Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who's knocking

I work lots of nights and some times my sleep schedule can be really messed up. I'd briefly met a friend of my roommate's in the early evening before they went out for dinner. I went to the kitchen to get something to drink where only boxers and a t-shirt. It was pretty dark so I didn't get a good look at his friend. Anyway, I went to sleep for awhile in the late evening, then woke up well after midnight. I went out to the kitchen to get another drink. My roommate was customarily passed out at his computer. When I went out later to get a second drink, he'd already gone to bed.

In the mean time, I was now looking at a video. It was supposed to have Turk Melrose and it was supposed to be bareback, and it was! So I move past the preliminaries to see him push back onto Winter Vance's bare cock with Winter sitting on a locker room bench.

They mostly fuck with Winter standing and with Turk bent over a small table part of the time.

Turk then stands nearly straight up and cums with Vance's cock inside him. Vance then shoots on Turk's back. About the time I'm going to see if he pushes back inside, there's a light knock at my door. WTF! I'm thinking what does my roommate want now, though usually once he passes out I usually don't see him until some time in the morning.

I've just got boxers on which are now heavily tented. I open the door. There's a guy there I don't recognize. I didn't think my roommate had anyone over still. It turns out it was his friend from earlier, but I didn't know that then. He asked if he could borrow a towel to take a shower. I get a towel from the closet and hand it to him. Just before I close the door, he asks while apparently having noticed my tented shorts, "Need any help with that?". I lower my boxers and he starts sucking my cock. He then says, "Let me take a shower and I'll be right back." He goes to take a shower, but I wouldn't say he came right back. It was several minutes, probably more than 10, but nothing like a half hour. A this point I'm not sure who he is, top or bottom, etc. If he's with my roommate, I'm guessing he's at least versatile and probably likes it bare. In the mean time, I'm looking around for lube. It turns out I still have a small tube of Eros.

He finally makes it back from the shower. I think he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I was still wearing my boxers. He resumes sucking me, but not for long. We both strip down. I lube up my cock, then finger some onto his hole. He notes the lube approvingly, apparently not caring for the lube my roommate has. No mention of status or condoms. He's partially bent over against the door as I enter him from behind. It feels so good. I also had shot in at least two weeks, so it was going to be so hard not to cum very quickly. He then shifts over and bends over a futon as I continue to fuck him. I tell him I haven't shot in something like two weeks and am so close. He says go ahead and breed me. I keep thrusting into him as he periodically tightens his trimmed hole around my cock. About a minute later I start to unload. As he feels the cum enter him, he tightens his hole around my cock and I shoot even more as I unleash a two week load. I keep pumping him so that his insides are well coated, then eventually pull out.

We then talked for awhile. It turns out he was the friend who had dinner with my roommate. They come back from dinner, had gone to the jacuzzi, then then he'd gone to bed for awhile. He said he was kind of irritated when someone my roommate had brought back to the apartment started fingering his ass while he was trying to sleep. He was tired and wasn't interested. It turns out that other person was someone else from the apartment building and nothing was going to happen anyway.

Apparently after my roommate had gone to bed, his friend had had enough sleep and apparently heard me. I'm not sure how, because I'm usually quiet and the volume on the video I was playing wasn't very loud, though I didn't have have it totally turned down as the bedroom door was shut and my roommate was presumably in bed and asleep or passed out. In any event, it was apparently loud enough to be heard by his friend and for his friend to be interested. He mentioned that he wasn't sure how to deal with the awkwardness of getting in my room, hence the scene that transpired which seemed a little like a script from a low-budget porn flick.

He also asked about 430 boy and I told him the story. I also told him about my pet peeve of hookups that host, but won't give out an address. I just won't go anywhere any more until I have an address, and an apartment number if appropriate. He added that he also requires a phone number and won't go until he's reached them on that phone.

Meanwhile, after talking for awhile, he bends over and leans up against the door. So I lube up and push back in. I fuck him for something like 10 or 15 minutes. I keep getting close, but I'm kind of dehydrated and his occasional squeezing of his ass around my cock seems to keep coming at times that don't get me closer to cumming. Eventually I have to stop. I'm starting to get a little sore and am not getting any closer to cumming. At least he'd gotten a big load earlier.

He asked me if I was on meds. I said no, then qualified it with I was negative the last time I was tested. He said he was on meds, then indicated that apparently status wasn't an issue because neither of us discussed it earlier. If he wanted to use condoms, that would have been an issue. Since he's a flight attendant and knows my roommate, perhaps he'll be back some day. Then I can give him another load or two, though probably not a two week load. I think that's an all time record.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you should of let him fuck you.

Duo said...

Very hot post, SDsk8rboi! I agree with Anonymous - that would be hot! p.s. have you taken any more poz loads from that guy? -Dan

Anonymous said...

I want your hot fucking load in me!!