Saturday, April 25, 2009

Could've been three loads for 430 boy

430 boy has been a reliable regular. He's got a great ass, loves to take loads, and shows up on schedule. He comes over once, sometimes twice a week to usually get a pair of loads, the first from my roommate and the second from me. He's still got roommate issues where it's sometimes difficult to have people over or for him to go elsewhere using his car (tandem parking issues).

This time he set it up to have a third come over after getting a load from my roommate and then from me. I've been edging all week since unloading in 430 boy on Monday so I've built up a nice 5-day load. He's right on schedule. My roommate quickly gives him a load, then comes and gets me. I put a little lube on the head of my cock, then push in. From the feel, my roommate must have shot a big load which he confirmed later. 430 boy does poppers while I thrust for a few minutes. As I start to unload, he reaches around with his right arm and pulls me closer. Knowing that he really wanted to get filled up today, I hold back before cumming, then shoot deeper and longer. Once I finished, the wait was on for the third. After 30 minutes of no show, it's a wrap. 430 boy got a good loading. Too bad he didn't get more. Still a good way to end the week and start the weekend and he's such a good bottom.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sleep versus loading an 18yo

It's the middle of the week and I have to be awake early in the morning for work. I'm sound asleep and my roommate comes and wakes me. Ugh. I'm tired and it's still very dark. "I've got this guy over and he wants another load." Then he adds, "and he's 18."

Now I'm awake, or awake enough, and getting hard fast. I slip out of my boxers and head into the other bedroom. The boy's on the bed on all fours. His skin's a pale white. He's got a little extra weight, but not too much. He's not rail thin, but not enough extra weight to even be considered beefy much less heavier. He's got his ass up in the air and really wants another cock. His ass has maybe a little bit of hair, but not much. Very nice. I put a little lube on the head of my cock, then push the head of my cock up against his hole, then inside. He devours it and pushes back as I push in. He really loves cock up his ass and wants it. He's thrusting backward and arching his back as I start to fuck him. His hole is tight and smooth. I fuck him for a few minutes, then can't hold it any longer. As I unleash my torrent of cum into his ass, he also shoots. Sleep is good. Unloading inside the tight, smooth ass of an 18-year old is way better.