Monday, November 24, 2008

Anonymous surfer boy

It's Friday afternoon and I'm on a4a killing time, mostly just cleaning up old messages and thinking about taking a nap before going to work late that night. I get a message from a surfer boy:

surferboy: hey i heard you fucked a buddy of mine last night...xx... bare and came in him. wanna do me? same place? about 6?

I sent him a message a week or two earlier, but he wasn't interested then. Anyway, his pics are hot, I confirm the time, and head over. As I enter the house, there's a friend of his passing through the living room, apparently checking to make sure those coming in fit their profile. This time there's no waiting. I strip down and start jacking to get hard, then head into the bedroom. He's laying on the bed with the same bottle of lube next to him. I squirt on some lube. He wants it more doggie style than spread eagle. He guides me in. Silky smooth. Feels so good. I start pumping. After a few minutes, I pull out briefly, then go back in and resume pumping. He keeps telling me that he wants me to cum inside him. While pumping him, I reach down and start stroking him. Nice cock. His profile says 7.5 uncut, also says "bottom". If he ever tops, I wouldn't mind having him inside me. I keep pumping, he keeps telling me he wants me to cum in him, and I finally let lose with my load gushing inside him. Before I finish dressing, the next top is inside him pumping away.

Anonymous skater boy

Last Thursday, I was on a4a and got a message from a skater boy, profile said "safe only".

anonskater: hi there

sdsk8rboi: hey dude, how r u?

anonskater: good thanks. you like to fuck bb?

sdsk8rboi: prefer bb, mainly top. u?

anonskater: lookin for a few tops to come over at 6 and breed me anonymously... while i'm blindfolded and naked on the bed.

My profile headline has "BB top/vers" in it, so what I like shouldn't be a surprise. His pics are hot and I like the scene, so I set up a time. I find the place, walk in, and wait at the edge of the living room. The bedroom door's open. Another top is still fucking him and after a few minutes finally breeds him. While waiting I strip down and start stroking. Some bottoms when taking multiple loads get sore after awhile, so I try to cum quickly in those situations. The other top leaves. I go into the room. He's sprawled out on the bed on his stomach with a bottle of lube next to him. I put on a small amount lube, then slide in bare. There's some hair there, enough to feel a little scratchy and provide some friction, but it feels good. I pump him for a few minutes, then shoot my load deep inside him. There were at least a couple more tops waiting as I left. Looks like he got a good breeding that night.