn't the worst possible hookup by a long shot, but still a weird ending. I don't generally favor late night hookups or hookups with drugs much outside of maybe poppers or 420 for whatever reasons. Maybe this is why. As an aside, I wonder when he lost the load that my roommate shot up his ass.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Boy juice

I finish Friday utterly exhausted, typical for the first week after I've worked lots of night shifts. 430 boy comes over at 430 for his pair of loads. On Saturday afternoon, I have my second virtual hookup with the cute boy from the midwest. Here's the exchange:

sdsk8rboi: hey xxx, how are u?

mwboy: hey not bad thanks, u

sdsk8rboi: good, just got back from the gym

mwboy: mmm nice n sweaty, wish i could join you for a shower

sdsk8rboi: i wish u could too, maybe stand behind you, then reach around for your cock, or you could stand behind me, hehe

mwboy: i'm in such a slutty mood i don't care...whatever u want to do to me. as long as we're nude

sdsk8rboi: of course we'd mostly likely be at least nearly nude in the shower. nothing to get in the way of letting your cock slide inside my hole, let you blast a load of your seed inside me

mwboy: ya is ur hole twitchin for a pounding? can u submit your hole to my cock? i'd love to own your ass

sdsk8rboi: sometimes, maybe, i'd love to have your seed in my ass, lots of it. is your ass ready for a pounding and filling?

mwboy: i usually bottom more, and get into submitting my ass to my top. but when i top, i like to take charge.

sdsk8rboi: i'm more into topping than bottoming, but you can put your seed anywhere you want

mwboy: u swallow? i love to deepthroat n swallow

sdsk8rboi: sometimes, though i'd rather have your load in my ass than my throat, but either's fine

mwboy: nice

sdsk8rboi: how is that ass of yours?

mwboy: eager

sdsk8rboi: how eager is that ass of yours?

mwboy: craving a hard cock

sdsk8rboi: mine maybe? i'd like to slide inside you.

mwboy: well duh! u know i like ur tool

sdsk8rboi: and i love your ass and i'm totally hard, have you on your back, then push your legs back to open up your hole, then slide in, would you like that?

mwboy: of course, i want to please your cock with my ass, make it squirt

sdsk8rboi: i want to slide inside you so badly, pound you, then shoot a big load deep inside u

mwboy: yes

sdsk8rboi: i'm leaking so much precum, that would be so good for lube

mwboy: me too! i make a ton of boy juice

sdsk8rboi: yum, i wanna taste that boy juice of yours. is your hole ready for my cock now?

mwboy: u can have my hole whenever u want or need it

sdsk8rboi: i'm so ready, i'm always ready, i want it now. pull your legs back cause i'm ready to enter u now

mwboy: nice, use it

sdsk8rboi: your hole is nice, just like i like it, tight and smooth

mwboy: feel me grip ur shaft with my hole

sdsk8rboi: grip hard, i'll shoot bigger. how hard do u want me to pound u?

mwboy: slap ur balls against my ass, on my back, grab my ankles, on my back, grab my ankles

sdsk8rboi: i'm ready to blow

mwboy: fill me now!

sdsk8rboi: hold that in ya all day, don't let too much drip out

Before and after work

Monday was to be the start of the usually horrible transition from working weeks of night shifts to working during the day. On Sunday, I watched the Super Bowl, had dinner, went to bed early, then woke up around 2 AM, four hours before I had to be at work. I surfed DudesNude for awhile and was pondering whether to go the gym for a workout before going to work. While I'm trying to decide whether to go to the gym, my roommate has over a very late hookup which keeps me from going anywhere including the gym. So, having nothing better to do, I blow my load. I've just cleaned up slightly when my roommate comes into my room wanting me to also fuck whoever he's had over. Fuck. He looks at me and says, "You didn't". "No, I just did." "But he's really cute." "Give me two minutes." The only time in months that I've tagged onto one of his hookups has been with 430 boy. But he said the guy was really cute and there's no way I'm not going to blow a load in a cute boy's ass. I get hard again quickly, then head into the other bedroom. The boy's begging for cock. His ass is up in the air and he wants it. He's kind of tall and fairly thin. There's a little bit of hair on his ass, not too much, just the right amount to be really sexy. I put some lube on my cock and slide in. Nice. As I'm fucking him, he blows his load, then I unload inside him. My roommate's a little disappointed as he wanted that boy's load in him, not on the towel underneath the boy. Oh well.

In mid afternoon, I get home from work, dragging. My roommate says 430 boy will be over around 430. I'm exhausted and would usually rather have a nap, but I'm not going to miss an opportunity to deposit another load in 430 boy. After my roommate has given 430 boy his first load, he comes and gets me. 430 boy is lying face down on the bed, blindfolded like he likes it. I lube up and slide in. His ass always feels so good. After a few minutes of fucking, I unload, my second load of the day and his second in about 10 minutes.